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How can I track other nutrients, like sodium, vitamin E, caffeine, etc.?

How do I enter foods I eat into the Food Tracker?

I eat the same breakfast every day; how can I group foods together as a meal to easily add them each day?

How can I edit items in my Food Groupings?

How can I change my plan after I have my baby?

I can't find a food I ate in your database, but I have the nutrition information from the label. How can I enter this?

How can I enter food for a previous day?

How do I change my email, username, password or message board profile?

My report graphs are not showing up, what can I do?

How do I change my calorie goal?

How can I change my due date?

How do I unsubscribe to a Message Board Thread?

How do I change my nutritional goals after my baby is born?

How do I set my due date? It says "you do not have a due date" when I log into my account.

What happened to the "My Cupboard feature?

Where are my BabyPoints?

Where are my Planner and my Journal? What is the difference between them?

Who can read my blog? What about my journal?

How do I change my ticker?

How do I add a photo to my blog entry?

How do I comment on a friend's blog post?

How can I track other nutrients, like sodium, vitamin E, caffeine, etc.?
1. Login to and go to your Start page.
2. Click "Nutrition Tracker."
3. Click Change Nutrition Goals, then scroll down to the purple button "Add Another Nutrient to Track" and select the nutrient you would like to track by clicking on it.
4. Click Save or Save and Add Another.
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How do I enter foods I eat into the Nutrition Tracker?
1. Login to
2. Click the "Nutrition Tracker" button on the Start page (in the left hand column).
3. Click "Add a Food," then type in the food you want to add in the box that says "Search for a Food by Name."
4. Select the food that you ate (or the closest match).
5. Type in your serving size. Note: The down arrow usually has other measurement choices. You can also type in decimals for your serving size. For example, .25, 1.5, etc.
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