Coach Nicole's Favorites: Inner & Outer Thigh Toner

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Try this fun and effective resistance band exercise today!

Member Comments

Don't have a step thingy...what else can you use ? Report
A good one! Report
I did this! Report
Ok Report
Thanks for a good workout Report
I'm going thru my Pinterest exercises right now. Think I can do this one Report
Could totally feel it and was encouraged to do more exercise. Love this!! Report
I felt that... Amazing Report
This one quit playing about 1/3 the way through. Report
I'm thinking this looks like I can do! Thanks Coach Nicole
Wow! That was fun! Report
for the first move, If you don't have a Step or have a resistance band that doesn't have handles.. just tie the ends of the bad onto each foot and then hold onto the middle of the band to increase or decrease the strength. At least thats what I do =)

the second exercise you don't need to have the step or the handles, just hold on to the outer ends of your band! Report
Ppulley1 u could find a step and Walmart Report
Is it possible to do this without the "step"?? Report