New Year's Wishes Check Up – How are YOU Doing?

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Back in December I encouraged blog readers to list 3 wishes and resolve to make them come true.

Now that it is March and spring is just around the corner, how are you doing?

At the beginning of the year, I encouraged you to decide what two to three wishes your heart desired for 2009 and to write them down. I suggested you look at what you specifically needed to do differently to make each of those wishes come true. Finally, I recommended you resolve to take the specific action steps and behaviors necessary to make the changes you identified so your wishes will come true.

My wishes for 2009 were to:
  1. Redecorate my dining room.
  2. Take the family to New York City for vacation.
  3. Run in at least one race.

To make my wishes come true, I resolved to:
  1. Set time and money aside each month for the dining room project until it is complete.
  2. Change my weekly/monthly budget as necessary to save money for our trip while planning a trip based on the money saved.
  3. Eat, exercise and live a Spark life that allows me to be at the fitness level necessary to run in a race.

So, how am I doing? I am pleased to say that we completed the dining room project by the end of February. We have decided that a trip to New York City isn't in the budget or the time frame we have for this year. Instead, we are planning a trip a little closer to home which will likely be to the Dunes area of Michigan and the planning is underway. I am running several days a week and sticking to my Spark plan pretty well. My endurance has improved and I have dropped a few of those 'holiday' pounds as well. As the race season gets underway, my next step is to find the race date that fits best with my hectic schedule.

So how about you?

How are you doing with your wishes and resolve?

Did they go by way of every other resolution you have ever set or have you found that THIS is the year you have made it further toward your goals than ever before?

If you have hit a rough patch, let this be your encouragement to get back on track. If you are on your way and seeing progress, let this be your encouragement to keep going. If you did not start the year with any specific plans but would still like to see your wishes come true, let this restart your resolve to make 2009 the year you do it. You still have ten months left in the year, which is plenty of time to be successful.

If you didn't make your three wishes back in December – do it now and share them with us. If you did make your wishes, give us an update on how you are doing.

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Thank you for posting this and making me accountable, because I have not worked much on two of these. My focus has been on the third one, as well as work related responsibilities. Although I haven't been consistent with weekly time to prepare for the qualifying exam, I have been working towards this goal. I believe I am on track to take the exam this summer.

I got off track regarding my eating and exercise, but have discovered lifestyle changes have happened, since being off track doesn't mean the same as it used to; there have been no binges and I have still tried to make sure fruits, veggies, milk, and fiber have been included while being off track. The good thing is that SparkPeople has taught me that getting off track is not failing, rather I need to find a path back to the track, which I am doing this week. It is getting easier and easier to find those paths back to the right track.

I have totally neglected the goal to get my improve my finances by keeping record. At the same time, I seem to be keeping on track at this time. I will probably wait until after the qualifying exam before starting this bookkeeping. I guess this is a lesson about being realistic about expectations we place on ourselves.
Wow, am just seeing this; my three wishes are to lose 4 pounds by end of April, starting today; am just of to the gym; and the other two will come after I lose the first four! Report
I set up 11 goals each year, financial, personal, family and a weight/fitness. This year I set up a spreadsheet to track all of them monthly and it is really helping me stay focused and work on them. I credis Sparkpeople with the training I've learned over the past year. Setting goals and being accountable for them! Report
I didn't make any new years resolutions - I made resolutions for the night, for the day, for the week - whatever I thought I could do, I made a promise to myself that I would do it, and I have been able to achieve staying under 150 lbs, drinking more than enough water, not being tempted by candies and cakes, and pushing myself to exercise for fear that I won't have time to do it later! Report
My ultimately goal was to lose weight and for once!!! I'm actually doing it! I've lost 15 lbs since I began my goal this time. IM NOT STOPPING THIS TIME! I SWEAR! Report
Goal 1. Become healthier - goal weight 151 by September. On track - have lost 14 pounds since January 1.
Goal 2. Spark America goal - 12,000 minutes. On track with 2,693 to date.
Goal 3. Declutter house by attacking one room/closet per month - On track - have finished 3 rooms/closets. Report
Aah, my plans to loose more weight is at a stand still. So I, ll make new goals I can measure easily.
1. Lose 5 lbs. by April 9th--my birthday.
2. Walk 10 miles a week.
3. Eat at least 75 mg of protin a day.
Good luck everybody Report
This site is still new to me, but I'm game at making three goals to accomplish by the end of the year. Here goes:

1. Actually play with my children more. Not being on the sidelines while they are running around enjoying the outside.
2. Enjoy life more (even when it is not going exactly as you have planned), rather than just making it through everyday.
3. Be healthy and lose my extra weight.
I am doing pretty good with my resoltuions I think. I wanted to get back into running, and have been setting aside time to do so 3-4 times a week. I have seen a great increase in my endurance and feel a lot better. Also, I really wanted to get out horseback riding more often and I have been going a couple times a month so far when time and the weather conditions have allowed. I'm really looking forward to summer weather so that I can get out of the trails around my place more often. :) Report
I made quite a few resolutions for 2009:

So far have been nicely on track, mind the fact I still haven't picked a language school.

PS. Do check out Pledgehammer. It's a website I helped to co-found for making such resolutions, big or small, made on New Year's day or any other day. We've (hopefully) helped to keep hundreds of resolutions since the launch less than three months ago. Report
To lose 35 lbs by september (I am still working on that!)
To save money to go to Florida for Grammas Birthday! Saved most of the money and scheduled the vaca time... so Off I go on the 26th! WooHoo!
Six Flags vaca with the kids in August is still in the planning stages.... We'll see Report
March Resolutions
1. Lose the weight I gained with living life.
2. Have a life.
3. Enjoy my life!! Report
Love the room, what a good job. This year I'm going to exercise more and begin weightlifting. I've been so out of shape. It's a slow start, but it's a start all the same. I've got a way to go, but I'll get there. I'm also planning to completely overhaul my backyard. I'm very excited about it. The weather is beginning to cooperate and pretty soon we'll be starting. K Report
I just pledge to get better at taking care of me this year. Report
My three-part New Year's Resolutions was to get off some of my daily meds--accomplished; to get fit mentally and physically--I am working on this by having 10-15 minutes of me time a day and working out for 60 minutes at least 6 days a week; reach goal weight, 144 by July 29, 2009--starting weight in July '08=244#, current weight March 7, '09=163--only 18#s to go and 4 months to do it!!! Report
My goals for 2009 were/are:
1. To run a 5k
2. To compete in a golf tournaments
So far, I have lost 5lb on my way to being more healthy and achieving my goals. I was doing workout videos and I have now been running on the treadmill 3 times a week doing intervals for 50min. I have also picked a race, June 21st, although I haven't registered for it yet. I have also hit golfballs at an indoor place once (not impressive). But I did register and sign up for an Alberta Players Club Membership which allows me to track golf scores to create a handicap and compete in tournaments.

I am pleased with my progress so far! Report
My wishes are starting now as I am reading this blog.
My three wishes are:
To become employed full time.
To save money (about not decided yet).
To be friendlier and socialize. Report
I thought you weren't supposed to tell wishes, because they won't come true! ;-) Anyway, I am just making mine now, so here they go:
1. To purge the clutter in my house so that I can enjoy and function in my living spaces.
2. To run my first 5K.
3. To find a doctor (which I haven't done since moving a few months ago) and make an appointment. Report
Doing pretty well although I've made the most progress over the last couple of weeks when I started o track ALL my food! Report
Wishes? I will try to set some 2009 goals, but I gave up on wishes a long long time ago. Report
My wishes for 2009. ( I don't make resolutions as I usually forget them by Feb.)
To finish house organization now the most of the remodel is done.
Organize my life more, for exercise and social time.
Continue my healthy life style and further my wt loss. ( by the end of 2009 I intend to have lost 1 whole extra person).
My family to be happy, functional and successful.

I have managed so far to get most of the house organized and cleaned. I still have some stuff left, but it has to wait for spring and nicer warmer weather.
My social life has been great with walking with my sparkgroup, more time to scrapbook with my friends and spending time with family.
My health goals are doing great as are my wt loss and activity. I hit a small plateau but am over it now. I still love SP too.
Family is functioning mostly they do have a year to get it together. Report
To be absouloutely honest I have been dragging my heels, and only doing what was barely necessary, But starting in March, I had a renewed interest in obtaining the goals I've set. Working hard, and staying on track ! making sure my goals are met. I guess the old saying is true, "better late than never". Report
I have done pretty well so far. Am starting to eat healthier and now exercising. Also, finished the first draft of the novel I started in november for novel writing month. Have a deadline to finish the teen book from 2007 and have even been working on short stories to edit and submit. My goals for 2009 are turning out quite well. Report
I am doing pretty good. I mainly was just going to stick with my lifestyle change and stay off the computer so much so i can get more artwork done. so far, i have been sticking to it. i illustrated a childrens book, i have a new website i am working on to display my illustrations, i am working on another book, i am doing designs for my online store, and i am eating 3 meals a day (which is HUGE for me cause i usually dont eat at all). i am making progress and i feel really good and happy. Report
My three wishes were
(1)to finish my master bathroom by end of February - 99.9% of it is done; just need to hang shelf.
(2)get to low 120s by May 2, 2009 (40th bday) - sticking to my SparkPeople plan so I'm on my way.
(3)to run in a marathon - started running last night - WHOA! Report
I made 3 goals by my birthday (earlier this week) and made 2 of them:
1. Run a 5k (completed)
2. Plan enough of my wedding so we're ready to send out invites (completed)
3. Find a doctor and get a checkup (didn't get to it)

So I guess it's time to make more goals! Report
I want to get to my goal my the end of the year.. i only had the one.. so far on sp i have lost 30 lbs Report
Both rooms look great. The before and after.My every year resolution is always to loose weight. Be more efficient in everything I do.At times simple things don't go well for me, and help my family always. Report
Your dining room looks great. Congratulations on keeping to your goals. I'm trying too ... I'll just have to go back and have a look what they were!!??!! Report
Good for you for keeping your goals firmly in focus. I was actually looking at my written goals before finding this blog and while I still have them in my sights I could be giving some of them more attention. Nuff said, I'm going for a walk. Nice job on your dining room! Peace Report
I too missed your blog back in December and will also join in now.

My three goals are:
1) Get fit, eat well and limit my alcohol intake. Hopefully this will lead to my losing 5 – 7 kilos so I can fit into my clothes more comfortably.
I am pleased to say that I am actually in the process of doing this and to help me, I joined a local gym. Monitoring my progress on Spark People each day, keeps me focused and motivated.

2) Run – enter a fun run.
I joined a run club last week and the first event we are training for is in 4 weeks – a 10km fun run. So I am also on my way to meeting this goal.

3) I didn’t have a third goal, but have decided to read more and watch less TV. Given that I just turned on the TV before writing this blog, it would suggest that I need to work more on this goal.
Hadn't read your block then, but still have 3 wishes I decided to work on this year:
1. Repaint my sitting room and bedroom.
The handyman to do the work is supposed to come today to give me a quotation

2. Fly to Europe to visit my family.
The flight is book and the plaaning of what i am doing is underway. I am saving 10% of the ticket cost every month by a standing order.

3. run the Halfmarathon in the Nairobi Marathon again.
started training, so far my back is doing okay and I can run 8-9km without much of a problem. The Marathon is at the end of October, so i still have time.

Steph Report
I wanted to get back into strength training at the beginning of the year; stop eating so much; and to get accepted into library school. I hadn't been using SP for almost a year, so I started trackign on here again and participating in the communities -- it really helped me to set a goal (do strength training 3-4 times a week) and stick to it and be accountable for it. I'm doing great with it, and keeping my calories a lot more reasonable. Last week, I got accepted to the MLIS program I applied to. I feel pretty awesome lately! Report
I'm doing good with my 3 wishes ... and more. My apartment is getting more and more organized as the weeks pass and I can buy things to organize with. I'm eating actually UNDER my calorie range. My tummy won't hold all the rest. I've always had a smaller stomach my mom told me. My exercising is better now that my 6 week bronchitis is gone. Winter is my hardest time health wise because I'm sick a lot of it. I'm also taking more time for me so that I can be with other people without being overwhelmed. BTW, your dining room looks great! I can't wait to finally get my apartment the way I want it. But being on a disability pension, you can only afford so much at a time. It's coming well! Report
I missed this at the beginning of the year but I'll join in now...better later then never!
My three goals are: Go back to college; continue counseling; lose 20 lbs
How I'll go abt doing this: Investigate online schools and decide on one, join up with my old counselor and continue on the road to healing; rewrite my plan for weight loss and work it! Report
My major goal was to go from a size 18 to a size 12 by May. I am down to a 14 and can squeeze into some of my old size 12's. To achieve the goal I went on the Atkins diet and gave up drinking until Lent is over (I'm going on a vacation after Easter). It's working. I'm looking and feeling better and others are noticing it. Report
my goals
be more active, I am doing it
spend time doing something for myself once a day, exercise is what I am doing
eat vegtables, I have had added zocchini, broccoli and squash to my diet Report
I wasn't reading blogs at the beginning of the year, as I didn't know about them.

My 3 goals for 2009 were1. To be 250 lbs or less by January 1st, 2010
2. To walk no less than 1000 miles via treadmills, ellipticals, and other measurements of distance outside of everyday life starting tonight.
3. Last, but DEFINITELY not least, to maintain a healty attitude towards myself during this process, no matter what the outcome.

How am I doing?
1. I've gone from 283.5 lbs to 253 lbs already.
2. Just walked my 250th mile
3. I've struggled with keeping a positive attitude towards myself, but am doing MUCH better than I ever have on that goal.

This is the first year I've done so well this far into the year.

my three goals were to be down to 200 lbs before June. I am working on it and hope to be there I am at 206 and have lost 7 inches. My second goal was to exercise more and I am doing that too, I walk, use the treadmill and the stair stepper and cardio glide machine. Third goal is to not binge and to stay off the sugar and fast food and I have not had any binges or sugar in three months. Report
1. To lose the 21 pounds to get myself OUT of the "Obese" category in the BMI scale. UPDATE... have dropped 4.4 lbs so far this year, so need to lose the next 16.6!

2. To be able to run the trail at the US Army Heritage Education Center, where my husband and I walk on a regular basis. The trail is a 0.75 mile circle, with a quarter-mile entrance path. UPDATE: running the Trail is proving to be more of a challenge than I thought, because my husband has no interest in running, and I feel guilty about not running with him. However, can now comfortably jog for an entire hour in my livingroom!

3. Start taking steps to get the kids eating healthier. UPDATE: Am very happy to report the kids have had hotdogs here for dinner only 3x in 2009, and the mac & cheese only twice. Kids aren't eating a ton of veggies yet, but they are getting better about it. Now, if we could stop the nightly homework wars...~sighs~ Report
Love the new dining room, Tanya! Report
One of my wishes was to do a 5K - I've done 2 and planning a 10K next! Report
One of my new years resolutions was to do a timed race once a month. I could not find a race in January in my area, but I did do a 5k in February and have a 2 mile planned for next weekend.

I also thought that healthy living involved body and mind so I resolved to read one book a month this year. I have read two already and I am in the middle of my third.

So far, so good! Report
Both of the dining room pictures look pretty good to me. I'm guessing the new one is the red painted one though.

Congrats of following through with 2 out of 3, and being adaptable on the vacation one. The family will still be enjoying time together, and that is what counts. Report
1. eating healthier - Joined SP and enjoying new recipes Oct 08
2. lowering my sugar level - from 16 to 7.5
3. to lose 60 lbs - so far I have lost 25 and maintaining but I will have to work harder to lose the other 35 by July 09 and maintain.

but with God's help and strength I will enjoy my journey Report
I wanted give up the gym and concentrate more on exercising by walking
This I do more of now, and I gave up my gym membership
I also wanted to be serious about losing the extra pounds around my middle
so far I have lost 2lb. And last stop stressing about my job, I am trying!! Report
I too have not made any year long resolutions. I do intend to live a Spark life, travel to Alabama for our family reunion & do some low budget things around the house & have set up a budget account. We will see?! Report
Congrats on all the accomplishments.

I didn't make any resolution, but I want 2009 to be better than 2008.
I did decided to declutter my home and I had laminated floors put in my bedroom along with being pumped up in losing weight.

Since I site up with SP I have lose 28lbs so far and have more to go.

I am really pumped up in losing more weight before my birthday this month 3.28.

I feel great about it.

Everybody keep up the good work. We can do it.

Wow, very neat remodel! I would love to be brave enough to paint my walls a deep color! It looks great and I love the new light fixture.
My goals are to keep my #'s going down and the $ going up! Nothing mind boggling, just both going slow and steady in the right directions! They are both going in the right directions yet today, but I do have to keep telling myself that slow is ok!! Report
I like that you were realistic and revised your wish list to fit in with what was possible. I do hope you get to New York City some time. My wish list:

1. Lose 20 pounds to get to my goal weight (I've lost about 8 pounds since the start of the year).
2. Run in at least three races (I ran a 10K this Sunday, and have signed up for another in June).
3. Save $100 a month.

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