20 Products SparkPeople Members Obsessed Over This Year

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We asked and you delivered. From sports bras to blenders, heart rate monitors to training shoes, and everything in between, you let us know which health and fitness purchases from the last year have made living your healthy lifestyle easier. Our members are out there putting products to the test year round, and these 20 products all received gold stars and rave reviews from our members. If it makes you happy, then we know it will make our other health-conscious members happy, too.

1.Meal Prep Containers (Mealcon, $16.99)

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"I purchased some meal prep containers with three dividers on Amazon that I love!" –Amy Breaux
2. High-Rise Compression Leggings  (Old Navy, $26.94)
"[I love my] Old Navy high-waisted compression leggings. I have lost over 170 pounds and they keep everything tight with no jiggle. And they are reasonably priced." – Cherish Patterson
3. Food Scale (Ozeri, $12.22)
"[I] bought a new digital scale in 2016 [when] my old one died after it got wet. It is my most essential item for weight loss. No "estimating" on how much you're eating—you can track accurately!" – Janet Rogers

4. Training and Running Shoes (New Balance Vazee Transform and New Balance 680v3, prices vary)

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"Two new pairs of shoes: a Vazee mesh (light and flexible) to wear with my trainer during strength training [and] a New Balance running shoe (more support) for when I do cardio on the treadmill." – Patricia Dzuagis
5. Resistance Loop Bands (Phantom Fit, $9.47)
"I started using this brand [of resistance bands] at physical therapy after knee surgery and continue those exercises and more in my workouts now." – Gloria Capetillo
6. Treadmill (LifeSpan, $1,415.01)

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"When I starting researching treadmills, some were too big with too many features I wouldn’t use; some were too flimsy to support my running miles and had few features. SparkPeople’s suggestion of the one in your gym was just right. It fits nicely in the corner of my basement, lifts easily to move, is sturdy enough to support my running and had a mid-range price. Quality and value—can’t beat that. I bought it because I trust SparkPeople and I LOVE it." – BROOKLYN_BORN
7. Gym Membership (prices vary)
"I bought a gym membership! [It has] a swimming pool, indoor track, climbing wall and more. I realized that as much as I could do things on my own, I missed the group classes and facilities that this place provides. There's so much to do that I change my workouts frequently and thus have not gotten burned out. It's never just the same old grind. So yes, I couldn't live without it." – Liz Reep
8. Muscle Massage Body Stick (The Stick, $42.45)
"[This] muscle massage tool works wonders for over-worked and sore leg muscles! [It also] helps prevent injury for this runner!" – COUNTRYNETTERS
9. Food Dehydrator (Hamilton Beach, $49.99)

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"My dehydrator, for [drying] fruits and vegetables for easy, healthy snacks on the go."
– Katelynn Davis
10. Activity Tracker (Fitbit Blaze, $198.95)
"My Fitbit Blaze. I'm always trying to hit my 10,000 daily step goal and push myself past it." – THILL11 
11. Bike (Trek Verve Bike, $439.99)
"'Heads up' for my Trek road bike. I'm not a racer and the bent-over position [of a traditional road bike] isn't really comfortable. I love the increase in height of the handlebars, [which] allows me longer hours in the saddle for each ride." – Debra Faulconer
12. Smoothie Maker (SharkNinja, $97.99)

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"I purchased the Ninja Nutri smoothie maker. Admittedly, I bought it for my health-conscious son, but it was too cumbersome to pack to go to college so he left it here. It's easy to use and has a permanent spot on my counter top." – Mary Theresa
13. Pressure Cooker (Instant Pot, $99.99)
"I bought an Instant Pot pressure cooker. It makes making healthier dishes easier." – ALICEONE
14. Heart-Rate Monitor (MYZONE, $149.99)

"[My] MYZONE heart-rate monitor keeps me motivated, working through my specific zones and pushing me harder." – CDISHMAN8
15. Sports Bra (Under Armour, $54.00)

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"[My] Under Armour sports bra is amazing! It's hard to find one for [size] DD that keeps any bounce to a minimum – Susan Gordon
16. Personal Trainer (prices vary by gym)
"My personal trainer, Tracy. She's the best…changing my life." – Phil Kabza
17. Fabletics (starting at $49.95 a month)
"Fabletics. I always get compliments [and the clothes] are a good quality and price."
– Mandee Wheeler Ross
18. Yoga Strap (prAna, $14.90)

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"[I] use a yoga strap for stretching…it has really helped!" – RHAL1462
19. Hiking Boots (Merrell, $130)
"My Merrell hiking boots…absolutely love them!" – Sandy Robertson

20. Blender (Vitamix, $435.70)

"Vitamix! I love my veggie protein—veggie and fruit smoothies every day!" – HOTROD53
What are your favorite health and fitness purchases from the past year? Share them in the comments!
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