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Make Integrity Your Key to Success

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Many of us watched Candace Cameron Bure grow up on Full House. On Saturday, April 16th at 8 PM on FOX she will star in the new family movie night feature Truth be Told. Candace joins David James Elliot and Ronny Cox (does anyone but me still remember him from Apple's Way?) to unravel the secret of marriage. In the year since Wal-Mart and P & G first launched Family Movie Night, they have brought fun, action-packed entertainment that everyone can enjoy. This one will most likely be no different and will provide teachable moments and discussion opportunities surrounding universal truths like honesty and the pitfalls of compromising integrity to achieve a goal.

No doubt, many of us have been told that honesty is the best policy and the truth will set you free. Today we need people with moral integrity, character, and honesty more than ever. Every day we are faced with opportunities to operate and live in truth. Courage allows us to call things like we see them and increases our personal power. Here are nine benefits of living with integrity.

  1. You live without regret because you make decisions based on what you know to be right.
  2. You lead by example by acting with honesty.
  3. You develop the power to make accurate observations and can recognize truth in others more easily.
  4. You live with a free conscience and a clear mind uncluttered by a need to keep straight stories.
  5. You have the strength to handle and cope with rejection or criticism because you know your intentions were pure and honorable.
  6. You are able to minimize personality conflicts because you act out of assertion instead of aggression.
  7. You are able to live and love freely since you have nothing to hide and hide nothing.
  8. You are easily able to accept responsibility for mistakes when they happen and move forward with confidence.
  9. You learn that truth has no agenda and develop a reputation as a person that treats others fairly.
Do you know what you believe? Do you live with a code of conduct and personal integrity?