Readers' Healthy Finds: All Whites, Wasa and Lemon Pepper Pasta

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The votes have been cast, the surveys have been tallied, and we're listening to what you said. You like food, especially cheap, good and healthy food. You don't have time, energy or money to waste on food that doesn't taste good, so we're asking readers to share their favorite healthy finds. Today we bring you three foods submitted by readers. These are staples in their kitchen, and soon they might be staples in your own!

ROHEIS: Wasa Crackerbreads ($3.59)
Please spread the word about Wasa Crackerbreads--they are awesome! They are in most grocery stores, in either the cracker aisle or the gourmet food aisle. There are many varieties, so the nutrition info varies. But all are versatile and make a great addition to most diets.

As an example, Wasa Crisp'N Light 7 Grain Crackerbreads are 60 calories a serving (that is 3 crackerbreads, each a little smaller than an index card), 0 Fat, 0 Cholesterol, 95 mg Sodium, and 2g of Fiber, plus 8g of whole grains!

I put a little fat-free cream cheese and a teaspoon of all-fruit spread on them for a sweet snack. My husband puts sliced turkey and low-fat cheese on his, and microwaves them for a warm, filling lunch at work. We also love them with chicken or tuna salad; most of them are sturdy enough to hold chunky toppings. The possibilities are endless!

RAMPANTPANDA: All Whites ($3.79)

Calories (in 1/4 cup): 30, Fat: 0g, Protein: 6g, Fiber: 0g, Sodium: 95mg, Carbs: 1g
I bought All Whites because I wanted to cut down on fat in my diet and I decided it would be wasteful to buy whole eggs when all I really want to use are the whites. I love that there is one ingredient in All Whites - egg whites.

All Whites are honest-to-goodness eggs without the yolk. They're naturally fat free and full of protein, and they can easily be used for most things you can use eggs for (scrambling, baking, thickening sauces, dessert topping, etc.). They're pasteurized, so you can eat them raw (in smoothies or homemade mayonnaise) if you are so inclined. They're also naturally low in calories. This is a minimally-processed food that you do not have to worry about eating.

Unlike egg whites that come in shells, these do not whip well. Don't try to use these in meringue. All Whites are nutritionally wonderful, but I wish the chickens that laid the eggs were happy and healthy.

I had these scrambled with green onions, mixed into tomato sauce, in muffins (replacing whole eggs), and in macaroni and cheese. Like egg whites that come in shells, these are very versatile! If you want some more ideas, the product website has a collection of recipes using All Whites, mostly in smoothies. Basically, All Whites will work in almost any situation in which you'd use whole eggs or egg whites from shells.

I will buy this again because it's too easy and cost effective to pass up right now. When I can afford to buy cage-free eggs, I'll go back to separating the yolks from the whites.

NOTABOUTHEFACE: Trader Joe's Lemon Pepper Pappardelle Pasta ($1.99)

Calories (2 oz): 220, Fat: 1g, Protein: 8g, Fiber: 2g, Sodium: 0mg, Carbs: 42g

What I like: The amazing lemon taste that is fresh and clean tasting but not overpowering. It is truly flavorful enough to be eaten on it's own tossed with a little olive oil. The price is right for a gourmet pasta. $2 for 4 servings. Who wouldn't love that? I also like that there's no sodium. It can be pretty hard to control when you're looking at "convenience foods" so this was a welcome surprise.

What I don't like: That an unending supply doesn't magically appear in my pantry. There's not a single thing I don't like about this product.

How did you eat this product? With a fork. HA! I tossed it with enough of Trader Joe's Alfredo Sauce to coat it and topped with southwest chipotle sole. Fish is the perfect complement to this pasta (our faves are orange roughy and mahi mahi due to the meatier texture of the fish). A garlic chicken would be great with this too or even an herbed turkey breast. Red meat definitely wouldn't be a good fit with this particular pasta.

Would you buy this again? Just try to stop me! (That means 'heck yeah' in my world!)

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