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Greetings, SparkPeople. It's SparkGuy here, blogging from the road. I'm a long way from home this week, on the East Coast to promote The Spark. I've done TV interviews with local stations around the country, spotted The Spark in Times Square, and even met with some old friends and members. I've also had a few really exciting meetings. (Stay tuned to the dailySpark for more news on those! Just keep Spreading the Spark! It really helps.)

Even though New York is crazy-cold, I did a run for an hour around the city today--brrrrrr. Luckily my hotel room has high ceilings, so I did some jump rope in here to warm up.

I don't have much time to write, but I wanted to share some of the highlights of the trip so far!

I met with Steve Case, a good friend and business partner. Steve, the founder of AOL and Revolution Health, and his company have invested in SparkPeople, and he has been incredibly supportive and helpful in recent years.

While having lunch with Steve at a high-end restaurant, a member actually recognized me! Her name is Judi (MADEYEJUDI), and she has been with SparkPeople since December 2008.

At the end of lunch as we were getting our coats, the hostess looked at me tentatively and said, "Are you SparkGuy?!" and then something like, "Oh my god!" after I said yes.

Tami said one of the other hostesses said: "Famous people come in here all the time and I've never seen her get this excited before." (Al Gore and Stephen Schwartz, famed composer and lyricist, were also having lunch there that day.)

So, I gave her a hug and then gave her a signed copy of The Spark--the last one I had with me, in fact--mentioning that she's the first person to ever recognize "SparkGuy" in public (without any identifier like SP T-shirt or something).

At the end of lunch, she came over to us and said she had to ask if it was me. It was really neat to meet a member unexpectedly, and it goes to show that you never know when you'll meet another SparkPeople member--and where you'll Spread the Spark. (Read her blog about the experience.)

I've had a great time here in the Big Apple, and the week isn't over yet. There's plenty left for me to do. In the mean time, tell your friends, tell your family, tell your neighbors about The Spark. If you've read the book, you'll know that I dedicated it to the millions of you who have helped turn SparkPeople into a grassroots movement by making your life an adventure! Keep Spreading the Spark!

If you can't find The Spark in your local bookstore, ask them to order it.

Have a question for me? Ask it in the comments below. I'll be blogging more often this year. And keep sending pictures of you with The Spark!

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Thank You Chris. God will bless you for this site. Report
Love your site!! this is a blessing, so powerful to have all of us aiming for the goal of better health. Report
I hope you get to see a Broadway show while you are there. My husband and I saw the show Wicked last night and it was fun and very entertaining! Report
My two oldest sons graduated from Columbia University in NYC with degrees in Engineering. They both said living in NYC just meant having a very big coat. Report
Sounds awesome!!! I was recently in Meijers and saw The Spark on sale there!! Report
Welcome to sunny NY! LOL! I'm here in Central NY
(Wish I knew before that you were going to be here.) Oh well, I'm new to this site. Congratulations on the book. I look forward to reading it.

It's Wonderful You Are Sparking It Up !

I'm Proof * Big Hug*

I'm Spreading The Word At Work Also Guess I'm Sparking It Up At Work ! Report
I had checked out SparkPeople some months ago and kind of lost interest. I rededicated myself for the new year and I realized what a great tool it is to make me more aware of what I'm eating and why. My husband is even making different food decisions based on the nutrition info I'm sharing with him. I'm planning to stay engaged and be a slimmer and more fit person for the long haul. Report
I was checking out the blogs tonight and readJudi's blog so I had to click onto your blog to see the pix! How exciting!! Glad you are having fun in the big apple!!! Say Chris how can we get an autographed copy of The Spark? other than running into you randomly that is.
You have been my inspiration for years!!! I tell Everybody about Spark people!! Report
Thanks Chris, for all you do and for following the plan for your life. You deserve this time, enjoy it! Report
Thanks for spreading THE SPARK!!! Report
Wanted to say congrats!!!! This site has changed my life and it's all thanks to you and your team!! I got my copy of The Spark last week. It's been a busy time and we had houseguests, but I can't wait to dive into it. I'm so happy that SP is getting so much media attention lately. Keep on spreading the Spark! Report
What a great idea! I think I'll go out and pick up another copy so I can donate it to our local library.

I've been seriously thinking about buying a copy for my sister and a copy for a good friend and a copy for....(well, you get the idea!). Report
I have just finished reading chapter 1 of The Spark, and am in love with this book! I already love, but this book is already a wonderful additon to all the valuable tools available here. I was moved to tears a couple of times already, and I feel so motivated to keep going. Thank you so much for this book! Report
I just finished reading my copy of The Spark. I have been online for about six weeks now, but the book is really helping me to focus on my goals. Especially exercise, which I tend to avoid like the plague. After reading The Spark, I signed up for Bootcamp. I am doing what I can and taking that leap of faith that it will get easier. I am eagerly waiting for that "Ah Ha" moment. Report
I heart New York, but I heart SparkGuy even more! Report
I'm thinking of buying a copy to donate to the library I work in. We're always getting books on the newest fad diet and I just cringe when anyone checks them out. This book is one book I would love to see checked out all the time. Report
Hi Chris,

I loved this blog! It is so great that you share with us the progress of your book, and the growth of your marvelous brainchild, SparkPeople. I find it exciting to be a part of this phenomonom!

I pre-ordered 2 copies of The Spark, and donated one to our local library, where I work. I am sure it will be used as more and publicity brings it to the front lines!

Thank you for all that you do. As you can tell, you have affected the lives of many people, in a very positive way!

Will you ever do a convention in the Boston area? I suspect you will in time.

Thanks again,

Sandy Report
I received my book on Tuesday and have read thru chapter 2. I am inspired by this plan and love the way it works. The team members are there for support and encouragement. Report
I am almost tempted to go to my bookstore and buy a copy off the shelf. Barnes & Noble just sent me a message that they need to restock before they can mail my copy that I ordered through Spark. I want to see what everyone is raving about. Report
Thanks, Spark Guy. I purchased a copy of "The Spark" last Thursday. Looking forward to getting started reading it. Maybe it will motivate me to get back on track, where other diet books haven't! Report
You gotta go over to CBS and see Harry Smith - the other morning he was complaining about his wife and the cabbage soup diet. I sent him an email suggesting he check out, he and his wife might be much happier! Have a great time in NY!
Frances Report
Sorry Guy- I did it for the points and end up enjoying the story. I love Spark. Report
I live in long island. I will come to the city to meet you if you are going to be here this week. I am a member since july 2007. I would love to meet you and hear what you say, what you , do what you think ., any advice for someone my age etc. Thanks for all you are doing Report
Hi Chris! Just received my copy of The Spark today! I really need the motivation cause everytime I check my weight, I seem to be going up instead of down. Reigniting plans for exercise this year to get on a downward trend! Keep up the great work! Love the recipes and the entire website!!! Report
You're doing a great job! We're out here rooting you on! I pray the doors will open so that all of the world can take advantage of SPARK People! I just started the book and I'm lovin' it! Going to savor it and put it to good use because I'm starting over this year and I'm not going to give up thanks to you and a lot of other Spark People. Keep on Sparkin'! Go SParkGuy! Report
I just finished another chapter today and I can't begin to tell you how impresses I am with the book. It is very riveting. I didn't expect that. There are so many truths. I lost a lot of weight over a period of 20 years. I would now like to continue and have been using the website. I thank you for it and the book. Report

I saw you in one of your interviews yesterday while I was working out at my club. I was actually watching a different news show (GMA), but noticed the orange "The Spark" out of the corner of my eye and quickly switched channels to listen to your interview with Fox. Although the reporter kept interrupting you, I thought you did a fabulous job presenting your views and philosophy!! I just received my copy of The Spark this past Monday and I'm excited about reading it. Congratulations!!

You've created an amazing website. I talk about SparkPeople all the time, have sent out invites to many of my friends, and we live off of the recipes, especially those of Chef Meg's. Thanks so much! Report
I'm reading, "The Spark" here in El Paso, Texas. I'm reading a chapter a day, that way, it will last longer. I also get to do some spark work. I'm glad I found Spark. Report
Just received my book yesterday and can't wait to read it!!!

•*´¨) †
¸.• ¸.•*´¨)¸.•*¨) †
(¸.• ♥ Cheri ♥

I am waiting for a phone call telling me my book is in. I am a Canadian, and I had to order the book from the book store, as I don't have a credit card. I love SparkPeople and I am anxiously looking forward to reading the book. I can hardly wait. I would like to know when you are coming to Canada as well.

I just found out that I am going to be a grandma....and my son is getting out of the Marine corps this summer. I have a goal to lose 50lbs and feel like my big summer is the incentive I need to do so. Report
Maybe I'm just missing it. Where are we to send photos of us with The Spark? Report
We probably don't recognize you so often because we've been used to your Spark photo with a Cowboy hat for so long! LOL Report
Okay, okay, so when is New Orleans going to get a SparkGuy visit?! lol I fear I'd embarrass myself if I saw you sitting in a restaurant in my fair city. Nahhh. I KNOW I would! lol THANK you for the great sacrifice you are making for all of us Sparkers. The work you have done and are continuing to do is indescribable. I've honestly tried to describe it, and I'm pretty good with words. I can't do it. The impact upon my own life and the opportunities I've had to open that door by introducing others to SparkPeople is unlike anything I've ever experienced shy of my relationship with God. Thank you again, so much. Report
Thank you so much Chris,I can't put my book down I love it love it I even put away my scale this morning,because I use to weigh my self every day,I stop I will only do it once a week, thanks again, Report
Thanks for ALL you do. I'm loving my book :) Report
According to the UPS tracker - my book s/b here on Thurs......I REALLY need a boost! My "spark" grows dimmer by the day...really need a lift or a bonfire set under my butt to get my motivation back!

I just hate it when I get into these 'blue funks'....... Report
My copy arrived in the mailbox yesterday. I am working on keeping up with my resolve to get a handle on organizing my physical space, so reading it is going to be done in 10-minute bursts like my exercise habit started.
Have fun in the limelight. Don't let it blind you. Report
I'm hoping to find a chapter on Self-Esteem....I could use that one.... Report
I'm enjoying "The Spark", let me know if you come to the heart of America, "Memphis"! Report
Thanks for sharing your history with's a family problem and seeing how your life changed the more you came out of isolation encourages me that all the time I am now spending online truly is changing me for the better as I sense it is. I feel braver, more willing to risk failing, and a lot less shame about who I am, warts and all! Report
Chris, I'm loving the book, and hope you sell a gazillion copies. Keep warm! Report
Thank you for starting SparkPeople and I am reading your book. You are a lifesaver. Report
Glad you are enjoying your visit to NY. Thank you for the book The Spark, the cupon that was made available was a lot of help to me in purchasing the book. I am going on my 3rd yr. with Sparkpeople, love this site and all the great people that are on it.

Shirl Report
WOO your in NY!! Now come upsate where I LIVE!!!.. YES we all need a SP Rally in NY!!!.. ;-) Report
I am loving this site. it is my lifeline. THANK YOU SO MUCH all the work you and your team put into this .. i am hopeing to meet you some day also.. Report
Hi Chris!
Thanks for sharing your adbentures on the road with us! How about coming down to the warm, sunny south for a visit. On second thought you might want to hold off on that till we actually warm back up.
I got my book today. I'm sooo looking forward to reading it. Thanks for all that you've done and are continueing to do for us! You're an awesome guy! Report