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The BabyFit Community is filled with great mothers, and we are excited about sharing their stories and thoughts with you through blogs. Every few weeks we will highlight BabyFit blogs.

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A blog is a great placed to share updates, stories, photos and other memories. BabyFit will also keep you family and friends up to date with BabyFit BabyPage Broadcast. It is an easy and safe way to share your stories and experiences with those you love.

To create a blog from the BabyFit Start Page, Click "Create a Blog Entry."
Note: You must have a BabyFit BabyPage setup before you can create a blog. To set up a BabyPage click on BabyFit BabyPage.
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Samantha Donohue
Samantha discovered fitness as a teen, and she hikes, swims and bikes whenever possible. She used during her three pregnancies, and as a BabyFit Community Leader, she loves helping other moms attain their goals, too.

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