Copy Meals and Exercises with SparkPeople Mobile's New Update!

By , SparkPeople Digital Marketing Guy

Hi, SparkPeople Members!

As of this very moment, you can get the newest version of our SparkPeople Mobile app. Seriously. Right now. Go get it, we’ll wait.

Now that you have the newest version of the app, let’s break down the three big changes you’ll see:

Copy exercises from one day to another. This feature has been near the top of our most requested list over the past few months, and now you can do it with a tap of your finger. Just pop open the fitness tracking screen, scroll down to the exercise you want to copy and tap the “Copy Exercises” button. A small dialog box will pop up, allowing you to pick the date you want to copy the exercise to. This one should save you a ton of time.

Copy meals to different meals. In the previous version of the app, you could copy your breakfast from one day to another--great for people who tend to eat the same thing every day. You could not, however, copy something you had for dinner one day to lunch the following day--not so great for people who pack their leftovers. Now you can! Simply click the “Copy Foods” button on the Food Log screen and you’ll see the different meal options in the dialog box that pops up.

New Recipes tab on food search. This new feature, which allows you to track recipes you favorite in our Healthy Recipes app, has to be our favorite. In the past, if you found a recipe you loved in our Healthy Recipes app and favorited it, you had to manually enter the nutritional information for that meal in SparkPeople Mobile in order to track the meal with our food tracker. Now, if you favorite a recipe in our Healthy Recipes app, it will show up under the Favorites tab on your Food Log screen. You can track the recipe with a single tap of your finger, saving you loads of time!

We would love to hear what you think about the new version of the SparkPeople Mobile app. Some of our best features have come from suggestions from our members, so we’re all ears. If you have an idea, please share it with us in the Comments section below. If you love the app, please spare us a moment and give us a great rating in the app store. Positive ratings are one of the easiest ways you can help us help more people like you.

If you don’t have the app yet, download it by clicking on one of the links below.   

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