SparkCoach: The Official Blooper Reel

By , SparkPeople Blogger
My one-year "Sparkversary" of working at SparkPeople came and went in January, and I've been reflecting on all the amazing things I've gotten a chance to do over the past 12 months. Between writing, editing and managing content on the site, I also got to go on a whirlwind adventure to California to help direct and film a batch of videos for SparkCoach, our premium interactive coaching program. But I wasn't in this alone—I also had the pleasure of working with SparkGuy himself and SparkPeople member Shelli (MOSTMOM1). (You might remember Shelli's "SparkPeople Cup'' and "Hooping Gangnam Style'' vlogs—needless to say, this woman is FUN to work with; we had a blast! You can read her account of our trip here.) 

While we were out there filming SparkGuy, Shelli and I felt so very lucky to get to know the man behind the SparkPeople mission. I had only met him a handful of times at that point, and wasn't really sure what to expect when we got the cameras rolling. I arrived with my most serious, professional face on—but that quickly went out the window as soon as SparkGuy started climbing trees, hula hooping and jumping on trampolines while reciting his lines. We covered a lot of ground in just a few days, but we had such a great time that it didn't feel like work at all!

One of the biggest challenges of running a healthy living website full of informative content is that the topics tend to be a little serious. Weight loss certainly isn't easy. It's an emotionally-charged journey filled with ups and downs, and it takes consistent motivation, determination and the ability to see the bigger picture. It can be hard to squeeze some fun out of such a big undertaking, but I think SparkGuy has succeeded in enabling people to do that by creating a place where it's okay to have a good time, to laugh at yourself, and to embrace who you are in every phase of your journey. 

Even though we take weight loss and healthy living seriously here at SparkPeople, we're a pretty fun group. We work hard, but we also play hard (I don't think I've ever spent a full day in the office where I didn't laugh at least five times). I think the blooper reel that Shelli put together from our SparkCoach video shoot does a great job of capturing the raw spirit of our coaches and healthy living experts. We're all just real people on a real mission to help others live their best, healthiest lives--while having a little (okay, a LOT of) fun along the way. Check out the blooper reel video below!

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AMOBRASIL83 1/13/2021
Wish we could see this video! Report
ROBINRS 1/13/2021
bummed that it is no longer working. It is always a god day to laugh at ones self. Report
CECELW 1/13/2021
this is an old article Report
PASQUALE51 1/13/2021
The article is 7 years old is probably why video doesn’t work. Report
ALIHIKES 1/13/2021
No video for me either Report
PAINTS5555 1/13/2021
No video for me either.
FISHGUT3 1/13/2021
thanks Report
The video didn't work. I'm using Chrome as a browser. I used to work in IT, before putting anything online we used to check the content with all the comment browsers to ensure that it worked. Report
CECTARR 1/13/2021
It would have been funnier to see a video Report
CHERYLHURT 1/13/2021
Nothing worked. Report
ROBBIEY 1/13/2021
thanks Report
NEPTUNE1939 1/13/2021
ty Report
AZMOMXTWO 1/13/2021
thank you Report
NASFKAB 1/13/2021
Great Report
-POOKIE- 1/13/2021
Video does not work. Report
JANIEWWJD 1/13/2021
Couldn't see it. Report
STEPHLOKI 1/13/2021
Video is not showing. Have tried refreshing and several different sources of internet (Am in Africa after all). Could it be regionally restricted?
Could the video be put on YouTube, so we all can enjoy it? Report
The video isn't showing. Will have to try another browser. I'm on Firefox Report
I needed a little hummer, thanks... Report
No video
Wish that I could see the video! Report
no video present! Report
Thanks for the laughs I really liked them Report
Ha ha! I think you guys should leave the bloopers in. It makes it much more memorable and fun. Report
so much fun to watch!!! Report
loved it! Report
This is really good it cheered up a bad day

You guy's have made my day,
I really needed this.
I'm rooting for you! Report
Awww, love it! Thanks for some good laughs! Report
Aawww...thanks for posting this! It makes it all feel like you're right here, goofing off with me at my house! Well...except for the pool behind Spark Guy and that gorgeous view! Report
Thanks this was just what I imagined. Some days I was not sure but you people are just great. I have been able to see you as REAL people as well as Spark people and I felt your passion and joy in watching this video. Thanks REAL people Spark People (((HUGS))) Report
that was funny Report
I love bloopers. It always makes me laugh too.
This was fun to watch, good thing I have my own office as I was laughing out loud Report
More More More.....Excellent work and love to see the real Sparkers! Report
Thanks for sharing. It's great to see the 'real' spark people not just the edited versions! Report
I haven't been interested in "Spark Coach" but for those who are, that is fine. Report
Awesomely hysterical - Coach Nichole, it's recovery!! But actually recoverly sounds so nice too! Report
That was so much fun! It's great to see you guys not be PERFECT all the time. Thanks for this great website and all the help. Report
This was so much fun to watch. Thanks so much for sharing. Report
I want to work there!!! Report
This was very cute... It's nice to see these polished folks being just like the rest of us!!! Thanks for sharing... lol !!! Report
Really fun! Report
Really makes SP more personal! You have to have the best coworkers on the planet. Report
Awesome Blog. What a Fun Group on People to be Around and to Work With. WTG!!! God Blessings To Everyone. Have a Wonderful Day. Take Care and Have Fun!!! Report
Wow! Thanks for this I needed a laugh and I really got one. Report
Great WTG !! Report
What a fun group to work with. I'm glad I got the chance to work AND play with y'all. :) Report
Whew, I really needed to laugh today.... Report
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