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SparkPeople Editors Share 11 of Their Favorite Items That Help Them Live Well

From Bug Wipes to Blenders, SparkPeople Editors Reveal Their 11 Favorite Healthy Living Items

By: Elizabeth Lowry

Here at SparkPeople, we test a lot of products in the name of running farther, lifting heavier, cooking healthier and making all of our smoothies, well, smoothier. In our efforts to help with these various endeavors, we have tried lots of hair ties and headbands, products that eliminate fitness frustrations, all sorts of non-toxic cookware, leggings, hiking essentials and more.

When we do find something that we absolutely cannot live without, we want to shout it from the rooftops so that others can reap the same benefits. Click through to discover the products that SparkPeople Coach Jen Mueller, editor Alicia Capetillo, editorial project manager Elizabeth Lowry, and health and fitness reporter Melissa Rudy say makes living the healthy life easier.
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Melissa Rudy

Position: Staff Writer
Favorite Exercise: Running