Seasonal Beer vs. Christmas Cookies: Which Wins the Holiday Calorie Conundrum?

By , Elizabeth Lowry, Staff Writer
Just as you solidified your vote for the best boozy fall beverage, Christmas ales and winter lagers have moved in to officially replace the Oktoberfests and hard ciders found on grocery store shelves. Much like the popularity of fall brews, there is no shortage of winter beers vying for attention. lists 50 different brews as their top-rated seasonals, choosing from among the hundreds of varieties on the market. What will continue to remain constant this holiday season, though, are the high calorie counts found in many favorite holiday treats—from beer to Christmas cookies. 

If you find yourself wanting to participate in the gluttony of the season, but are stymied by weight maintenance or even—gasp—trying to lose a couple pounds and keep up your healthy lifestyle over the holidays, know you are not alone. While there may not be very many low-calorie beer or cookie options from which to choose, you can at least go into your holiday parties and family functions armed with a head full of nutritional information.

Though many of the beers and cookies listed below share the same ingredients—think nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla and ginger—not all pair the same when it comes to calorie counts. When faced with such decisions, how will you know when to splurge and what to skip? Get to know how some of the most popular Christmas beers compare with their cookie counterparts.

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