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If you tuned in to the fourth hour of the Today show on Monday, you might have seen a familiar face on screen next to hosts Hoda and Kathie Lee and resident nutrition expert Joy Bauer. Renay Stafford, aka SPASTIC5466, shared her story and became a member of the "Joy Fit Club"!

Over 3 1/2 years, 4'11" Renay went from 275 pounds to 130 pounds. So how did she do it? She told Joy that "The Biggest Loser" was what originally inspired her and kept her going when times were tough. In addition to kicking her fast-food habit, she started exercising, and she joined SparkPeople, where she found the support she needs to help her maintain her weight.

Joy explained some of the easy swaps that helped Renay:

  • fatty pepper steak with white rice (1,100 calories and 42 g fat) for a homemade version with sauteed peppers and onions, lean steak and a half cup of brown rice (565 calories, 21 g fat)
  • veggie burgers and oven-roasted sweet potatoes instead of burgers and fries

Click here to watch Renay's story now! (Check out our interview with the one and only Joy Bauer here.)

Renay thanked her husband--and her "great group of girls on"! Congratulations to Renay on losing the weight and keeping it off. To be featured on the "Joy Fit Club" is quite an honor!

Monday was a great day for another SparkPeople member. Dana McKeen (better known as ZIRCADIA) was featured on the Woman's Day website, as part of "Real Weight-Loss Stories: I Kept the Pounds Off." She lost 110 pounds and has kept it off for 2 1/2 years.

Plus, Marie Claire named us one of the 7 Best Websites for Weight Loss.

And member Bridgit Torbett was featured on AOL's Style List. Read her story, Makeover Diaries: From Unhappily Married to Free, Fit and Fine, here.

As SparkGuy would say, "Woo-hoo!"

Did you read (or watch) any of these success stories? Did they inspire you? Did you pick up any tips?

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I read the story of Bridgett and I'm so happy that she found the strength to overcome her obstacles. She looks fabulous now and is a great inspiration for the many women who face similar circumstances. Report
Way to go! Report
contratulation to all of your successes. Report
I had an accident in 1998 and due to that I was forced to retired I am glad for her that she is back at work good luck Report
What a terrific story! It motivates me to walk forward and not to give up! Report
Inspiring story. I enjoyed watching Renay's story in how she pushed past her plateau of 89 lbs. She did not give up and she held on to what got her that far. Thank you for sharing her story. blessings! Report
Good for her and she looks totally different. It does take some of us longer to get it off but we will keep it off. Woo-Hoo for SparkPeople! Report
Congrats to Renay, Dana and Bridgit! That is so cool.

And while I'm glad Marie Claire has only good things to say about SparkPeople I'm still beyond angry about their "hunger diaries" article. Report
Wow! Very cool and very inspiring! Report
Great story; you look WONDERFUL!!!! Report
It's great that there are so many successes coming from Sparkpeople (including me)!!! I love this website. Report
I missed it, but then again I would much rather read about it on SP! WTG Ladies! Report
There I was sweating away on the elliptical at my gym, and I glance up to see they're about to do Joy's Fit Club segment. Cool - I listen to my iPod while exercising, but the TVs are closed-captioned, so I started watching and reading...and nearly cheered OUT LOUD when she mentioned Spark People! (Even if the closed-captioning mis-spelled it as "smart people", I KNEW she must have said Spark!) Woohoo! Talk about inspiration to keep going! Report
I saw Renay's story from someone else's blog a few days ago! Woo hoo! Awesome job! Report
As I watched these videos (success stories) I cried. Tears of joy for them. Tears of sadness for myself. Not self-pity. But tears of re affirmation that I can do this. I will do this and I will keep it off this time. I have had no ah hah moment. I have no family support system (husband, mother, father, brother, sister, not even an aunt, uncle or cousin to cheer me on.) but my son is my light, my life, and my inspiration,
my grandchildren need me, my best friend is helping me and I am determined to shed the rest of my excess weight (from 500 to 140 pounds).

My worst fear is to die fat and have to have a custom made coffin, like my grandmother's twin brother did when he died weighing more than 500 pounds.
(I was in the first grade.)

Diabetes has claimed the life's of two of my brothers (at age 39 and 40) and I am grateful that I am still here approaching age 54.

Renay's Story helped renew my faith that I am not a lost cause - even though I have lost and regained the weight 6 times in my life - I am a just cause.

Just cause I am me and I am worth it.
I love to hear about such inspiring stories! Congrats! Report
So much more inspiring to see her, as opposed to just reading about it. Everything I read and hear reminds me to "Never Never Never Give Up." Thank you for posting this story. Report
I saw the Makeover Dairies story yesterday but was at school during Hoda and Kathie Lee's segment. Congrats to the Spark friends for their great success and thanks to Spark People for their continued help! Report
Icould not stop watching Renay's story.Sometimes I think my weight problem is hopeless.I'm 22years old I weigh 278lbs.I've joined Weight Watchers for group support the end of August2010. Ihave not lost any weight yet.Ido loveThe SparkPeople web sight,too.Renay's Story made me think that may be my life is not hopeless. Report
Congrats to everyone!!!! I did read the Makeover Diaries, but haven't seen/read the others yet. Report