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The Ever-Changing World of Making Love During Pregnancy

Why It's Different

Almost every couple's sexual relationship undergoes some kind of change during the 9-month pregnancy adventure. Sexual activity can vary widely from discomfort during intercourse, lack of sexual interest, to unbelievable sexual encounters. Because of the emotional, physical, and hormonal changes, a couple's sexual life can be altered dramatically. However, the bottom line is that sexual practices during pregnancy are different for every couple. It is important to have an open, honest relationship. Set aside time to discuss sexual feelings and expectations. Find out together what works and is right for you.

Because of the morning sickness, I feel lousy and have no interest in sex. What should I do?
Remain flexible. If you are suffering from nausea and vomiting only in the morning, try to set aside some time for fun and games when you are feeling better. If your morning sickness sticks around all day and night, you may have to just wait out its symptoms. In most cases, the queasiness will lessen by the end of the first trimester. Do not put additional pressure on yourself to have sex when you feel lousy, this could aggravate the morning sickness even more.

I am just too tired to have sex. Hopefully the normal pregnancy fatigue will pass by around the fourth month. Once again remember to be flexible. Do not force romance when you are tired, instead work it in sometime during the day or on the weekend. Finish off the experience with a well-deserved nap.

My genital area feels so large, is this normal? Yes it is. During pregnancy there is increased blood flow to the pelvic area, caused by the usual hormonal changes. These changes bring about a stronger sexual response in some women, while in other women sex is less satisfying. The engorgement of your genitals can also alter the sexual response in your partner as well. Some men may have increased pleasure while others find it less exciting.

OUCH?my breasts are so tender. Breast tenderness is very common during early pregnancy. You may want to take a "hands-off" approach, sexually. Be sure to share this with your partner. As the tenderness decreases, you may want to enjoy the pleasures of your full and firm breasts again.

What is this stuff leaking from my breast during sex? During the later stages of pregnancy, some women begin to produce colostrum. Colostrum is premilk that can leak from your breast during sexual stimulation. It is nothing to worry about. However, if it bothers you or your partner, you can refrain from breast play.
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