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Greetings, SparkPeople! I'm writing to you from back home. I visited the team in Cincinnati last week, and we had a party to celebrate our recent successes. A couple of weeks ago, I asked you to send us photos of your "Spark Sightings." Round One was a hit, and so was Round Two. Check out these great stories and photos of members Spreading the Spark--and spotting The Spark.

"I purchased a copy of The Spark and donated it to my local library, which is also where I am employed. My theory is that some will not want to spend the money until they have had a chance to really Ďcheck it outí to see if it is worth their hard earned dollars. I see it as a win/win situation, if they donít care for it, at least they have heard of it, if they love it, they will go out and purchase a personal copy.

So far, our library is the only one in the state to offer The Spark.That means that folks in other towns may request an interlibrary loan and borrow ours. I have made an announcement and posted a photo on the ĎSpark Maine The Official Teamí so that all will know.

The photo is of myself at the Ellsworth Public Library, Ellsworth, Maine.

I LOVE my book! I am on chapter 3, and reading if VERY carefully, and slowly, taking in as much as I can! I donít want to miss a morsel of the great information!"

Sandy Abbott (HIKERSAN)

"Well it's not a very flattering picture and it's not in a brick and mortar store but here is me listening to The Spark on my iPod Shuffle that I downloaded from the iTunes store online. I don't know if this will be an official "I Found The Spark" picture or not. I would LOVE a new iPod so I can listen to The Spark better (hint, hint)

THANK YOU, THIS IS A GREAT BOOK AND WEBSITE. I've been a member since July of 08 and you have helped me tremendously!"


"I just bought the book The Spark using the coupon provided. Love the book.

Eve Aguirre

"The Lubbock (Texas) SparkTeam (some of us!) spotted The Spark in our local Barnes & Noble. And we didn't get kicked out, even though we picked up the book & blocked the way & generally made a fuss!" Picture #1, back row, L to R: Nichole (NICKILIZMATH), Tammy (SMURFY_47), Kelly (KR2165), Chole (CIRRATX), Ed (EDVEAL), Daniel (LORDIRISH). Front row, L to R: Jaime (JA2010), Su (CHEEKYSU), Janet (DAMNITJANET40). Chad (CHADWICK_WILCOX) was the photographer!



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What a lovely thing to do. Report
I saw a copy among the "new books" at my library, so that was great. Report
I was on a health information site I forget which one. I noticed the bright orange book and the coupon for a discount at Barnes and Noble. I went over and sat and read it then I bought it. I went back and bought three more to send to our sons. I wanted them to be sure to read chapter one and then check out the great nutrition articles on the website. HIKERSAN it was great to see your picture. Thanks again-We are Acadia lovers and go through Ellsworth often. Its a great place to visit. I love the Spark, and the recipes are GREAT. I made 2 tonight and DH and I loved them both. Report
I went to Borders to buy the book, but they only had the hardback copy. A little pricey for me. But I am definitely going to check out my library. It fits my budget better. Thanks to all of you who donate books!! Report
I got some family members to join up and I also purchased the book at Barnes and Noble. using the coupon. When I am at the gym and someone says I look like I have lost weight, I tell them "thank you and yes I have by changing my lifestyle and not dieting". That always gets a questioning look and then the question "Really! How? By surgery?" I then tell them about SparkPeople and most are interested and maybe even some of them have gone to the site. Report
I ordered The Spark through Amazon for my Kindle. The problem is that it says to go to page 221 to get a code to redeem your points. On the Kindle, there are no page numbers and no way for me to get to page 221! Does anyone have a solution/suggestion on how to redeem your points if you ordered it for your Kindle? I am starting the book tonight. I just joined spark people last week. So this is all new to me. This is my first post as well! Report
I bought the book for a friend after reading my own copy. I will continue to spread the Spark as long as people are willing to listen and read! Wish that I was a wealthy woman because I would make sure anyone interested would have their own copy of the book. Report
Wonderful idea! So giving... Just like Spread the Spark! Report
I can't afford to buy the book right now, so I requested that my library purchase it - and they bought 3 copies! So now I have it on loan, and there were over 50 people on the wait list for it - so I feel like I spread The Spark a bit! Report
I am on chapter 8 and lovin' it. Report
What a great idea to donate a copy to your local library! Report
How do you get people to listen? As I loose more maybe people will pay attention. All they want to do Is get me to join the group where they are not loosing. I am ready to share if anyone would listen.
But until then I am going to loose more than the 24 pounds that was my first goal and want to walk 5 miles every day. Report
I've put off buying the book since dh bought me a Kindle. He says my books are taking over the house! Anyway, I went to and found that there is a version of the book for Kindle! Downloaded it as soon as I saw it. Going to finish my two current books, then dig into The Spark! Can't wait!
Just picked up my copy today. Now looking for some quiet time to sit down, relax and start reading this book. Report
I Spread the Spark whenever I can, especially at the gym. Report
I have not purchased the book and more than likely I will not be purchasing the book. Not to say that it isn't a fabulous book...(I'm betting that it is!!) Anyhow I spread the spark by sending e-mails about the book to my friends and I have printed off letters to my Dr.'s and dietitian. Amazingly none of them had heard of this site. My dietitian said she would definitely be referring some of her patients here.

Spreading the spark is just my way of saying Thank you Spark People for helping me to change my life! Report
i haven't brought the book yet but i will. so far i have enjoyed the sparks program thus far. if it had not been for my granddaughter i would not have contacted you all thank you all for being here please hang in there with me. i am going to lose this weight. Report
I have read my book, but when I ordered it, I also ordered one for a friend. That way I am helping to "Spread the Spark". Report
I borrowed it from the Fountain Hills, AZ library last week. Report
It is good to see sparkers having fun, thank you so much for all your hard work on the book. Report
I suggested to my local library system that they buy the book and they did! 17 copies to be exact (so far 15 people have placed holds to read the books... and the books haven't even arrived at the library yet, they're just ordered)! So, do I get any sparkpoints for that?! :) Report
I put in a purchase request for our library to purchase the book a few weeks ago. No word yet, but I'm still hoping! Report
I'm spreading the Spark every chance I can get!!..;-) Report
Because I have been posting on Facebook my status information (always shows that it came from the Spark site) I have people asking me questions. And I know of at least one that has joined because of it. (not sure how to get credit for that)
It is easy to spread the Spark! Report
I love the idea of the spark at the library. I think I may do the same! Report
Buying a copy for my library is a great idea!!! Never thouht of it! I think I'll do that. My library don't have many new books.
I absolutely love the idea of donating a copy to my local library, and I may pick up an extra copy of the book just for that purpose. I was pleasantly surprised when my best friend told me that she really needs to get a copy of the book and start making changes in her life. I promised her that I would give her my copy of the book when I finished with it, provided that she gave it to someone else when she finished it. I'm also a big fan of, and I may buy another copy just to give away through this site.

Thank you so much for all you do for us! Report
The library idea is great. Although I haven't purchased extra copies yet, I'm sharing what I've learned with other people that hopefully will purchase one of their own. Report
Way to go. Report
that is a wonderful idea about giving one to the library Report
I love the idea of donating a copy to the library I will be doing the same as soon as we get back home in April. Thanks. Report
I used to donate to the public library on a regular basis~ I worked there! LOL Now that I'm one of those who couldn't afford a copy of "The Spark"~ YET! ~ I'll have to put in a request to the local branch and see what happens! LOL

I'll get one soon, though I don't know how yet... I've been Sparking for 3 years now, it's the best gift I ever got!
Kathy Report
Donation of the Spark to a library for others to enjoy was a terrific idea. I hope this idea catches on elsewhere. Report
I love The Spark, am thrilled when I see it in a store, and am rereading it now. But, I couldn't find it on the New York Times bestseller list as claimed. Report
OMG, what a morning eye opener! Here is my 15 minutes of fame, LOLOL. That's me with the iPod. Report
hmmm sounds like great motivational reading. thank you for the great information here. Report
Oh my gosh, I am famous!! :) I love The Spark! I have carried it around with me for weeks, reading and re-reading certain sections. My husband says I am obsessed, and I dont argue! Report
Awesome. Am loving the book. Still reading really slowly to take everything in. I am thinking about getting a copy for my sister, & maybe my mom. Report
I bought the book, have not had a chance to read it yet..will soon. I spread the spark whenever I can including when I write a check Just above my signature the is printed on my checks. Report
I shared Sparkpeople and The Spark with the ladies at my son's vision therapy. I hope they check this out! Report
I, too, love the book and have started on the 28 day program today. I am re-listening to each chapter again. Fantastic idea donating the book to a library! I have also ordered a hard copy of the book to give to my daughters. Report
I read the book at Borders, because I can't afford it right now, but absolutely loved it! I had to return a second day to finish it! So on behalf of people who can't buy the book, thank you for donating it to your public library! Report
I love this book! I'm just now starting the 28-day program (Ch. 6), and as part of these next four weeks, I plan on going back to read the earlier chapters again (and again). I have a feeling I'll keep getting new things each time! Report
This is what I love about Spark People ...the sharing ... the little tips everyone is giving out, how happy we are to get them... some people live with people that are not over weight... and don't support them in their efforts to lose.. so we need all these special people who encourage us to do better.. I love sp people...clc Report
Woohoo! That's us! Report
I am on my second read. Just so much information to take in the first time through. The Spark is a must in the health library. Report
I wrote a blog entry (see Jan. 31st) about how I felt I had lost 2 wks of my life to a very stressful work situation. I didn't eat well or sleep well during that time. Today at work I shared with my co-workers how, with the help of SparkPeople, I am getting back on track by going back to a plan that worked for me when I first started with SP. A couple of people asked for the website and I was happy to direct them to it.

I also enjoy "The Spark" and use it as a reference book. I read it once quickly and now I am slowly finding my way through it a second time. I don't have a laptop and am not always near my desktop, but the book is portable and always near me. Report
How cool that "The Spark" is being spread and changing lives!! changed my can I NOT tell others about it!! Report
I love the pictures! It's good to see Spark People with a sense of humor, too.
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