6-Minute Hips, Glutes & Thighs Workout

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A short but effective workout for your lower half!

Member Comments

I do love the stretches! Report
I did not do this one with you but I feel tired. A great workout! Report
It was a good one! Report
How many calories are burned in this exercise? Does anybody know. I want to add it in my Sparkspeople fitness tracker. Report
My doc said no squats or weight baring excercizes. Help! what's left??? Report
Yeah, I skipped the lunges and did some of the stuff from the day 1 workout instead. My knees can't handle that either. Report
I modify this exercise, but I still feel like I got a workout! Report
Very difficult with bad knees. Report
What a great break from sitting at the computer. My body feels alive again! Report
Good video. But before the video played it showed me an ad for reeses cups. lol, counter productive advertising. Way to go resses, market the weight loss market! Report
I liked this one. The only part I struggled with was the stretch at the end and only with one leg because I am still recovering from a torn ACL. Thank you for the workout! Report
Lunges are hard for me..too old.. Report
Great quick workout!! I feel great :-) Report
Hips don't like this one.
arrggg I gotta find a alternative to lunges! Left knee won't accept them :( Report