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In the last year, we've tried dozens of foods. We buy some at the supermarket, request others from companies and receive still others unsolicited. We're full!

The SparkPeople team has been incredibly helpful along the way. They've suggested products to try, eaten more than their fair share of healthier snack foods and responded to my numerous requests for their opinions.

If the general consensus is that we like something, we feature it on the blog. If not, we don't write about. (Also, if we didn't pay for something, we tell you that the product was sent to us. However, even if we get a food for free, we don't necessarily review it and that doesn't guarantee that we'll like it.)

From bread to ice cream and everything in between, plenty of snack foods have crossed our lips. Here is a list of 10 of our favorite foods we've reviewed since launching the dailySpark (in no particular order).

  1. Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffle bars
    100-calorie chocolate goodness. That's all we need to say. Control yourself. It will be hard, but you can do it!
  2. Chobani Greek yogurt Thick, creamy, tangy. It's yogurt, only better. (We like all Greek yogurt, but Chobani is the one we reviewed.
  3. Food Should Taste Good chips Like a cross between a chip and a cracker, with all the flavor built in. Adieu, dip! You're not needed here anymore.
  4. popchips
    They're not baked or fried. They're popped. And we love 'em!
  5. Healthy Choice Asian Inspired Café Steamers
    These are now a staple in the SparkPeople kitchen. They're like "take in."
  6. Green Giant's Healthy Weight, Immunity Boost and Healthy Vision vegetable blends
    Tasty blends of vegetables in equally tasty sauces. So delicious!
  7. Kashi TLC Fruit & Grain Bars
    More like dessert than a granola bar, these are good for you, too!
  8. Custom-Made Energy Bars from YouBar
    If like to be in control, you'll want YouBars. They're all yours. No one else's. Customize some today.
  9. Naturally More peanut and almond butters
    Nut butters + flax and some sugar = love, even for the nut butter purists among us.
  10. Arnold Select 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins
    One of our members tried these and fell in love with them. She begged us to review them. She had such passion that I told her to do it herself! They're good… really good. (If you have a product you'd like us to review, do it yourself! Join our Taste Team! Email with the name of your product, your SparkPeople user name and a few sentences about why you'd like to review food for us.)

What are your new favorite foods? Have you tried anything you'd like us to review? (Better yet, have you tried anything you'd like to review?) What was it?

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A friend recommended the Chobani yogurt because the have a lot of protein. She said just make sure you mix it really good before eating or else it doesn't taste that good. Report
I love arnolds sandwich thins. they are reallygood. I buy the whole wheat. I also really like the yoplait parfait delights too. Report
Love the chocolate truffle bars, my daughter likes the vanilla ones. Also the skinny cow ice cream cones are really good at 150 cals. Love the sandwich thins which have replaced regular bread in my house. I recommend Fiber one choc. chip bars; high in fiber & good taste of chocolate when you need a better sweet choice. Also Western alternative bagels which come in wheat, white, onion & blueberry. They're really high in fiber & only 100 cals so I only eat those bagels (1 pt for those on WW!) Will look for the other products to try. Report
The only thing I've tried off this list is the Healthy Choice Steamers. I love Chinese and these are great-I even had one for breakfast yesterday-the first time I ever had rice at that time of the day!

I also love the Spinach Artichoke Chicken Lean Pockets. They make a nice lunch along with some veggies & fruit.

My whole family loves the Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges-my kids started spreading it on burgers and sandwiches, so we rarely use sliced cheese anymore!

Have wanted to try the Pop Chips & Arnold Breads but we're always the last place to get anything new where I live. By the time it gets around here, it's OLD! LOL!
I eat a lot of these (although Fage 0% Greek yogurt), but I also have to recommend Gnu's "Flavor & Fiber" bars - around 130 calories and 12 grams of fiber, moist, tasty flavors. Been eating them for years - not coated so a good snack to keep in your purse or the car.

Sarah Report
Greek yogurt--love it, Report
I agree with most of these - at least the ones I've tried - the truffles - got a couple boxes in fridge - I LOVE Fage greek yogurt on my oatmeal in the AM, my bread is the arnolds or peppridge farm sandwich thins, sometimes the LaTortilla 100 calorie Rosemary w/ EVOO wraps - (You should review those - either as a wrap or a breakfast quesadilla) Report
I'm not much of a bread person anymore but, those Arnold sandwich thins have changed that perspective. They are awesome and allow me to have '2' pieces of bread for '1' slice calories. They are kind of pricey but, isn't everything that's good for you? They are always in my pantry now. Report
havent tried those skinny cow bars, but i think ill pick some up tonight. i usually get the skinny cow sandwiches or sundae cups... also very yummy! Report
I love Baked Lay's, laughing cow cheese, and Flat Out flatbread wraps.

What I HATE? pop chips! They are so greasy....makes me gag just thinking about eating them again Report
I really like sugar-free jello, laughing cow cheese, and crystal light. Report
Love Skinny Cow and Sandwich Thins! Report
I like those Pop chips. :)
I'd love to read about what the Spark team DIDN'T like as well. Report
I love your reviews and in the past year, I have added both the Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffle bars and Chobani greek yogurt to my regular menu. Thanks again! Report
My new favorite foods were listed here too. Skinny Cow truffle bars rock! Greek yogurt and the sandwich thins are the best too! Report
Well, guess I will be trying a few more items - I love that you give us the "skinny" on these products. I love Naturally More Peanut Butter and no I haven't been able to find the Almond Butter either - I just keep looking. Love the Sweet Potato Chips from FSTG - yum and yep, absolutely love the sandwich thins - OMG!
I think I will go shopping now - well, later but, only because I really need to - I'll just add at least one of the items I haven't tried to the list. Report
I love the skinny cow choc.truffle bars.. Report
Popchips are great! Sign up for their email list at their website. They send $1 off coupons every few months. Report
I like the skinny cow ice cream sandwiches, the quorn "chikn" patties with goat cheese and cranberries, and weight watchers smart ones lasagne florentine ! :) Report
Maybe this is my natural skepticism with marketing but sometimes I wonder how much SP gets for promoting these items? Report
I love the Arnold Sandwhich thins.....I started using those before I even started Sparkpeople!! :o)
Also...LOVE the Skinny Cow truffle bars, too!! I just wish they weren't so darn expensive!! :o( Report
I love the Arnold Sandwich Thins. Just introduced my mom to them, and she loves them, too. I don't trust myself with the Skinny Cow products - 100 calories though they may be, I cannot limit myself to just ONE! :P

I am on the lookout for popchips; the review was great, and I'm scouring the store for them.

When you reviewed the Kashi TLC bars, I had my kids try them out, and they soon replaced our Nature Valley Granola bars. We are getting healthy by baby steps in our house, thanks to Spark!! Report
Thanks for testing the food for us! It helps.

I'd like to encourage that you review some of the things you didn't like, or didn't like as well, too. Like someone else said below, that'd help members see what to avoid and get your input on what to spend and save on. I remember seeing blogs about some workout videos with mixed or negative reviews; keep that up here, please. Report
I shop at Whole Foods Market, because I am just as concerned as what is IN my food as what isn't (like calories). It would be great to see reviews on foods that don't contain chemicals, artifical flavors or dyes, or preservatives. I find natural and organic food to be very filling and satisfying; probably because my body is getting lots of nutrition and natural fiber at the same time.

I am a big fan of Fage greek yogurt, Kefir; 365 brand breads, frozen fruit bars, supplements, and frozen meals. When I shop at WFM, I also find I can always get lots of help and answers to my questions. The people there even ask how I'm doing with my diet and give me lots of encourgement. I've also told them about SparkPeople & some of them have joined! Report
Stepfanie, your top ten here are as tasteworthy as they were testworthy! The Arnold sandwich thins are a staple in our humble and leaky abode, as are chocolate Skinny Cow truffles. What's even tastier is that Spark features a Skinny Cow ad which, when clicked on, leads to a glorious $1 coupon - a perfect pairing with a sale! Keep up the terrific work, Susan Report
I'd love to see a series on real food, not food products - introducing whole foods, their benefits, and choosing/storing/cooking tips. Any takers, Chef Meg? Report
I'm staying with fruits and veggies lately, so they don't get much review. LOL Report
I just bought my first Chobani yogurt tonight. I've never tried the greek yogurt but saw this brand in the store and decided to get a couple to try out. Now I can't wait to have one tomorrow. Thanks for the reviews! Report
I have to say that anything Skinny Cow is amazing! It's the best diet food I've ever eaten I believe. Greek yogurt of any kind is hard to find a rural town in PA but I enjoy Breyers 100 calorie yogurts. They come in cheesecake with graham cracker bits, vanilla with chocolate chip cookie bits or nestle crunch bits, and strawberry with granola bits. Very good! Report
Most of these are not available in Canada. Too bad. Report
Ive tried the arnold wheat thin sandwich bread...its good Report
I love the food reviews! I'm always looking for new things to try. Thanks for these! Report
Skinny Cow anything is good. Not a big yogurt fan in general other than Yoplait Light and the FiberOne is OK...but still not something I eat regularly. I'll have to look for the bread thins, sounds like a good alternative, although I really enjoy Sara Lee Whole Wheat low calorie bread...nice and soft the way bread should be. Recently tried.....well, to help with my water intake I bought a new flavor of propel...blueberry/pomegranet...ver
y good flavor if you haven't tried! Report
I was reluctant to try Greek yogurt, but after the Chobani review I started eating it and now I am hooked. Just started drinking Almond Breeze last week, which is yummy. I love the food reviews...allows me have some insight without having to buy it first and find it doesn't live up to the hype. Report
I have tried the Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffle Bars but only when they are on sale at a good price.
I would like to find the popchips and try them.

I bought a pluot at Sprouts. A cross between a plum and an apricot. That was a new food for me. It was ok. Report
It would be great if these foods were listed in the food tracker. I actually tried to put the Chobani yogurt in today, but had to put in another, and I'm not sure if the one I put in was fat free. The Skinny Cow truffles are really good, but I think they're cones are even better! Report
I haven't heard of most of these. I will have to check them out! Report
I love the South Beach fiber fit granola bars - they come in mocha (my fav), smores & chocolate flavors. Like a dessert & you get your fiber too!
I also like the Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds.
Oh, I love the Skinny Cow truffle bars too! Report
Oh Yeeeaaaahhhh! Couldn't agree more! A new product I like is Premier protein drinks from Costsco/30 grams of protein, 1 gram sugar and only 5 carbs. Serve really cold and enjoy! Report
I would have never tried Greek Yogurt if it was not for your review. I have one everyday it's wonderful.

Skinny Cow well that is on the top of my list too. Report
Please try Morningstar Farms Veggie burgers (Black bean and Asian) are my 2 favorites. Report
Try the chocolate Sugar Free pudding, a banana & some sugar free cool whip for a unbelievable snap at low calories! Report
You mention that you (or the folks at the SP office) have tried many things that didn't pass muster and thus didn't get reviewed.
I was thinking, wouldn't it be nice to have a negative review every once in a while as well? Or maybe just a summary of things that weren't as good as they were hyped to be... this might save the DailySpark readers some money and effort trying out all of the failed attempts at healthy foods themselves. Report
All the Skinny Cow products are yummy! The Arnold sandwich thins are great. I use them for my Trident Salmon Burgers - a product I recommend you review. I purchase them at Costco. Report

Because of your reports I have tried and also loved the Naturally More peanut butter and the Fiber One 4 oz. yogurts. Thank you!

And....I have searched in SD and in Omaha for the Naturally More almond butter....but I can't find it!

Hmmmmm.....I'm drawing a blank on the other items I have tried....many are just not available in my town......but these are my favorite blogs!
I love the skinny cow truffle bars, they are a great treat. I keep the Arnolds sandwich thins in the freezer and then I can just pop one out when I want bread. I use the multi grain thins and they are high in fiber also. Report
Skinny Cow truffle bars are WONDERFUL...I LOVE the sandwich thins. The Chiobani yogurt is great! Report
I like Popchips even though they are a bit costly and hardly on sale, they are healthy and better than most chips. Report
My mom bought Skinny Cow Truffle Bars for 4th of July. She wanted to have ice cream for the celebration but didn't want to "derail" me (yes, I was touched by the effort). Neither of us had tried them before and she now (who is not trying to lose weight - she wouldn't be allowed to give blood anymore) has a another favorite treat. I loved them but don't generally keep ice cream in the house much. Report
The truffle bars are amazing! The only problem is that I tend to want to go back for another one... my taste buds scream "they are only a hundred calories!" Report
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