Workout Anywhere: In Car Exercises

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By Woman's Day

You don't need to go to the gym to get a workout in. With the newest WD video series, Work Out Anywhere, our assistant health editor Abby Cuffey demonstrates exercises you can do in everyday locations, like your home or at the grocery store. In today's video she shows viewers moves they can do while sitting in traffic in their car. (NOTE: These exercises are not meant to be done while the car is moving!)

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What exercises do you do in the car?

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as of 2017, these videos are gone - both from SparkPeople website as well as on WD magazine. I found another Car Workout on Blogilates -

http :// /blog/2013/11 /25/exercises-you-can-do-in-the-car/ you will have to copy and paste into a new tab or browser, and then delete the spaces in between, since coding for websites is not allowed in comments. (so sorry, but not my doing!!). Report
I also Recommended this for Insurence purpose :) Report
These exercises will be wonderful for me to use. Having been in an accident just about a year ago, I spend loads of time each week traveling out of town for doctoring, physical therapy, and counseling sessions. Oh yeahhhh truly looking forward to this, as I will truly feel "as if I am doing something worth while," other than just being on the road 3-4 days each week, for heaven only knows how many more years. Thank you So Very Much!!!! Report
We get stuck in traffic alot in VA with a bridge going up every 30 mins. This will workout right nice. Report
I never exercise in the car, except, for neck and shoulder exercises. I will try some of these. Thanks. Report
Great! Report
I loved these! Also did them at the computer :) was rather relaxing too! Report
On long trips I use a cue like entering a new county and then do different sets of isometrics. There's an area of Georgia on I 75 that keeps me working out because the counties change before I get a set done! Report
I have another one given to me by my physical therapist. I do this combined exercise to strengthen my core--in the car, at work during my walking whenever: I do a kegel while also pulling in my belly button as far as I can get it. I am working on doing this for more seconds at a time and I do these as often as I can fit them in. When they become hard to do or I am tired or I simply cannot do them correctly, I know it is time to stop. I have a really tough back situation and this is one activity that we have added in to help me to reduce my back pain while getting that really deep back muscle area stronger. Report
Great ideas. Even though I don't have a long commute any more, it's amazing how much time you can squeeze in (had to say that!) for exercise while waiting. Report
this is great! Report
great Report
Did this while watching the video at my desk! Awesome! Report
great to do while watching TV during commercials too! Report
Just added these to my user-entered fitness favorites. I've already enjoyed utilizing some of my tai chi stretches while in the car. Report
Great for the car and at my desk! Report
Great. Report
I like this. This is really good. Report
Great also while sitting at the computer Sparking! Report
I was hoping that there would be a few more. We spend lots of time in the car in some seasons. We keep a small set of dumb bells in the car for curls. Also an exercise to do in the passenger seat is a kind of crunch were you engage the abs and reach for the toes.
Knee lifts where you draw the knee as far upward as possible helps to relieve some tension on the legs. Report
I've been looking for exercises like this to use as I drive alot, and in my office job I do a lot of sitting. Not only does this cause stiffness, but I get mind fatigue as well. Having something that I can do moving around in such positions is great! Report
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