The Olympics Workout Game: Work Out While You Watch

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Who says you have to be a world-class athlete to get in a workout during the Olympics? If you tune in to watch contenders from around the globe go for the gold, don't skip your own workouts. Use our fun Olympics Workout Game to squeeze in some fitness while you watch. We can't promise you'll be as fast as Usain Bolt or have shoulders like Michael Phelps, but we do think you'll enjoy this fun workout. 
Try this workout during tonight's opening ceremonies or while you watch any Olympic event in the future.
Every time the call or action on the left happens, perform the exercise listed on the right. For a printable PDF of this workout, click here.

Graphic by Brian Franklin

What is your favorite Olympic event to watch?

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I wish I'd seen this sooner, but I was away during the Olympics. Think I might just print it off and adapt it to suit other TV viewing occasions! Report
I did this work out for 90 minutes this evening! Such a super idea. Thank you for sharing! Report
nice idea-I have been working out while I watch it Report
Man, I wish I had seen this yesterday for Women's gymnastic's final. I would be moving non-stop. Report
This is a graet idea. I try and do as many exercises as possible. Report
Great ideas!

Now I only wish you had included a female athlete for us to aspire to ("We can't promise you'll be as fast as Usain Bolt or have shoulders like Michael Phelps, but we do think you'll enjoy this fun workout. ")...what about be as fast as Missy Franklin? Or have a butt like Gabby Douglas? Or Abs like Kerri Walsh? I could (obviously) go on and on, but you get my idea. Report
This is hilarious!! I love it. Report
I love the water sports, and gymnastics, the best in the summer olympics. Great idea, to do the exercises. My husband and I can try them together. Report
I will definitely be trying this...but I think I'll have to leave some out. Considering I'm so addicted to the Olympics and watch it from the time I get home from work until I go to bed...I don't think I would survive a night full of all of these exercises. Not to mention two weeks worth. Then again, I may really boost my exercise goals if I did this!!! :-) Report
Can't wait to do my Olympic exercises!!! Report
I love this idea! I've always watched the Olympics and wished I could run like the athletes in the track and field games and tumble like the gymnasts. At least this way, I'll be off the couch!! Report
Love it!!!
I can't wait to print it to put it beside my computer (and send it to all my friend, too!!) Report
Love it! But I hate burpees! Report
I love this!! I'll be printing this one for sure! As soon as the doc gives me the ok, I'll be joining in on the fun, and getting my girls to join in too! Report
I posted it to FB but need to put a disclaimer on it now that I've actually looked at the list more closely. The burpee, while sounding funny, looks questionable since I've been told that in a squat your knees weren't supposed to go forward of your toes, and the demonstrator's definitely did. Am I misinformed? Report
What a great idea, except for all those burpees, lol. Report
Just started this tonight, the "any mention of mom or family" is killing me! Especially after today was a strength training day. Started doing exercises other than pushups :) Report
Sounds great, but what's an appropriate exercise when the wrong flag is raised?
TRUHART, I think you need to start the team:)

Other than that, thanks for letting me know what burpees are. I've been wondering for the longest time! Report
Great fun way to keep moving while watching the we need a chair exercise version for us who are more moble challenged and can't do 99% of these moves Report
Thanks for the game - I'm in!
Although I think a wall SIT during the national anthem is contraindicated - maybe mountain pose or warrior pose for me.
I'm also planning to attempt an exercise based on the day's competition -
today is cycling and swimming. I may even find a bow and arrow for archery days.
My favorite image from the Opening Ceremonies is the Queen being escorted by James Bond to skydive into the stadium, with those cute corgis running around. Too bad the Olympic committee has blocked these videos for copyright - Billions of downloads and viewings would have already been logged.

Had trouble printing the graphic, though. Can it be resized? Report
Great idea, but I will have to figure out some modifications.... doctor's orders... no high impact exercise. Report
where is the SP team for this??? Report
I am all over this!!! I am an Olympic fanatic, and have friends competing, so I just love the idea that I'm going to have an organized event for myself! I agree with some of the posters: as a newbie, I may not be able to do all the exercises, so I'll substitute some that are at my fitness level! Thanks so much!!!!

Edit: I added a few of my own categories --

Hear the word "royals": say your daily affirmation
Mention Michael Phelps: 5 tricep pushes
Mention Usain Bolt: 5 chest presses
Commentator says something stupid: take gulp of water

Also, all of my exercises will address my need for strength training. So bicep curls, chest presses, leg lifts, butt crunches, and inner thigh work will replace the cardio above. Report
great idea! Report
First of all: This is hilarious!! I love the prompts!!! I will do this,, I cannot do some of the exercises, But I will trade others for them. This was a great idea!! I am still laughing at the one(crying parents in stands)!
A great big veggie tray to the brains of this one!! How about , for a warmup, hand weight lifting every time you see a commercial that endorses the Olympics? (Subway,etc) Report
In the '60's when I was in school we called it a "SQUAT-THRUST" and someone calls it a burpee now. Guess some guy had to burp when he got done. LOL Same old boring exercise. Report
This is too fun! What's a burppy? PS... I couldn't get it to print, in any form? Report
Hope my fav athlete doesn't win a gold - burpees wipe me out!!
Great idea!! Am going to print this - fabulous! Report
This sounds like it will be a very busy night for some of us. But . . . what IS a burpee???? Report
Awesome idea! Report
This is too funny - love it! Gotta ask though, what's a burpee? One of my fiance's former students will be carrying the flag for Bermuda in tonight's opening ceremonies. I think that's equivalent to a gold medal, but have no clue how to do a burpee. Also don't think my poor abs are up for all the crunches when sponsors are mentioned - that happens like every 5 minutes during the broadcasts! :-) Report
I love that during the national anthem its just a wall sit, kind of respecting the moment of silence :) Report
Thanks for a chuckle! Our own Spark Olympics! Report
What an excellent idea!! A SPfriend just posted this on my SPpage, thinking I'd LOVE it and I do!! Thank you!! Report
LOVE this idea! Passing along to our Wellness Committee at work. U S A! U S A! Report
i absolutely love this idea. since i just started med school, i'm not sure how much i'll be able to watch, but when i'm watching, i'll give this a try. :) Report
Love this!
My cousin is in the Olympics for the 2nd time. We will be doing lots of jumping up and down between all of this. Report
Great idea!! Thanks for sharing! Report
Fantastic ideas! I'm spreading this around the office to go with our "Shape Up This Summer" challenge! Report
AWESOME idea. . .will do it for sure, can't wait to try it. Report
I LOVE it!!!! Going to print for my son and I to do together! Report
What fun - it would be non stop exercise! Report