Sparkers Support: The Hidden Gem of SparkPeople

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Lord knows there are enough resources here. You could spend a week drinking in all the wisdom and still not even scratch the surface of a most amazing resource. But, then, there is the hidden resource - You. 

If you open yourself up to it, the love, the support, the encouragement and the occasional finger wagging, mean as much as all the collected wisdom of this website. 

A week or so ago I asked for support and accountability. That is a difficult thing for me to do. I'm a people pleaser and a control freak. It was uncomfortable for me to admit I needed each of you. I'm the type of person who can do this on their own --- Yeah right. 

It's hard being vulnerable. You open yourself up and people see you warts and all but the other day at the gym I saw a man with a medallion around his neck. There were four words on it - "No Mud, no Lotus." I asked him what it meant and he fired back by asking me what I thought it meant. I laughed and said "No pain, no gain." He grinned and replied "Exactly." 

There is real and genuine pain in growth. No matter how much we sugar coat it dealing with our current reality can to use a technical term, Suck! 

We've been conditioned to believe that we are supposed to begin and end each day with our arms around each other chanting "We Are The World." This is hard work, its slow work and its often frustrating work but then there is you - Jumping up and down, yelling, cheering and encouraging, sending SparkGoodies and making those extra five repetitions on the free weights worth it. The extra lap in the pool becomes easier and sprinting away from french fries get slightly easier because I know you have my back. 

Yeah, its my journey and yeah they are my choices. They become so much easier to make because of the hidden jewel SparkPeople holds - You. 

Thanks to each of you for supporting me. 

I wont let me down. 

Yeah, you read that correctly. 

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