The Right Pain Relief for Every Ache

By , Alyssa Shaffer, Woman's Day
Backache? Upset stomach? Before you hit the pharmacy or your medicine cabinet, discover which pain relievers are worth reaching for in this guide.

Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs, Such as Ibuprofen, Naproxen Sodium and Aspirin

How they work: NSAIDs reduce inflammation associated with muscle and joint pain.

Know this: If you pop too many of these pills or have a sensitive stomach, you can experience side effects including nausea, dizziness and heartburn. 

Acetaminophen (Tylenol)

How it works: Acetaminophen relieves pain but doesn't treat inflammation.

Know this: Since acetaminophen does not affect the lining of your stomach (as NSAIDs do), it can have fewer side effects. Make sure you stick to the recommended dose because too much can lead to liver damage. Talk to your doctor before taking it for longer than 10 days.

Ointments (like Bengay, Icy Hot, Tiger Balm)

How they work: Gels and creams ease discomfort via distraction. By causing a cooling or warming sensation on your skin through an ingredient like menthol or capsaicin, your brain turns its attention away from the pain.

Know this: These products are for short-term relief and may irritate your skin. Try testing a dab on a small area first.

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thanks....but nap should be on that list.... Report
For headaches and threats of headaches:
Timely or Pre-emptive action,
Adequate hydration,
Adequate caffeination,
Adequate sleep or take a nap OR when indecated,
Proper/appropriate analgesic with plenty of good water . . . Report
Taking a nap. Report
Spark-Jean beat me to it. One of my sisters lost a kidney to cancer a few years ago and now has to be very careful about pain relievers so that she doesn't damage the one that remains. Report
Tylenol, or drinking water, green tea or coffee. Caffeine helps me with headaches if I catch the onset early enough.
Drinking more water and paying attention to what I eat - some food & drink (or lack thereof) can create the right conditions for pain and/or pain relief!
I was going to take that further, but this should only be a response to the question of how I relieve pain for myself.
Tylenol or sometimes aspirin. Sometimes just digging into my bullheaded Englishman heritage and hitting the IGNORE button. Just telling the pain to " F**K OFF" and ignoring it works wonders for me. Also eating hot foods seems to help why I am not totally sure. Report
As the leader of Loving Our Kidneys - I want to warn everyone to take Nsaids sparingly. They can cause kidney disease. Jean Report
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