15-Minute Abs Workout

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This core workout will help you strengthen (and stretch) your abdominals, obliques, lower back, and hips--without any equipment.

Member Comments

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Like the planks Report
Again! Report
Good workout, ouch! Report
The video quality for me wasn't that great. It stopped and started a few times, but the workout itself was good! Report
Great core workout! Report
love the rotating crunches! Report
Good abs workout. He right hip is tight. Need to do this one a few more times. Thanks Coach Nicole. Report
For some strange reason I am not getting sound with this video. Not a concern with my computer, because I watched another video & the sound came up then. I did check everything connected to sound with a video & all was as it should be. ~~ God bless! Report
I don't have a good feeling about doing ab workouts when my period is heavy.
Should I do this if I'm menstruating heavy? Report
Tough workout! That's a lot of crunches, but I like that they were different and worked different muscles. The only move my body rebelled against was the lowering straight legs to the floor. My back was having none of that, so I had to change the movement completely. Report
Was able to accomplish most trickiest part for me was the planks sure in time I will master them. Report
I can really feel my ab muscles working but my neck muscles all the way up into the base of my skull really hurt when I do any kind of crunch, especially with my hands by my ears. It doesn't get any better after weeks or months of core work outs. Any advise? Report
This was doable for me which I like. My abs are sore from this workout which is good because this means my muscles were worked. Report
You can pin it and then go back and get it later on. Report