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Back Extensions (Swan) on Foam Roller Exercise

Back Extensions (Swan) on Foam Roller

Starting Position Lie on your stomach with a foam roller in front of you, legs extended hip-width apart (not pictured). Place the roller underneath your forearms, arms extended, palms facing each other, head and neck neutral, shoulders pulled back, and abs engaged.

Action EXHALE: Keeping your legs on the mat, push your arms into the roller as you use your lower back muscles to lift your chest away from the floor. INHALE: Slowly return to the starting position to complete one rep.

Special Instructions Keep your abs engaged and your shoulders relaxed at all times. While you should feel the lower back and the muscles supporting the spine working during this exercise, you should not feel back pain; stop this exercise if you experience back pain. The roller should move slightly as you lift and lower during the exercise. Over time, gradually increase your range of motion as you develop greater strength.

Muscles Worked: Lower back