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Leg Lifts with Ball Exercise

Leg Lifts with Ball

Starting Position You will need a bench to perform this exercise. Begin this exercise by lying forward with a Swiss ball between your abdomen and the bench. Firmly grasp the bench with both hands reaching over the Swiss ball.

Action EXHALE: Raise your legs off the ground and arch your back to a comfortable position so that your legs are slightly bent and your heels cross a plane higher than your head.

INHALE: Lower your back down to the starting position and repeat. Try to do 2 sets of 10-12 repetitions.

Special Instructions This is a very difficult balancing exercise. Use extreme caution and start slowly. Keep a very firm grasp of the bench with your hands, using your upper body and abdomen as a brace against the ball for leverage to raise your heels.

Muscles Worked: Lower back, glutes