12-Minute Pilates Abs Workout

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Tighten your tummy with Coach Nicole's short and effective Pilates workout!

Member Comments

I did palate exercise today. I enjoyed it . I could feel the muscles in my thighs and abs being worked Report
Love these Report
I'm old to do this full video; prove to be to much for me. 5 minutes was my limit Phew!
Ok Report
Interesting Report
Thank you Report
thank you Report
Great! Report
Repeat Report
YES! Report
Love pilates Report
Wow! That was too hard for me! I ended up doing the day 4 workout. I will keep working to gain the ability to do this! Report
Nice workout! Report
Tough on me did what I could Report
Whooeee! That was tough! Coach Nicole looks like she just finished a baby workout at the end. Im pretty tired...l Report