20-Minute Dumbbell Workout

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This video has something for everyone! Using your body weight and dumbbells as resistance, you can follow one of three intensity levels for a full-body routine.

Member Comments

Gonna be sore tomorrow. Report
Ok Report
Maybe just add another set as you go through the video I have written this down and drawn diagrams and also written down Nicole's pointers for correct form Report
I love Coach Nicole's workouts Report
Would be better if there was a printable version of this - easier to follow when you're doing it. Report
Enjoyed this video very much. But when I want to put it into the tracker it asks me how many sets and how many reps. Reps is clear but what exactly is a set? how many sets are there? thanks a lot, Sue. Report
so enjoy coach nicole's workouts--wish she were still with SP or someone else like her would join the SP team and produce new challenges/video content. Report
Good video. Report
You should give your muscles a rest so they can repair Report
Yes, you could do this workout every day. Report
Can this workout be done every day? Report
This was a great 20 minute work out and stretch even for beginners. Thanks so much. Report
There are several videos in which the ad does not load properly and therefore the video never reloads. This has been a problem for about the past month Report
What a great strength work out! I actually broke a sweat too! :) Report
Finally got video to play. Very difficult for me to do streatches. Report