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Front Kicks Exercise

Front Kicks

Starting Position Stand tall with your back straight, abs engaged, shoulders relaxed, arms at your sides, elbows bent and feet hip-width apart. Make fists with your hands and bring your hands up in front of your chin as if in "defense." Keep arms up at all times.

Action Breathe deeply, shifting your weight into your right foot to prepare to kick your left leg. A proper kick should string together four phases: 1) Lift your left knee toward the ceiling. 2) Extend your left knee to straighten your leg (foot flexed). 3) Bend your knee again. 4) Return your foot to the floor. Repeat front kicks on this leg OR alternate legs after each kick (not pictured). After several repetitions on this leg, switch sides.

Special Instructions Keep your abs engaged, the knee of your standing leg slightly bent, and find a focal point in front of you to aid in balancing. Try to avoid leaning back as your kick to the front. Make sure your knee does not lock when you extend your leg. Kick lower to the floor to decrease intensity or higher to increase intensity. Slow down or speed up depending on your fitness level.

Exercise Categories: Beginner Cardio