SparkPeople Radio is Back--Meet the New Host

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Great news! SparkPeople Radio is back and better than ever. (Click here to listen to the latest show!) Starting today, get an hour of motivation, tips, and advice to keep you healthy and happy from our new host, Bettina Bush, plus special guests like Chris “SparkGuy” Downie, SparkPeople members, experts and more.

Over the last few weeks while the show was on hiatus, we've been working to make SparkPeople Radio better--and more motivating than ever. If you were a regular listener, we think you'll continue to love the show! If you didn't listen or stopped listening to the previous version, we invite you to give us another chance. We think you'll LOVE Bettina as much as we do. (Remember, you can earn three SparkPoints a day for listening!)

Bettina is a SparkPeople member as well as our radio host, and she definitely is an example of healthy living. Bettina and her husband have an adorable son and daughter, and they're committed to keeping their family healthy and happy--by getting the kids in the kitchen, being active as a family, and setting a good example by eating right and exercising regularly. Bettina is passionate about making healthy living fun and accessible.

You likely will recognize her voice from pop culture 80s favorites like Rainbow Brite (as Rainbow Brite!), My Little Pony (she voiced Megan) and The Littles (as Lucy Little). (A bunch of us in the SparkPeople office grew up on those shows, so we were super excited to find out that bit of trivia about Bettina.) These days, when she's not bringing SparkPeople to life, the voiceover artist and musician can be heard on commercials for major national brands, as the voice of Gloria in the Madagascar video games, and as the radio host and editor-at-large for Working Mother Media, which also produces a show with our partner ERN.
Join Bettina each week for an hour of motivation, entertainment and tips to keep you healthy and happy! Please join me in welcoming Bettina to the SparkPeople family by leaving a comment on her SparkPage.
New to SparkPeople Radio?
We launch a new show each Monday evening, but this radio show is available anytime, anywhere--and you can listen to all the episodes whenever you want. No matter where you live (even outside of the US), you can always tune in to SparkPeople Radio! Plus, you get SparkPoints for tuning in. (Find details at the end of this blog or at
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How to Listen:
Visit the SparkPeople Radio homepage and click "Listen Now" (we have four episodes on the site now and another will go up next week)
Click the "Listen on the Go" button to download entire episodes or individual segments.

You can even save these segments to listen whenever you need a pick-me-up!
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What do you think of the show?

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Attention Apple users: You need to listen via iTunes, as our player is not supported by iPhone/iPad systems

Share your feedback here or email me: stepfanie (at) sparkpeople (dot) com. Subject line: radio feedback

UPDATE: Thanks for your comments. Though Lily and Karen have moved on, we are happy with the job they did for us. We can't always share details of situations like this publicly, but we definitely wish them the best in reaching their goals and are thankful for their work in helping SP members.

We ask that you continue to listen--our new host Bettina is passionate about healthy living and is a member of SparkPeople (as well as a part of the team). Though we have a new voice for SparkPeople Radio, it will continue to be the positive and motivating show you know and love. Please give Bettina a warm welcome and continue to support the show. SparkCheers!

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Why has the link to Spark Radio now gone from all the drop down menus? I really enjoy catching up on the podcast but am concerned that the SparkRadio has been dropped completely.
I really miss Lily and Karen. They have nice voices and are very easy to listen to. I really liked their rapport, too. Good girlfriends. Very encouraging of each other. I prefer listening to the shows they hosted. Seems like we have a lot of silly giggling and interrupting of the guests now. Report
Devastated Lily and Karen have left the show. The Expo show was horrendous,some guy harping on about him being CEO of something and some other guy being CEO of something else...really? Go tell someone who cares!! I've never left a comment on any kind of forum ever before but I'm so annoyed with how the changeover has been handled I wanted to do something! Report
I did not know that Spark Radio was on itunes. This is really convenient for me as I can use my ipod at work so tonight at work I'll be listening... Report
I agree with everyone else. I miss Lily and Karen and wish there had been more information before they were chucked out. One of the things I liked about them was their mix of backgrounds. Karen had always been on the fit side of things and Lily had actually been on a weight loss journey and I felt like I could connect with her because of that. Also, as a non-parent, I appreciated that not every conversation was about kids.

I'll give Bettina few more tries (though mostly because of Rainbow Brite) but I wasn't terribly impressed with the first show. It was too full of people talking over each other. Maybe I'm just cynical, but I'm a little disappointed that Sparkpeople made this deal with ERN and they replace our hosts (without so much as a send-off) with someone completely new to the community. Disappointing. Report
Bettina's page now allows comments! Thanks, everyone. Report
I'm looking forward to listening to Bettina and love the fact that she was the voice to one of my favorite cartoons as a child, Rainbow Brite. 8) I miss Lily and Karen but hope them the best. Report
"Please join me in welcoming Bettina to the SparkPeople family by leaving a comment on her SparkPage." Her page doesn't allow comments, but Welcome if you are reading this! :)
I'm looking forward to the new shows and host too. I'll give anyone a chance. That being said, I agree with the others. I wish Karen and Lily were given a proper send off. I walked miles and miles with them and lost quite a bit of weight. Their motivation and encouragement meant a lot to me. Report
I miss Karen and Liky but I've listened to two podcast so far and Bettina is great. I'm looking forward to listening to more! Report
What happened to the other two ladies that used to do the show?
Obviously, there is now a new host but curious why the Lily and Karen aren't returning. Report
I agree with Karmahead. Report
I am glad SparkRadio is back and I look forward to getting to know Bettina. I really wish, however, you gave a proper sendoff to Lily and Karen. I liked them as hosts and I was annoyed that Chris suddenly announced that they were no longer hosts at the Expo. Report
Okay, you can drag me away from my beloved broadcast radio sometime ... SparkRadio and Bettina ... but then I would come back ... because I sometimes liked the old station ...

But I'd been missing broadcast radio in the New York City area for years because towers had been knocked down ... & liking my music ... Report
Okie Dokie. I'll give Bettina's show a listen. The archives of the past shows are pretty good too. Report
I am looking forward to listening to the show and its new host. Report
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