Managing Your Sweet Tooth with Type 2 Diabetes

Get the sweet facts on dealing with sugar (and cravings) when you have diabetes.

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Great information.
its hard sometime times when you don't know the restaurant.
Knowledge is power and gives you more control of your diet.
A very good video! I also am a diabetic 2, also I've taken meds all my life until 3 years ago! Now I monitor it by food, exercise, and taking my blood sugar. I keep my fat in the
lower 20's. I keep my carbs as low as I can. I hope everyone is having a Wonderful &
Blessed Wednesday! LYL!
I am a type 2 diabetic which is controlled by weight and exercise. I try to watch what I eat but I have sugar cravings once in a while. I think the video gave me more thought as to what I can watch for especially when I go out to eat!
It is harder to make good choices now that I am older. I also have little desire to cook. But I am trying!
I'm a Type 2 diabetic, and I KNOW what to eat and what not to eat. But nobody will ever convince this sweet tooth that a fruit salad is as satisfying as a piece of red velvet cake. Not realistic. When you're diabetic, you just have to say NO. Period.
Very informative video.
Great Video! Really a good help on substitutions.
i thought it was a terrible video....the woman gave a couple of helpful hints, but really did not steer him towards eating much better....victor, the male, said in the beginning of the film he was ready to make permanent changes and yet neither one really seemed intent on helping him do that....
Jeepers don't get me started on the old lady and her "low blood sugar". If I have anything I want to keep I pretty near have to hide it and or nail it to the wall.
this video is very useful for weight loss, good diet plan.thanks
this video is very useful for weight loss, good diet plan.thanks
The video was a good reinforcement of what I have learned except for the carbs!! I agree with many of the comments about not mentioning the carbs. One of the things I have the most difficulty handling is the fresh baked rolls!
Sadly, a fruit salad just doesn't give me the satisfaction that a piece of red velvet cake does. Never will. With my Type 2 diabetes, I have to think of all this differently; I have to think of refined sugar like an alcoholic does booze. It's tasty, it makes me feel good, but it's poison.