SparkPeople Mobile Gets Apple Watch Integration and Premium Data Export (for all)!

By , The Apple of Your Eye ;)
Today is one of the very best days, because today is a day upon which we released the newest version of our SparkPeople Mobile app for iOS. Let’s all cheer together!

All right. We could hear you all the way over here. :)

So what does this newest version means for you? Of course, as always, there are a few bug fixes that will help the app run more smoothly. But there are also two big changes that you should be aware of, one for all iOS users and the other that is only available for our Premium members.

Watch Me Now, Apple

SparkPeople Mobile is awesome at integrating with other fitness devices and platforms. Fitbit, Misfit, Runkeeper, Garmin and Google Fit: We integrate with all of these and more. But there’s always been one device we didn’t support, a device that many of you have asked about: the Apple Watch.

Starting today, you won’t have to ask again.

With the newest iOS version of SparkPeople Mobile, you can interact with the app from your Apple Watch. Want to see how many calories, carbs, fats or protein you’ve eaten today? Check your watch. Drank one of your eight glasses of water for today and want to track it, but don’t want to pull out your phone? Do it from the watch. Suddenly realize late in the evening that you forgot to spin the SparkPoints wheel for the day? Do it from the watch.

Want to know what it looks like? Let us show you:
apple watch calorie displayapplewatch nutrient breakdown

From here on out, the app on your phone will be seamlessly integrated with the watch on your wrist. It’s like we’re really living in the future. :) We plan on bringing new functionality to the Apple Watch app in the future, so consider this just the start of something even more wonderful. :) (Android user? No worries! We’re working on an Android Wear app next. Keep an eye out and you’ll see it soon in a future update!)

Got Premium? It Just Got Better!

Starting today, with this new version of the app, all SparkPeople Premium members can now export individual health and fitness data into a spreadsheet, to crunch as they will. (All Premium members can also export their data from our website, but in order to export your data from the app, you’ll need the newest version.)

Why does this matter? Because it’s your data and you should be able to do what you want with it. One of the main perks of Premium is the advanced reporting it provides, and this seemed like a logical next step. You can request a download on the Premium screen in the app, or the Premium page on our site and we’ll send you a link to download your report once it’s ready. So for all you spreadsheet nerds out there (I know there’s more of you than just me), let’s get analytical!

And what if you don’t have Premium yet, but have really been thinking about it? Why don’t you treat yourself? It’s only a $30, one-time payment (not yearly), and you get all these features. Best of all? Premium is going to just keep getting better. ;)