Today is Eat a Cranberry Day!

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Today is Eat a Cranberry Day! Don't wait for Thanksgiving to gobble up these tart, tasty berries.

As Tanya wrote recently, you don't need to cranberries are more than just a holiday tradition. Packed with antioxidants and proven (in their purest form) to boost bladder health, these berries are good any time of year.

Here are some suggestions to work cranberries into your meals:
  • Throw dried cranberries on your salads, in oatmeal and in trail mix and granola.
  • Put dried berries in your stuffing, add them to squash dishes or mix them with your favorite chicken or tuna salad.
  • Dilute the 100% pure cranberry juice with water. (Check the label. There is no apple or other filler juice added; it's just cranberries.) This stuff is pricy, but a little goes a long way, so it's worth the extra bucks. It's mouth-puckeringly sour on its own, but that goes away when a couple of ounces are added to water.
  • Find more cranberry recipes here.

Quick tip: Did you know that cranberries were indigenous to North America?

How do you like to eat cranberries? Do you prefer whole berry cranberry sauce or the jellied stuff from a can?

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When cranberries are on sale around the holidays, I buy lots and throw them into the freezer, I then add half a cup of them to my smoothies and if you blend with bananas and protein powder it makes a really good tasting frozen smoothie. Report
I LOVE fresh cranberries, and am stocking up on them to my freezer bec I can't get them after this season. You can make your own cranberry juice just by adding extra water when cooking down your fresh cranberries on top of the stove. I add Splenda to taste while cooking and it's delish!! Report
I love to cook my own fresh cranberries on the stove. Then I know ther is very little sugar added Report
I love cranberries every way, but jellied is probably my least favorite. My dad's recipe is simple and tasty: grind up a bag of fresh cranberries, an apple, and an orange, and add sugar to taste. We never make it very sweet; the apple and orange take care of that, and we like it tart.
It's delicious! Report
I've not have any luck finding pure cranberry juice. Any suggestions? Report
I feel compelled to submit my favorite recipe:

Cranberry Sauce (that's what we called it) Teresa Jayne’s Grandmother’s Recipe

1 ˝ Cup Water
2 Cups Fresh Cranberries
Cook for 10 minutes, stirring

Add 1 pkg Cherry Jello and 1 Cup Sugar & cool.

Then add
˝ Cup Pineapple
˝ Cup Nuts
Cut up Apple if you want

My grandmother doubled this for every Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner and continued until she was 94. She's 97 and doing well. God Bless her! Report
I admit I love the cranberry sauce. Report
I love cranberries, the real thing not out of a can. Report
I love cranberry bread. My mom usually makes it around this time of year. Toasted with a lil butter or just plain. So yummy! Report
I love cranberries. I just wish they were easier to find outside of Thanksgiving! Report
I like cranberries in my salad and in my stuffing mix. Report

I love putting them into my candied yams.

They are also a good addition to pumpkin pie as well as sweet potato pie.

I put a handful in a garden salad

They go well in a green bean casserole.
This is my favorite time of year, not only because it's Fall, but because the cranberries are fresh and available. I love to cook with fresh cranberries. Two of my favorites are baked apples (or pears) with cranberries (use splenda for sweet as needed), and roasted sweet potatos with cranberries. Both are quick and easy to prepare, low in calories, high in nutrition, and taste exceptionally good (my opinion about the good, but even my picky "I don't like it....what is it" husband eats them). Report
I like the tartness of cranberries. Prefer the juice. mmmm! Report
I enjoy cranberries in salads, juice, breads, muffins. Hubby hasn't quite acquired a taste for them, though. LOL Report
We eat so much homemade cranberry sauce during the holidays that I make 2 batches at a time. One for the holiday dinner, and one for left overs after. I buy the cranberries whole, on sale and freeze the bags so we can have yummy cranberries all year round. Report
Whole cranberry sauce for me...and dried cranberries (like Craisons) on salads and cereal. YUM! Report
I prefer the jellied but like them anyway you fix them. I just ate a handful of craisins Report
I Love Cranberries!! I love to put the dried cranberries in whole wheat pancakes. YUM! Report
We make a cranberry and orange every Holiday. Report
I love cranberry every way it comes. I love the jellied but I like making it with orange rind/marmalaid and cooked cranberries. Report
Trader Joe's 100% cranberry juice is great. (Ocean Spray is not the same since they started using high fructose corn syrup instead of sugar to sweeten it.) I usually put about an ounce in the bottom of my glass and fill with water to drink with dinner. Have it cool in summer and warm in winter. It provides some wonderful flavor and antioxidants without a lot of calories. Adding dried cranberries to the morning's steel cut oats adds flavor without the need for sugar. Report
ELISABETHTHOMAS has tons of healthy freeze-dried fruits and veggies with nothing added, including "Just Cranberries." I eat them in low-fat plain yogurt, cereal, or alone(like popcorn). Report
I love cranberries in any form! I eat them at least 4 times a week. I really like dried cranberries with a few almonds! Report
Dried cranberries sprinkled over top of chicken, then baked. It's delicious. Report
My husband likes the stuff in the can. I don't. I make a cranberry relish with cherry jello, apples, walnuts, celery, mandarin oranges, crushed pineapple, marachino cherries and add whip cream after it has set up. So good and you don't have to eat alot to feel full. Report
I like both and I like the dried cranberries to put on my salads... Report
I make my mom's cranberry salad recipe for every holiday. We use whole cranberry sauce for it. Since getting diabetes, we've changed the black cherry gelatin to sugar free. It also has walnuts, apples, and celery in it. It has wonderful flavor and texture. Everyone loves it. So do we! Report
I love homemade, my daughter goes crazy for the jelly-canned stuff. My mom makes a great cranberry sauce with orange zest added (YUM). She has also made flavored butter by mixing in minced fresh cranberries. I made a "mulled" spice cranberry sauce one year--also good. I love 'em. However, I do need to start incorporating them year-round. Thanks for all the tips--really want to throw them into smoothies :-) Happy Thanksgiving! Report
Thanks to all who like cranberries. As a third generatrion grower and friend of "Backontrak", it is nice to see berries mentioned in this site. Enjoy them, they are a labor of love! Report
I love cranberry juice and sauce. Homemade cranberry sauce is the best. It's the best part of Turkey Day!
I like baking with cranberries. Whatever recipe I have that calls for raisins I will use cranberries instead. Whatever I bake with them comes out soooooo good!!! My personal fav is oatmeal cranberrie cookies! Report
Never found a cranberry recipe I didn't like! Report
I have made cranberry sauce converts out of some friends by making fresh and adding an apple - thus cranberry applesauce - it cuts the tartness. Mix one bag of fresh cranberries, one cup of water and one cup of sugar in a sauce pan. Start to simmer - meanwhile peel and slice up at least one apple (not too tart) add that to cranberries and mix. As the cranberries begin to pop and the apple softens use a potato masher and mash together. Once all the cranberries have popped or been mashed remove from heat. It will thicken as it cools. Once cool enough place in serving bowl and refrigerate until ready to serve.
Happy Thanksgiving,
Frances Report
Love cranberries in lots of different things like muffins, or breads, or fruit salads.

Can't stand the canned cranberries by themselves. Love craisins, especially in oatmeal or cereal.

For Thanksgiving, I normally make a cranberry and pineapple fruit salad/relish dish. Report
We live overseas and I just got my first ever bag of frozen cranberries from a new store here! I am so excited to make our family cranberry relish!
As far as canned cranberries we like the smooth jellied stuff. Report
I love craisens on my cereal, I make a bread with cranberries and I fix them with splenda for Thanksgiving. I lke the cranberry sauce rather then the jelly. Report
I eat cranberries everyday. In muffins or breads, dried in cereal or salads, with a piece of extra dark chocolate as a treat. MMM it's my favorite berry. Report
MMM, some good sounding cranberry ideas. I'm going to have to try them out! Report
I love Cranraisens i put them on my cereal every morning, and im baking scones with cranraisens in them as we speak!! Report
love dried cranberries in salads, on cereal, in oatmeal and home made muffins Report
I never liked cranberries but recently had craisins on a salad and it was great. Report
I have never tried raw cranberries. I always have a feeling that they are tart.. Will try them this time. Thanks for the info. Report
I buy a bunch of bags at this time of year and freeze them. When I make a smoothie I always add a handful for a power boost! Report
I love cranberries in any and all forms but don't eat them as often as I want or probably should. Report
I always loved cranberry sauce as a child since it was a holiday only treat. Now I love dried cranberries and recently I found a recipe for cranberry pancakes that I love! Report
I like dried cranberries and have recently discovered yogurt covered craisins as a treat. They are really good and my daughter loves them as well. Report
I like to combine cranberries and pomegranate seeds and cook them down to make a mixed berry jam. Good as a relish, but great on a hot yeast roll or biscuit. Report
I like them raw--just they way they are out of the bag! Report
Love cranberry sauce and enjoy it all year but there are so many interesting ideas here. I'll be trying some soon! Report
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