You Asked: ''Is It Okay to Exercise When You Have a Cold?''

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Great question! When you are sick, you need to pay careful attention to what your body is telling you. If the cold is primarily in your head, it's okay to exercise, just at a lower intensity (provided you feel okay and have enough energy). Once you are feeling 100% again, then you can slowly increase your activity back to your pre-illness level. If you're feeling sluggish or the workout isn't going well, don't push it. When you push too much, the sickness can end up hanging around longer. 

If your cold is below the neck (in your chest), try to refrain from activity until it clears up. The best thing you can do for your body when it's trying to fight a bug is to give it rest. 

Learn more about colds and the flu and the 7 times it's okay to skip a workout.

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JUDY1676 1/28/2021
Thanks Report
REDROBIN47 10/12/2020
I've never really worried about exercising with a cold. If I don't feel too bad, I can always walk for exercise or do a short video. Report
MJ7DM33 10/12/2020
Thanks Report
CECELW 10/12/2020
I've exercised when I have a cold. I never exercise if i have the flu Report
RCLYKE 10/12/2020
Thank you Report
ROBBIEY 10/12/2020
Oftentimes when I feel bad and exercise I feel better. Report
TURQUROISE 10/12/2020
I exercise alone when I have a cold or feel ill. Report
NEPTUNE1939 10/12/2020
ty Report
LEANJEAN6 10/12/2020
I guess one must play it by ear! Report
AZMOMXTWO 10/12/2020
thank you Report
FERRETLOVER1 10/12/2020
Great! Report
LIS193 10/12/2020
Thanks Report
NEPTUNE1939 7/19/2020
ty Report
KITTYHAWK1949 7/19/2020
always pay attention to your body as it knows best Report
LEEANTHONY40 7/19/2020
Appreciate the information Report
RO2BENT 5/2/2020
I'd still walk if it was in my chest Report
EVILCECIL 4/11/2020
Thanks for the info. Report
That truly makes sense now that I've read it. Thank you so much. It shows the need to exercise above the neck when you're ailing below the neck. Report
Great points and the answer to the eternal question (or the eternal excuse as the case m ight be) Report
Im sick today and its one of the few times I've missed going to the gym in 11 months. But since im coughing and have a running noise i though I better stay home today. Report
Sometimes exercising when I am sick makes me feel better. Report
Good tips! Report
When I am sick I can't do exercises as it saps my energy! Report
I've asked myself this question a lot. Report
A question I ask myself often. Thanks for the tip! Report
I found out I have asthma. Deep in my l lungs, there is a gurgling noise. I don't smoke or have done anything to bring this on. The doctor prescribed me an inhaler, and I haven't been happy about this. I have become worse since going to the doctor yesterday. I woke up feeling ice cold, so I used the inhaler. I've had to use the inhaler each time it says to, and then even use a humidifier. I really want to do some dance, and I'm unhappy I can't. The article I read about exercising with colds that start from the head down (my lungs) said I should not exercise at all until it's cleared up. Report