UPDATE: Watch Story of BabyFit Moms!

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UPDATE:Two members from SparkPeople.com's sister site, BabyFit.com, were featured on the syndicated show Inside Edition Monday night. Read more about their story here!
Megan Santos' year-old daughter, Rowan, was diagnosed with eye cancer after Madeline Robb recognized the girl's white pupil as a symptom, after seeing a picture of Rowan that was posted on BabyFit. Their amazing story, which illustrates the true power of friendships forged through online communities, has been featured by the Today show, the BBC and others. Megan lives in the US; Maddie lives in the UK.

Monday night, Inside Edition broadcast the moms' story. Watch now!

Haven't see this story in the news? Check out the full story, information on retinoblastoma, links to how you can help and updates on Rowan's recovery.

The Today show also featured this story. Watch now!

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Wow. So sad. She's just too young for cancer. I have never heard of this before and I'm so glad you shared it! Report
A truly amazing story and a miracle from God. What a blessing!!! Report
wow my heart goes out to you! That is an amazing story! Report
What a beautiful story and a true miracle! A true and blessed friendship this is and what a beautiful baby too! Report
God works in mysterious ways. He made those 2 ladies meet on the internet so that Rowan could be saved. Report
What an amazing story! My prayers are with the family. Internet friends are great! Report
My daughter lost her left eye to Retinoblastoma! She has a prosthetic now and is doing excellent. She was diagnosed on Jan. 7th, and had her surgery to remove her eye on Jan. 16th, just one week before her 2nd birthday!!! God Bless this woman for telling the Mom, if you don't catch it early enough it is fatal!!! Report
Amazing. Report
What a blessing friends can be. Report
Wow, what an amazing story and it goes to show that this is one of the better social sites on the internet. I've yet to hear of a story like this for others, I'll be donating to help little Rowan out.

Thanks Spark!
i belive it was a small miracle from her friend something not in our hands .. i think it awsome and so wonderful thank god for friends in far way places .. Report
Wow!!! Another reason to love SparkPeople. This was really an amazing story & some very good information to pass on. Thanks so much for sharing. Report
Isn't it Amazing how God works in our lives????? Report
An amazing story Report
God knows how to work miracles. Thank you for sharing the story. Report
What a fascinating connection. SPARKFRIENDS are the best. It's great to get the information out to the public. Report
when i downloaded Pet Eye, a pet red eye remover, it showed photos of this disease in photos of children as a warning to all parents. good luck and god bless you all. Report
When you hear and see stories like this one on the internet you see the internet is not all bad. This little baby girls life was spared. Thank God, these two ladies were able to interact over the net. I also hate to see anyone suffer, especially children. This was a learning experience for me. Thank you all for sharing all this information. One more thing, these two ladies live so far apart yet the internet brought them close together. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
That is a true example of the favor of God Report
We learn every day, don't we. I certainly learn a lot from the SP site and the internet and can't understand why everyone doesn't use it the way I do. The babies shown here are adorable and we can all offer a prayer of thanks for the way things have turned out. It hurts me personally when I hear of any child suffering. Report
Great story! Wishing Megan, Rowan and the family well and thank goodness for Maddies quick catch! Report
God works in mysterious ways. This is an awesome story. Report
God can work through people and even the internet, Praise the Lord!
I also learn something new and I will remember this and will be able to let others know as well. Thank you so much! Report
What a touching story that gives hope to many of us! My internet SparkFriends are the best!! How grateful I am that we have these opportunities to encourage one another even to the extreme as this case has shown. We may never know the lives that we touch! Report
Yes, Truely amazing. Thank God for power of the internet...thanks for sharing this news to all! Report
My son was diagnosed with retinoblastoma at 11 months old. Awareness of this cancer is low with the majority of people never having heard of it. On the plus side it has a very good survival rate. My son is now 14! Please, please, please check your photos and spread the word to those you know to do the same x Report
very cool
Makes me realize that we ALL need to have our eyes checked. Don't procrastinate, but make an appointment to have it done for the whole family. Report
I read about this on a gossip website. I think it is truely amazing! I am glad that the other women noticed it and let Rowan's mother know. Yay for saving a babies life!! She is a cutie by the way!! Report
This is an interesting story.

Thank God the mother notice the condition of the baby. Prayers go out to the family.

SP is a great site to learn various information. Report
Wow! That is amazing!!! My thoughts and prayers are with little Rowan. Thank goodness Madeline noticed. Report
WOW! Truly amazing. Report
This was such a wonderful story but needed a lot of tissue Report
That is Awesome! What a world we live in that someone from across an ocean can help a child from a picture. I think they are both hero's to that little girl. The mom who told her and the mom that listened!! Report
I majored in Biology in College. I had to do a research project on Retinoblastoma (is a cancer of the retina). I found it to be very interesting that this is one of the cancers that we can catch with a simple picture from a regular camera. When may niece and nephews came home one of the first pics that i took of them was with both of their eyes open. I tell every expecting part to take pics of the baby with open eyes and if they see anything take the pics with them to the doctor's office. Report
so many compassionalte, intelligent people here.
yet another reason why sparkpeople and everything about sparkpeople is number 1! i continue to say thank God for you!!!!!! Report
Great story. This is a great site too. Report
I saw this story the other day! Didn't know they were babyfit people though. It was really cool to see though! Report
My son was born in 1969. After he was only two weeks old I noticed a difference in his right eye. The pupil appeared to be changing and becoming misshapen. It wasn't quite round anymore but looked rather like a old fashioned keyhole.
Because I was an eighteen year old single mom no one would listen to me much less take me seriously.
I tried to get an appointment with my doctor but was refused. When my son was six weeks old I just walked in and the doctor himself chased me out of the waiting room. The next day I returned with my aunt. The doctor actually got right in her face screaming
" Get HER out of my office! I've got sick people to take care of!"
Somehow my aunt got an appointment with a specialist the very next day. He took one look, walked out and returned with two other associates.
My baby was admitted the next day for his first of many surgeries. Unfortunately the time came when there was nothing else they could do. My son lost his eye to congenital glaucoma at five months old.
To this day I'm still so grateful and touched by all the kindness this team showered us with.
Thank goodness times have changed and medical science has progressed.
My heart goes out to this baby and her parents!
God bless.
Unbelieveable. How wonderful that the UK mother saw and recognized the problem. I love SP and this is just another example of how it affects our lives! Report
Wow. I had never heard of this before- good information, thanks! Report
What an amazing story. It makes me want to cry. These women were so lucky to find each other. It was complete fate to save that adorable baby. Report