Quality Food For Weight Loss

By , SparkPeople Blogger

I am not a big fan of starvation. Feeling hungry all the time makes me miserable and likely to binge eat.  After reading a book called "You on a Diet" by Dr. Oz and Dr. Rozien, I discovered how to control my appetite, or at least how to keep it from getting worse.  It isn't a typical diet book and neither is "The Spark" by Chris Downie.  Along with SparkPeople, both of these books changed my life. These tools are the crux of what works for me, personally.  No single program fits everyone and your journey is personal and profound.  Take the things you find helpful along the way and leave the rest.
For me, I find that quality over quantity of food works well to keep me full.  I was brought up in the days of the diet plate.  There was one rule- as long as it had protein and lettuce, it didn’t matter what you put on the lettuce.  Hey, it worked, for an hour.  Those were the days of salads and Volumetrics, no fat, no bread, no nothing… what was a girl to do?  Finally, after reading a bit, I decided to change what I ate. No, I don't mean switching from regular potato chips to light potato chips. I mean switching from potato chips to potatoes. 
The change was daunting as I tried my first organic products and other foreign healthy foods.  No, I didn't run through the house like a mad woman tossing all the goodies and putting my family on lockdown.  I simply tried to buy a new healthy food each shopping trip.  If I liked it, I kept eating it.  I started only eating foods that contained ingredients I could pronounce. If a food had an ingredient with more than five syllables, I didn’t touch it.
On my journey to healthy living, I have learned to group food into three categories: "good for you," "occasional treat," and "RUN AWAY." You Monty Python Fans got that, right?  In case you’re not familiar, in the movie "Monty Python and The Holy Grail," a group of knights face a small cute bunny. The knights undauntedly go forth until the bunny mangles them one by one.  This is what unhealthy foods do to us. “RUN AWAY” foods, though they may appear harmless and fun, take our bodies down piece by piece, never allowing us to reach our full potential.
So treat your body right by eating the right stuff and getting into the healthy eating groove.  You will find that the fast food is still there tomorrow if you just can't stand the temptation, and you can always order a small size.  Just make sure to eat healthy food most of the time and remember: "To get fat unglued, eat quality food."


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