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Mind-Body-Spirit Exercises Fit for Pregnancy

Gentle Ways to Stay Fit

Not sure how to decide what kind of exercise is right for you during pregnancy? Start with one or two types that interest you most, hop online, and search away for books or videos. Look for sites that offer editorial reviews (such as Amazon) from actual users like yourself so you have more information before you buy. If you're not a do-it-yourself exerciser, check your local exercise facilities or community programs for classes. You may find added benefits in meeting new friends who are also expecting.

Exercise doesn't have to be 100 percent body-focused. Your exercise program can help you feel more balanced physically and mentally. Staying fit through mind, body, and spirit may help discomforts of backache, fatigue, sleeplessness and swelling. It will also make it easier to get back into your pre-baby condition after baby arrives. And as a bonus, you'll improve your mood and self image.

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