New YOU Bootcamp: 9-Minute Core Workout

Coach Nicole has created an easy-to-follow core workout that you can do anywhere, with a stability ball. It's short (9 minutes), but intense!

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Video stopped working.
This is a keeper ...Nicole...thank
Great workout Nicole
great routine
My new favorite! I love coach Nicole!
I have not figure out how to use the videos over or to join a bootcamp program. I use the challenge apps because it all organized into one place. Am I missing how I can o this on the website or Spark app?
I love the video workouts but I wish there was a print version. I teach several fitness classes and it gets to be a pain in the neck to try to draw pictures of the exercises and to write the instructions in order to have my classes use these workouts. Please consider giving us printable instructions. Thanks.
Another great exercise. Whew! I'm beat now! :D Thanks Nicole! Love your workouts!
I am new to this program., about a month. I have an exercise ball but the only thing I have ever done on it is bounce and use my weights while bouncing {which I haven't done in a LONG time. I will use these tapes. Thank you.
I do get some great new exercises from these videos, though I will admit as SJSFRANCINE stated Nicole's form isn't always perfect. *Shrugs* She's human just like the rest of us, and in a way it may make her less intimidating.

When it comes to pulling on your neck, I would suggest bringing just your fingertips behind your ears, or even bringing your arms parallel to the ground by your sides. That's only if you don't need the extra support cradling your head provides.

Something else I noticed (and A LOT of fitness professionals do this, so it's not a major no-no, just something I would change) is that she says to reach with your elbow to the knee. I suggest leading more with your shoulder. A lot of the time you'll get a better ab workout that way, not having that tendency to bend your elbow towards the knee in order to reach it, because you'll be concentrating on using your abs to get just that much higher. You could also bring that arm down, and reach across your body toward your opposite hip for a bit more.

Aaaand now I may just be being a stickler, but another way not to arch your back when lowering those legs would be to place your hands just under your booty to support that tailbone.

I always love videos with the ball though. My only wish is that Nicole would give more options for different levels of fitness, and more cues for correct form for beginners. Even if she's doing things perfectly, sometimes people need reminders about bringing there shoulders down from their ears, and things to the like. I know it's not the same as teaching an actual class, and seeing your student's needs right there in front of you, but I really enjoy fitness videos that provide more levels, and suggestions about form more.

I will definitely be going to the gym and using a few of these in the near future though.
Sorry but those crunches left a lot to be desired. I saw her head and neck coming forward even though she instructed not to pull with your hands...she may not have been but to someone who is just starting out, it appears that you're supposed to pull your head forward. I didn't see much action in the overall ab area, just upper area.
I have a bad back from an accident, and these exercises were GREAT... No Pain while exercising through it. LOVE IT.. Thank you for the lesson on stability balls and crunches and stretching.
Love coach nicole! This is a great workout... my ball is a little too large yet i used it and it was great! thank you for the great workouts:)
This one was hard for me to do, I think its because I had back surgery five months ago.