When Things Don't Go as Planned, What Do You Do?

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In a little over a 11 days I will be running in my first marathon--Chicago. A race I have been preparing to run since I first laced up my pair of running shoes back in the spring of 2006. For the past 15 weeks I have managed to run through the Texas heat, being chased by a Pit Bull, being dived bombed by a mockingbird, as well as running countless miles along the shores of White Rock Lake trying to pass the 2-3 hours in the most efficient way--until IT happened only 3 weeks out, my first 'real' set back.

Two weeks ago, after my Tuesday interval run my ankle became a tad 'grumpy' as my running coach used to call it. I really didn't think much of it since I have had these little aches and pains before and within a day I was back to my normal running routine. So I came home iced my ankle and stayed off my feet as much as I could until it was time to run again on Thursday. Oh boy, things where not good from the onset. I could barely run 1 mile. It wasn't painful, but it just didn't seem right. After watching Misty May-Traenor ruptured her Achilles tendon on Dancing with the Starslast year, my biggest fear is tearing that ol' Achilles.

Friday morning my ankle was quite stiff and panic was beginning to set in. Here I am only 3 weeks and 2 days away from living a dream that I have put so much blood, sweat and tears training for and now I felt as though the rug was being pulled right out from under me. I spent the better part of the morning using my foam roller and "The Stick" to help release my calf muscles. It seemed to work. I then iced it off and on for the better part of the day.

Saturday morning came and thankfully my ankle seemed better--not quite 100% but it was better. I set out to run my 20 miles and made it to mile 18 before I was pulling out all the mental fortitude my running pals, family and friends gave me the day before. And while I did finish, the last mile was not pretty. I was literally climbing up the hill thinking just get to 20 and you will be done, then all you have to is begin the taper for Chicago on October 11th.

I am grateful that this was just a little blip on the radar screen of what could have been worse. Tears were flowing on Friday when I felt as though my dream was slipping through my fingers like sand, but having my running pals and family to turn to was something I very seldom did before starting this journey years ago. In the past, I considered asking for help as a weakness on my part. But now I have grown to appreciate the support, encouragement and love from those who only want the best for me. I will never again underestimate the power of asking for help and guidance. I truly had everyone running with me on Saturday and I can tell you they will be running with me again in Chicago.

Yes, be prepared for the blog which will be coming soon.


What do you do when things don't quite go as planned? Do you throw in the towel or do you dig in your heels to take life head on? Do you allow your fellow Sparkers to carry you through?

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