Upcoming Changes to SparkPeople.TV

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Hello, everyone!

We're making some changes to the website and, as with anything we do, we like to give you a heads up to what's coming. Beginning this week, the "Videos" tab in the navigation bar will be going away. Effective May 15th, SparkPeople.TV will no longer be available. Don't worry, you'll still be able to access all our SparkPeople-produced videos. This change only affects the availability of our partner's videos.

We work hard to offer a wide variety of features on the site, while keeping a close eye on the ones that are most popular and resonate with members. Based on your interaction with SparkPeople.TV, we know our SparkPeople-produced videos are some of your favorites, so we wanted to be sure to  keep those around for everyone to use.

Although this feature is going away, we have lots of other exciting projects in the works! In the coming months, be on the lookout for enhancements to SparkChallenges, the simplification of some features to benefit both current and new members, and new features to help you focus on your goals and maximize your potential for success. We're exciting about what's coming in the near future!

Thanks for your continued support of SparkPeople's mission to SPARK millions of PEOPLE to reach their goals and lead healthier lives!   

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EO4WELLNESS 10/4/2018
Oh! Report
KAIMANA927 10/4/2018
I just asked someone the other day where SP TV had gone. They didn't know about you dropping the best videos you ever offered. The SP videos are good, but there is never anything new. I hope you are able to afford to get others back soon. I will need to subscribe to new ones in YouTube, but I wish everything was together in SP. Report
LIVINTODAY 9/29/2018
Sure miss my SparkTV videos, especially the Lisa Whelchel Everyday Workouts videos. Thought I would get over it but......no....sadly. Report
POOKIE731 8/5/2018
VERY disappointing, I loved the dance and yoga videos, they kept me moving because they were enjoyable. Spark was my go-to. I guess I will have to use youtube more, thank goodness for those anyway! After 12 years of using sparkpeople for this, this sudden change makes me very sad. Doesnt seem so much like moving forward as it does cutting back on expenses. Report
CHI-CHI7 7/26/2018
I was using the 'Everday Workout Videos' which only one of the set of 4 is available on youtube. I also used Andrea Metcalfe's videos 'Pilates: Perfect Posture and the Better Balance Challenge' both excellent videos which are not available on Youtube. The Sparkpeople videos are not up to the standard of these videos. I am very disappointed. Report
A better variety of trainers in the videos would be appreciated. Report
N0RTHERNSTAR 7/20/2018
very very disappointed in Spark for this “improvement “. I used the Paul Katami kettlebell videos and the 28 day workout every week. This greatly dimishes the value of Spark for me. Bring them back please. Not happy at all. And no I can’t find them on YouTube Report
TAPESTRIES 5/28/2018
There are hundreds of free workout videos on Youtube. Some of them are by the same trainers that you found here. Kathy Smith, Jessica Smith, Coach Nichole, Petra Kolber, etc. Just search for your favorite trainer on Youtube. Report
TAPESTRIES 5/28/2018
There are hundreds of free workout videos on Youtube. Some of them are by the same trainers that you found here. Kathy Smith, Jessica Smith, Coach Nichole, Petra Kolber, etc. Just search for your favorite trainer on Youtube. Report
TRIMNUP 5/16/2018
Thankful for the update. Thankful for SP providing what they offer. Report
Thank you for the update. Report
NANCYPAT1 5/1/2018
Thanks for the update Report
So only SP coach videos will be available? That means 90% of the videos will be gone! Okay, maybe closer to 70%, but it will be a major decrease in videos available. So no more yoga videos, eh? And we'll be stuck with the old, low quality Coach Nicole videos and not much more. Correct me if I'm wrong, SP. I would love to be wrong. Report
BIKE4HEALTH 5/1/2018
Life is about improving as we need and its great seeing you are always looking at ways to improve Report
I can still access them thru my spark point list. My tracker tab/My Spark Points/down to the blue line that says Articles and resources look for Watch a video on Sparktv

Likely this will disappear soon, but as of 4/30/18 its there.

Like many I use YouTube mostly though I do some from Sparks.

AALLEY2 4/30/2018
It looks like the tab is already gone. I did find a way to get there in my tracker tab then my spark points. Report
TERRIJ7 4/30/2018
I appreciate your efforts to always keep things "fresh"--hopefully without TOO many changes for those of us who don't adjust well to change :) Report
MARYANN2323 4/30/2018
KHALIA2 4/29/2018
Thanks for the info! Report
I was like @SPARKPEOPLE1951 where I bought one of the amazon fire devices to play the SparkPeople.TV and it never did work. The SparkPeople videos are okay, if you can find them... evidently the www.sparkpeople.tv link works until May 15th, even if you can't find it up above under the "videos" tab. As always, I get more benefit if the videos are captioned. Report
GRANDMASUSAN13 4/29/2018
Thanks for the info Report
GRANDMASUSAN13 4/27/2018
Ty for the info Report
HARRIETT14 4/27/2018
Thank you for letting us know about the changes that you are making to enhance our program. I joined Sparks in 2011 and have found that all of your methods have helped me a thousand times over. Thank you so much. Report
Thanks for the update! Report
SPARKPEOPLE1951 4/27/2018
Wow I brought Amazon Fire TV that didn't seem to work with the Spark People TV. I am getting a new smart TV delivered today- I was hoping the video's would be easier for me to access. Report
JEWELZEE- 4/27/2018
I'm sure the changes will be great and we'll look forward to everything you do! Report
GRANDMASUSAN13 4/26/2018
Thanks for you he update Report
I just found sparktv for the first time, was a little disappointed in how little was there so not too disappointed in this. Report
RHOOK20047 4/26/2018
Thanks for the update! Report
GETULLY 4/26/2018
Not a whole lot of information here - where will we find videos after the change? Report
so how about updating this short article to actually tell us HOW to find the videos after you make the change??? Report
SPARKFRAN514 4/26/2018
Thanks for the information . do make to many changes all at once. I still the personal goal being on the start page . Report
2DAWN4 4/26/2018
Thanks for keeping us posted. Report
KAMINKA 4/26/2018
I'd like to see 'trying on clothes' (at the store) under the exercise section. You know it's got to burn calories! Thank-you 😀 Report
AUNA_SKATE 4/26/2018
This isn't really informative. It's just a short, short article, to say you're once again doing things without our input. One day, you'll have the website stripped down to just allow your members to blog only. Report
SADIEMYERS 4/26/2018
Thanks for the headsup. I love Kathy's stretching, balance and Pilates. I understand changes are inevitable. Hoping to see another dietician on board also with positive keto/paleo/lowcarb up to date information for those that choose that way of eating. Report
Thanks for the info. I really liked a couple of the non-Spark videos, but I can also go to YouTube to find stuff. Report
GYMRAT54 4/26/2018
if the video tab is going away, how do we find the videos? Report
KHALIA2 4/26/2018
WOW! Report
READY201811 4/26/2018
Thanks for the heads up - I really liked the various videos, workouts and chance to try various things Report
Ok, thank you for letting us know. I haven't used Spark TV, but I do like the Sparkpeople workout videos. I'm glad those are staying. Thank you. Report
CARLI_MAE 4/26/2018
I've recently come back after many years of being away. One thing I've always wanted to see has been a more interactive post and reply structure in team forums similar to that used by Facebook, where hitting reply results in replying directly to an individual's comment instead of having it show up in one long undivided thread. It would make discussions more dynamic, interesting, make it easier to get to know people, and possibly enliven the teams. (No offense, but my reaction to teams I've viewed so far since coming back has been "yawn, boring.") It could also allow the option of only receiving a notice when there are replies to your specific comment rather than subscribing to the whole discussion. Report
DLDMIL 4/26/2018
Thanks for the warning Report
Uh oh! I always get a little nervous when people start talking about "exciting new changes". One thing I would truly love to see is the return of the personal goals board to the start page. Wonder if the start page could be made to be somewhat "customizable" so we could choose what we want to have, at least from among a few things. I do love the SP videos - Coach Nicole helps me out often when the weather is yucky and I just don't want to leave home! Report
Yes please update. I love spark tv but it is seriously outdated. All your premium exercises could use an update. Need some fresh exercises it is long over due Report
NEOMATTLAC 4/26/2018
I hope you keep the Tai Chi videos and dancing videos. All in all, I enjoy what's offered. Thanks for all your work! Report
I hope you add some great chair yoga and other chair exercises. Thanks for the update! Report
OLDSKOOL556 4/26/2018
Thanks! for updates Report
FISHGUT3 4/26/2018
thanks Report
Sure hope I’ll be able to find SparkPeople videos! I know a lot are on YouTube bet I tend to get too easily distracted there. Thanks for keeping us informed. - Carol, Herder Of Kitchen Wolves Report