Wake Up to a 10-Day Challenge This April!

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Raise your hand if you're a morning person!


Ok, so waking up early is tough for most of us. However, when you make an effort to do so consistently, it's entirely possible to make it a habit—which is a great way to build more fitness and productivity into your day. So, how would you like a little extra boost of motivation to A) Get up in the wee hours, and B) Make strides toward your healthy lifestyle goals at the same time?

We're going to help you do just that with our ''Rise and Shine'' Challenge! We got such a great response from our last ''Streak into Spring'' social challenge that we're starting a 10-day challenge to help motivate you to do something healthy to start your day. Your challenge is a simple, yet effective one. For the first 10 days in April, do one of the following things:

1)    Take time to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning every day


2)    Exercise first thing in the morning every day


3)    Both of the above!

Between April 1 and April 10TweetPin, +1 or comment on our Facebook page using the hashtag #riseandshine to stay accountable and let us know how you're doing. Then, we'll serve up tips and encouragement to keep you headed in the right direction! We will also be posting daily on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ to check in with your progress using the same #riseandshine hashtag. If you don't use social mediastart a SparkStreak and update your SparkPage status or blog every day to keep yourself accountable! 

There's no better time than RIGHT NOW to build more time into your day to focus on YOU!! This challenge is only 10 days long. You can do anything for 10 days, right?!

Are you up to "Rise and Shine" with us? Let's do this!

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Apr 3 - did 20 min workout before work and had a healthy BK.
Apr 4 - did 30 min workout DVD and ate a healthy BK.
Apr 5 & 6 - worked again but didn't do any exercise before work. Ate a healthy BK. I have a hard time doing exercise on work days but I wasn't feeling too good for a couple of days. I work 12 hr days!
Apr 7 - ate a healthy BK, walked the dogs for only 20 mins as we ran into a marmaduke type dog that wouldn't leave my two alone so we had to find his owner, then I went for a 45 min walk in the afternoon.
Apr 8 - no exercise as got called into work and had 2 toast with PB, yogurt and a coffee.
Apr 9 - called into work again but will have my healthy BK and am going to do 39 min of exercise in a moment before I go.
I don't usually go on the computer on work days at all but I set my alarm to get up early this morning for my exercise and don't want to quit this challenge. I want to keep it going when the 10 days are up. Report
I woke up at 5 am even though it's a weekend day to get started around the house with the chores. I have eaten a healthy breakfast and drank one bottle of water. Report
Apr 4:: Ran/walked 4.16k in 34:57 mins. #riseandshine Report
Eating regularly is a real challenge for me and always has been. If it's too hard I will just quit eating because it's easier. Breakfast is especially hard for a number of reasons, but I have managed to eat a piece of toast with peanut butter and some fruit each day for the last 2 days. Yea Me! Report
I have a hard enough time getting up at 4:00 to get ready for work. Don't see myself being able to get up any earlier to exercise. And, for me, getting up that early does not get easier. Would not be a habit if not necessary. Report
Starting a day late but so far so good. I got up 1/2 hour early, ate a healthy breakfast and got in about 1/2 hour workout looking for the exercise video that I bought last year but had never used. I did, however, find it and did about 15 minutes of warm up exercises. Hope to be able to do more tomorrow but at least it is a start. Report
Apr 2nd - walked dogs for 30 min and walked on treadmill for 30 min.
Ate 1c oatmeal with 1/4 c walnuts and 1tbsp PB, 1/2 c blueberries and a coffee for BK.
I work tomorrow 12 hr shift so will report on FRI. Report
Apr 1st - walked dogs for 30 min and walked on treadmill for 20 min.
Ate 1 c plain greek yogurt with 1/4 c walnuts and a banana plus a coffee for BK. Report
Yep. Let's do this. Report
That was me raising my hand after the first sentence. I am a morning person - always up before 6. Computer - breakfast - morning workout.
It's mid afternoon when my energy lags and I need a nutritious snack. I guess I'm in a minority. Report
Count me in. Report
I work at nights and it very hard for me to do the exercise in the morning. But I am in for the challenge, I will have to do mine in the afternoon. But on my day off I will get up in the morning and go to the track and walk. Report
Sounds like a good plan. I'll do it. Report
Challenges are actually so good for each of us. Knowing my biorhythm I turned it around....walk twice a day late afternoon and early evening...eating light...mornings taken up with very young grands. Life is good however you fit in your challenge. Try to be flexible and enjoy a real chance to change even just a little to reach a doable goal. Think beyond these parameters...no regrets. Report
I'm doing this Report
I'm in#riseandshine Report
This could help me to get going in the mornings. I don't get on the computer much but will try to report for 10 days. It will be hard on work days but I will get up at 4:30 and exercise for 20 - 30 minutes. Glad I got this email. I did walk the dogs for 30 min first thing this morning and had plain greek yogurt with walnut pieces added. Report
Great Idea! I'm doing it. Report
I'm going to start tomorrow. I'm not a morning person but I'll start my workout at 6:45 when my daughter gets on the bus and then have a healthy breakfast. I need to lose 50 lbs. by August so I need all the help I can get. Report
Wouldn't be much of a challenge for me as I always eat a healthy breakfast and then exercise about 30 minutes later. Report
If I don't exercise first thing in the morning, it doesn't get done. Have only missed two mornings since Jan 1. It is nice to finally have a regular schedule. Report
Well, it won't be a 10-day challenge for me, since I got the email at freakin' ONE AM on April 1st. Be nice if Sparkpeople would send word of challenges like this a few days BEFORE they're supposed to begin, what? Report
Count me in I need a lot of motivation, But I am a early person..... Report
I'm Game! Report
This is just what I need! I am going to do this 10 day Challenge as a way to get me geared up to continue and develop good habits. I have been letting it all slide for a while now. Time to Change and this is not April Fools! Report
I work out on my Wii Fit each morning for half an hour before my shower and off to work where I eat my breakfast. Then, when I get home in the evening, I take my Kindle to the treadmill and walk for at least another half hour - but sometimes longer if I'm really in a good part of my reading! Report
I'm already up at 5am for work so I think #2 is really tough, but will do #1 :) Report
How do I make this a SparkStreak so I can track it??? Report
I am already pretty good with #1, accepting the challenge to include the exercise first thing. Great way to jump start the day. Report
Happy to say this has been a part of my life for many years! I am that rare morning person with exercise and a healthy breakfast 5-6 mornings most weeks. Report
This is just what I need. Count me in!!!!! Report
Why just 10 days? Report
nice if you actually are getting up in the morning instead of going to bed from the 12 hour night shift Report
how do I make this a streak I can track on my start page...
I do work out about 3-4 times a week in the morning already. Accepting this challenge miight be the boost I need to shoot for every morning (or at least for 10 days in a row:)

I accept! Report
I'm in
This challenge came at a perfect time for me. I will do #3. Since rain is on for this AM, I will pull out the tread mill instead of putting in my 3miles of walking and I will work with some weights which I tend to procrastinate with. The balanced breakfast will take more thought but I WILL succeed. I am a few days early to begin the challenge but what the heck..... Will begin today Report
I am not morning person but I like a challenge.
I have a shake every morning so that part is easy. its waking up to workout is going be the problem....lol Report
I'm up for this one! Report
Hah. Sorry I won't be able to do this one. I am up at 3:30 to 3:45am every morning. I do eat a breakfast already at about 6 or 7am once I've started getting through the bigger part of my morning and then my lunch comes nearer to noon and dinner at 5 or 6pm like most people but I'm up early enough as it is so I won't be adding exercise to the morning routine or I'd be getting up at 2:30am or 3am. Report
Early morning is probably the only time I would have energy to exercise, so I accept this challenge! I have to start somewhere. Report
Syren Kinsho, I find that starting my exercises with a basic stretching routine, such as Coach Nicole's 7 stretches for a full-body flexibility workout, work well for me. I have not done anything more than take walks for years so this is a good way for me to get back into exercise. This routine takes at least 10 minutes to run through and I find I keep going because it energizes me. I will often have my cup of coffee and either a bowl of cereal or Kashi bar for breakfast with fruit.

I'm in! Report
I'm in then maybe i will keep exercising in the morning Report
SYREN KINSHO - During the week when I am at work, I try to eat a chicken sausage and some type of salad. I know what you're thinking ... SALAD for breakfast? But once you adapt, it is really good!.

Costco has several types of Chicken Sausage that run between 120 - 160 calories. I usually cook up enough for the week on Sunday (on the grill) and then take one each day.

For salads, I usually do one of the following:
1.Sliced vegetables like cucumber, carrots, celery, snap peas, with a light ranch dip.
2. Chopped cucumber, tomatoes, kalamata olives and feta with a light vinegrette
3. Chopped cabbage, red cabbage, turnip, kale and carrots with a light vinegrette.

Weekends, usually a couple scrambled eggs with lots of veggies mixed in. Choose from onions, mushrooms, green pepper, or anything you want! Report
I have questions for BOTH segments. But first, an introduction. I'm 26, 5'3, asthmatic, 235 pounds. I'm not flexible or very strong.

I want to know: What is a good morning breakfast with little to no sugar (I tend towards sugary syrup and fruits as of right now) that will make me not want to crave food so early in my day?

What types of exercises or yoga are recommended for heavier set people? It hurts my knees and lower back to do floor exercises like sit ups, push ups (I have weak wrists, so I try the "girl" ones", etc. I don't mind jumping jacks though, or stretching, or being on he treadmill (I have an inhaler for my asthma!). I don't have the money to see a dietician or personal physician, so I'm on my own. Report
I need new motivation this Spring. I'm not a good Spark member on challenges.i get started and get occupied and forget to stay with it.Even though i might be completing the challenge. So this will have double meaning to me. Complete the challenge and stick with it on facebook. Report
I need to work on exercise in the am, but I never have time. I did participate in a weekly challenge (a number of times), where we were challenged for a min of 60 seconds first thing in the am. It was a great way to get moving, and of course you wanted to do more. So if you think you can't do it that early, and you have no time, at least try 60 seconds and see where you go from there. Report
I'm in for sure! I need motivating help in this area! Report