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When I was a kid it seemed as though it took forever between New Year's and the end of the year. However, now that I am edging ever so closer to the big 5-0--only 2 years away--I have a better understanding as to all the comments the adults in my life used to make when I was a kid about time flying by. But we all know that time moves no more slowly for kids than it does for adults--it all comes down to a matter of perspective.

August marks two special anniversaries. One is my first anniversary working for SparkPeople and the second is the first anniversary of the dailySpark. Speaking for myself, this has been such an incredible year which has totally transformed my life. To think that a former member is now writing blogs is truly surreal. While I may not be the most articulate blogger, I do my best to offer my perspective on life and this journey we call healthy living.

One thing I have learned this past year is, as much as you learn from us, we learn just as much from you, our members. Trust me your comments on the blogs are always well received and we do take time to read through them. Even before I was asked to write a blog for this special event, I had been keeping a log of comments many of you shared on many of the blogs, not just mine, but everyone's. What I discovered is our members are articulate, funny, inspiring, courageous, and thought provoking.

Below are a few of the comments I saved, and if you don't see your username, do not think your comments were for naught, I just did not have the space to use them all.

I hope you enjoy reading some of comments from blogs of the past year!

You Educate Us

"I've been to the Mustard Museum in Mt. Horeb many times. It's a lot of fun, and you wouldn't believe the 100s of different types of mustard they have for sale! And for tasting!" JAKE9999 from Which Sunny Condiment Can Save You Hundreds of Calories a Month?

"I've had them all. I even eat the rind from the pomegranate. Weird, I know." SUPERSLACKER87 from The 10 Healthiest Foods You've Never Tried

"One thing I found out about the Olive Garden is that there is a light version of their salad dressing available but you have to ask the server for it, it is not on the menu." SWEETIESSLAVE from Restaurants Offer Healthy Options, But Are You Eating Them?

You Make Us Smile!

"I thought this was an eggceptionally good egg article. Doesn't everybody use left over Easter eggs for deviled eggs or is that just the corny people from the m-Midwest--like me?" CJ1954 from Excellent Examples for Expending Extra Easter Eggs!

"How great is it when you learn what you thought was a vice is actually good for you?" DAN_ODEA from Is Chocolate Milk Ideal after a Workout?

"When I taught aerobic dance years ago we wore leotards and tights (with sneakers and leg warmers, no less). They did not wick, Yuck. I am not buying special clothing to get drenched in sweat, I don't care if they do wick." KARLAKRAFTS from Poll: Do New Workout Clothes Motivate You to Exercise?

"Well, seeing as how I've been fat for years for free, I'd love the money :)"AMANDARN1 from Would You Gain Weight for Money, Like Renee Zellweger?

"These movies based on non-fictional, lifestyle type books (ie: "He's just not that into you"; Under the Tuscan Sun", etc) are lame. What's next...the "Betty Crocker CookBook " movie?" TVTORI from Hilary Swank Will Gain Weight for Upcoming Role

"I wear a little make-up. Not very good at applying it in a classy way. Lipstick stays on about 30 minutes---so I have owned about 3 tubes in my life:)" KNABBERN from 8 Stars Willingly Grace Magazine Cover--with No Makeup--in the Name of True Beauty

"This is so me!! I guess I better cancel my appointment for a butt reduction!" GLAMDIVA from Big Butts=Better Health

You Inspire Us

"Donna, our instructor, told the audience how I came to class blind and in a cast and it inspired others, including residents, to get up and conga with us! What a feeling to inspire others to move too! What a feeling to dance and feel so good in my own body! What a night!" JAXMOMMY from Touching My Toes: What Goal Have You Achieved?

My "mountain" may be only a molehill to someone else, but I am going to be proud of myself when I climb to the top! MNNICE from Overcoming Self-Doubt: How Do You Do It?

“…the thought of "deprivation" is more frightening to them than dying of obesity!” MARJIJANE from There is No Magic Potion, for Real?

" I definitely do not view exercise as a punishment. It is more like putting a deposit in the (health) bank! The more I deposit the more interest I earn in my body, right? :-)" KGRIMES526 from Poll: Do You View Exercise as Punishment or Health Benefit?

"Most of the time what we think is good luck is the result of somone's hard work." WESTPHILLYLADY from Create Your Luck

Your Gratitude is Always Appreciated

"Oh Coach Dean, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways... Thank you for (ahem) always wearing your heart on your sleeve." SUPERFIT5 from Coach Dean's blog Not Exactly the Vacation I Had in Mind...

"Thank you for sharing your story with us! I'm printing this out and keeping it on my wall to motivate myself :)" AMEENA5 from Stepfanie's blog Inspiring Stories: Ditching the Training Wheels, at 26

"I can't thank you enough for this article and discussion. You've written it 'to me'!" MARTINE08 from Tanya's blog But What if I Can't Lose Weight?

"Thanks for sharing Nicole!!! You don't know what it took for me to wear my running skirt at the convention this weekend knowing there were going to be cameras everywhere!!!" from MISSJCISRUNNING from Coach Nicole's blog Confession: I Won't Wear a Bathing Suit in Public

"Wow! Thank you for sharing! This is truly inspirational! I've been on and off again with SP, but my motivation for returning this time is to begin living healthier for my unborn children. Your post gives a lot of great insight and inspiration to someone like me. :)" MRSFIELDS09 from Coach Jen's blog Confession: Motherhood Has Changed Me

"Thanks for those words, they have inspired me to take another look at myself, maybe there is something I might like about ME. Thanks so much." LOUWALKER1946 from Nancy's blog Does Your Weight/Age Define You?

These are just a few of many of my favorites. It was so hard to whittle my list, but trust that your words adorn the wall in my office as part of my wall of inspiration. I would like to THANK ALL OF YOU for sharing your journey with us. Here's to another inspirational year of blogs and comments!


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I enjoyed this blog and thought the same thought about the new movie, Julie & Julia revolving about Julia Child's cookbook--which was a great movie, BTW.

But I got the biggest kick out of the response from Facebook users when this article was featured. EVERYONE got stuck on the cupcake! Goes to show why we are all here. LOL
Vicki Report
All I can say is "amen" to the comments. This site is one of the greatest benefits of having internet. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jeanne Report
Great comments in article! Report
This one just makes me smile!
See? :-)
I {heart} SP!! Report
Happy anniversary Report
Happy Anniversary! I leave comments on members log to help motivate and hopefully inspire to press on, but haven't been leaving comments on these types of blog, but yes I am willing to start. I enjoyed reading past comments. Thanks for sharing. Report
Happy Anniversary! The daily spark have been an inspiration. Report
One of the best things about SP is that its a community of real people, including the coaches. I trust people who have reallly been there so much more than everything in our media and statistical models that points us toward perfection. Report
I love the comments and enjoy reading them to get inspired.

Happy Anniversary and more to come. Report
I like to read the blogs about this struggle we all have with being healthy. Most of us have a good idea what we SHOULD do but DOING it is the trick. It helps to hear how others overcome obstacles in the journey to better health. Thanks to everyone as we learn by their examples and gain strength through continued support and understanding.

Deb Report
Happy Anniversary! I do like reading the blogs, and the comments too. It's interesting to me how peoples perspective can often be so different. I guess I am a mix raised in the east coast , and spending most of my adulthood in the west coast. My teenagers open my eyes to new perspectives on practically everything all the time. Good luck, and look forward to lots of interesting reading in the future. Report
Happy anniversary Report
i commented the wrong delete button?lol Report
JaxMommy is on my AMC Team and she is a very caring person and lots of fun. She motivates us all and I'm happy to read she is also motivating others through her Blogs.

Dawn Report
Pick ME. PICK ME!!! Report
Oh wow, there's my comment... Cool! Thanks! It is nice to know that all of you read each oen of our many comments! It means alot! Report
Happy anniversary Nancy.
If that cupcake were chocolate it would be gone. Report
I do leave comments occasionally, which is something I had never done before joining SP. I enjoy reading other people's comments and it sometimes leads to good side discussions. It makes the information much more meaningful. Report
JAXMOMMY is so great and helpful!!! I'm in her ALL MY CHILDREN team too and from the begining she has helped me, inspire me, and make me laugh! Glad to see she is still helping everyone around in Sparks, not just our AWESOME team!! Report
I love the blogs. The day is not complete unless I've read one. I've even left a coment or two. Keep up the great work, you never know who you might inspire. Report
I'm trying to find some of these blogs and I can't find them... Report
Of all the tools SP has given us to use, most of them getting our bodies to respond, the blogs are the tool that help our minds to respond! Sometimes the humor is just what we need, other times it is the thought provoking subjects that make the 2 minutes so worthwhile! ...But always, there is information that will help us on our journey to a finer and fit self! Often times the blog will raise the questions and the posts from members will drive the answer home. I try to let the spirit of the blog and posts tell me whether I should or how I should respond... Report
I've left comments on lots of blogs. I love reading what everyone writes! Happy Anniversary, Nancy! I enjoyed your picks. Report
I didn't log onto my Spark page for probably a month and a half, and I
felt depressed, worried, and couldn't understand why I was not
feeling like I feel when I am communicating with others at Spark, which
is happy, definitely less worried, and as I sit at the computer my
girls ask me, "Moma are you o.k.?", they see the smile on my face
as I communicate with all my Spark friends that they don't unfortunately
get to see often! When I did come back, everything was the same! My page did not change, it was waiting for me! Spark does not give up on people.

Spark guy and team(S), you are definitely using your God given love
to help others! God bless you all!!!!

With God all things are possible! Report
JAXMOMMY is our team leader on the All My Children Fans team and she inspires me too. She's also got a wicked sense of humor! Report
happy double-sparkversary! this is just the beginning of something wonderful. it's sweeping the globe. do you folks keep stats about how many members you have from each state and country? i bet you're growing that list by leaps and bounds. i leave comments on blogs whenever i can and the subject interests me. i am about learning and supporting. i do those two things well. nancy Report
i have commented on a few blogs before. i will definitely comment on even more now. Report
Nancy, even before you became a SP staffer, I had your blogs book-marked to read. Your insight is always appreciated, and I especially love how you place the point of view as a "normal" person, who has bad days and good, fears and victories. Thank you for sharing with us in a way that keeps us looking for more! Report
Happy Anniversary, Nancy! Thanks for a great blog! I leave a comment sometime; just depends on how I'm feeling & whether I believe I can contribute something worthwhile. Keep up the good work!!! Report
I really enjoyed reading this. Made me wonder why I don't reply to these more often...I mean, really, how do you know if you are making a difference and that people are reading these if we don't reply. At least we could say "Thank you for taking the time to write this" after all, you did didn't you? And I for one love you for that. This was great...most of these brought a huge smile to my face.

Linda Report
Occasionally I have commented, but I love reading through what others have to say. Report
I've left a few, but I'll do's fun! Report
I comment when I feel like I can add something to the conversation or if the blog hits home.

Whether I comment or not..I love reading them! I wake up, make my coffee and read The Daily Spark.

Happy Anniversary! Report
Nancy, I love your blogs and your humor! Your writing is terrific! Happy SparkiVersary to my fave Sparkstress, whose weight loss and fitness accomplishments never fail to inspire me :) Your fan, Susan Report
Sparkpeople changed my life! Instead of hanging out in the kitchen cooking cleaning, noshing and snacking, I'm on the computer with Spark tracking, reading, writing and learning. I love it!
Happy anniversary Nancy, I wish you many, many more! Report
Happy double anniversary!

I comment on the blogs pretty regularly. Sometimes my comments aren't necessarily popular with some people, but that's one of the things I love about Spark People. It fosters open communication and the opportunity to see things from different perspectives. Not only do we get the benefit of learning from experts; we get to learn from each others' practical experience. It opens up the whole world to us, really.

There have been times where another Sparker's comment on a blog prompted me to contact that person individually to offer either support or to let them know about a resource that has helped me in one way or another. Conversely, I have also contacted other Sparkers (because of a blog) and asked for more information on a resource they mentioned that I found interesting.

I love SparkPeople. Report
Happy Anniversary and Nancy Report
Spark People and the inspirational blogs and support I've received and had the opportunity to give have made helped me focus on a wholistic approach to getting and staying fit. Happy Anniversay Nurse Nancy and SparkPeople Report
Too funny that you joked about the idea of a movie about "the "Betty Crocker CookBook " and now there is a movie about Julia Child's cookbook. Report
Just one question: Is that cupcake low-fat?
LOL Happy 1st Birthday! Report
Yes, I have left comments on blogs. Enjoy reading them and other SparkPeople articles. Also congratulations on the anniversaries. Report
I enjoy reading the blogs as well as commenting on them. Many are inspiring and helpful. Thank you, Happy Anniversary Daily Spark & Nancy! You Rock! Report
I only comment on the blogs where I have something to add, something to disagree with, or in response to someone else. I don't usually like to comment unless I actually have something to say! =) Report
I leave comments when I am inspired to do so. I learn so much from each blog I read and appreciate that there are people who share. Report
I leave comments on the entries I find interesting or if I have input. Report
Hey, my 15 seconds of fame! Seriously, SparkPeople has helped me a lot, and not just about weight or diet. Report
Happy Anniversary Daily Spark & Nancy. I so love to read blogs. It gives me a chance to meet new people, learn about them and encourage them in anyway I can. I myself am not good at blogging, but this article has inspired me. I am definitely going to try to write a better one than usual. I have difficulty being able to differentiate between blogging and journaling. This has given me an idea for a blog, along with a challenge from our wonderful team leader, Erin, from Walking with Leslie Team. Nancy I wish you a wonderful new year with Spark.

From a Loyal Sparker! Report
Cute, LAURIE5658. :-) No worries though. That's a cyber cupcake. They have no calories and taste delicious. (Although...the candle would probably slide easily in to the heart of an artichoke...) Report
Happy Anniversary daily spark and Nancy! Report
NICE!!!! Report
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