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Getting Off to a Good Start—Again

Are your goals making it harder or easier for you to succeed?
Posted 1/11/2010  5:47:12 PM By:   : 286 comments   38,152 views
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The Basics of Building a Food Stockpile

Stockpiling supplies to help with a tight budget or to prepare for inclement weather can be helpful. Here's how to get started.
Posted 1/4/2010  6:32:01 AM By:   : 114 comments   40,414 views
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Habits of Fit People: Set a Fun Fitness Goal

Coach Nicole explains the importance of setting a fitness goal--and having fun with it!
Posted 12/4/2009  2:54:02 PM By:   : 201 comments   52,720 views
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10 Sneaky Ways to Get Fit and Healthy—Without Really Trying

The "stealth health" movement aims to help people sneak fitness, nutrition and healthy living into their busy days. Here are 10 effortless ways you can do exactly that!
Posted 9/23/2009  7:00:00 AM By:   : 259 comments   319,037 views
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7 Good Reasons to Use the Cable Cross Machine

It's the workout machine people fear most, but it will take your workouts to the next level!
Posted 9/11/2009  6:56:33 AM By:   : 61 comments   86,925 views
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11 Tips to Help You Feel at Ease at Your First Yoga Class

You've summoned the courage to try something new--yoga. But you're worried about making a faux pas in class. Here's what to expect when you unroll your mat.
Posted 9/1/2009  1:00:00 PM By:   : 101 comments   156,667 views
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Improve Your Balance in 3 Simple Steps

How often do you exercise to improve your balance? Here are some easy ways to add balance training to your workouts without spending more time in the gym.
Posted 7/22/2009  11:15:30 AM By:   : 72 comments   50,457 views
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6 Good Reasons to Try Pilates

From standing taller to looking better, the benefits of Pilates are many, and the moves can challenge exercisers of all levels.
Posted 5/20/2009  11:00:00 AM By:   : 213 comments   127,438 views
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Staying Motivated, Tip #10: Reward Yourself at the Right Time for the Right Thing

When it comes to changing habits, rewarding yourself for actually doing the new behaviors you want to adopt is a great strategy. But make sure you're doing it the right way...
Posted 3/3/2009  12:12:17 PM By:   : 102 comments   19,571 views
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Habits of Fit People: Believe in Yourself

Increase your chances of sticking to a workout routine by whopping 139%!
Posted 2/11/2009  8:19:26 AM By:   : 113 comments   29,442 views
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Finding Balance: Where Do I Begin?

Starting over is hard. You were working toward your health and fitness goals and then life got in the way. Now the question becomes: How do you begin again?
Posted 2/10/2009  6:13:12 AM By:   : 116 comments   21,101 views
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4 Tips to Avoid Exercise Burnout & Stick to Your Plan

Are you guilty of doing too much too soon? Learn the top signs of overtraining, plus get expert tips to prevent your fitness fire from burning out.
Posted 1/13/2009  8:13:41 AM By:   : 74 comments   55,156 views
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My Top 4 Healthy Eating Strategies for a Successful 2009

You have resolved to eat better in the new year. Use these four strategies to help you succeed.
Posted 1/12/2009  6:00:00 AM By:   : 54 comments   13,729 views
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10 Tips for Maintaining Your Motivation, #2: The One Thing You Should NEVER, EVER Do.

If you want to stay motivated when things get tough, here's one thing you should NEVER do.
Posted 1/6/2009  6:14:29 AM By:   : 200 comments   32,546 views
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One Simple Rule Could Lead to Success

The New Year is here and you have started your resolutions. How are you doing? Perhaps this one simple rule will help.
Posted 1/5/2009  6:00:00 AM By:   : 91 comments   14,928 views
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