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Make Integrity Your Key to Success

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Many of us watched Candace Cameron Bure grow up on Full House. On Saturday, April 16th at 8 PM on FOX she will star in the new family movie night feature Truth be Told. Candace joins David James Elliot and Ronny Cox (does anyone but me still remember him from Apple's Way?) to unravel the secret of marriage. In the year since Wal-Mart and P & G first launched Family Movie Night, they have brought fun, action-packed entertainment that everyone can enjoy. This one will most likely be no different and will provide teachable moments and discussion opportunities surrounding universal truths like honesty and the pitfalls of compromising integrity to achieve a goal.

No doubt, many of us have been told that honesty is the best policy and the truth will set you free. Today we need people with moral integrity, character, and honesty more than ever. Every day we are faced with opportunities to operate and live in truth. Courage allows us to call things like we see them and increases our personal power. Here are nine benefits of living with integrity.

  1. You live without regret because you make decisions based on what you know to be right.
  2. You lead by example by acting with honesty.
  3. You develop the power to make accurate observations and can recognize truth in others more easily.
  4. You live with a free conscience and a clear mind uncluttered by a need to keep straight stories.
  5. You have the strength to handle and cope with rejection or criticism because you know your intentions were pure and honorable.
  6. You are able to minimize personality conflicts because you act out of assertion instead of aggression.
  7. You are able to live and love freely since you have nothing to hide and hide nothing.
  8. You are easily able to accept responsibility for mistakes when they happen and move forward with confidence.
  9. You learn that truth has no agenda and develop a reputation as a person that treats others fairly.
Do you know what you believe? Do you live with a code of conduct and personal integrity?

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Lead by example. Do the best job you can. Honesty and Integrity count! This builds self-esteem. Great Blog! Thanks for sharing. Report
I didn't expect to say something like this on SP.. Play nicely and don't say without packing it in nicely- sometimes the truth hurts no matter how you pack it in.. Report
I wish to discuss one point that you are able to minimize personality conflicts because you act out of assertion instead of aggression. You are still going to have conflicts with people who act aggressively. My calmness and gentle assertions triggered my business partner to be more aggressive. He would physically charge at me, verbally threaten me and do these things while we were alone together. I had to hire an employee to be with me at all times because he would not act this way when there was a witness. Aggressive people are not deterred by integrity or any of your 9 points. He was afraid I would call 911 for help. He knew from past experience that a cop would stop him. I never would have gone into business with him, had I known about his brushes with the law. No one ever pressed charges. There are bad people out there and they harm good people. That aggressive person is not just having a bad day. They are a danger to you. The best advice I can give you is to stand up to the bully. Ask for help right away! Remember that asking for help is a courageous act. Report
I agree with Britomart about the open mind and open heart. And I will have to ponder upon No. 3 as I do not know that I can always make accurate observations of others. Report
Excellent blog!
Mental health and spiritual health are surely important parts of HEALTH! Report
We need more people in the world that have integrity.
I posted this article on a Sticky on my desktop. Report
Powerful truths. Thank you so much for this timely word. I shared it on my facebook page and with a friend struggling with some of these issues. Thank you! Report
Ohh This message is timely indeed! The word "I N T E G R I T Y" is truly one of my favorite words. One can have worldly riches, powerful position, even numerous degrees of study- but without integrity --one is a pitiful being. I have taught my children that integrity is their most valuable possession. It gives you genuine peace of conscience-- which is priceless!
Thanks for this important message (lesson).... !! Report
Great blog. It is important to lead by example, especially when it comes to our children. Report
My favorite was number 8 "You are easily able to accept responsibility for mistakes when they happen and move forward with confidence." Whenever I recieve negative feedback about something that doubted my intentions or know that I have not been doing something entirely "right" with me, I always feel worse. An honest mistake is just that, I might not feel good about the negative feedback, but I recover much faster. Report
Great post. I especially loved #9 You learn that truth has no agenda and develop a reputation as a person that treats others fairly. Report
I love this blog! Unfortunately I may have to wait till the movie is a re-reun because my schedule is full for the the 16th! I love the benefits of living with integrity. I endeavor to live a life of integrity but never stop to consider the benefits as you have outlined them here.

PS Yes I remember the series Apple's Way! I LOVED watching it with my mom when I was much younger!!! Report
Great article! Thanks for sharing. Report
Fabulous article...One for sharing! Thank you! Report
Ronny Cox? I remember him from Beverly Hills Cop...Bogomill wasn't it? Report
Excellent blog, I look forward to watching the movie. Also, thanks to JIBBIE49 regarding Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of NOW" - I am going to look for this at my library to read. Report
I read Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of NOW" and enjoy every day that I have of this short life, since it goes by so quickly. I tell my children to do what they want now while they are young since time flies by. Report
Honesty is the best policy....I believe this no matter how much you know it will hurt you and the other's better than lying and they find out later. Report
Yes, it is better to be honest up front, because it helps for a smoother relationship and avoids many a sleepless night! Report
Yes & thank you for sharing. Report
I always refer to Dishonesty to Self and Dishonesty to Others as evil twins walking hand and hand--wherever you find one, you find the other. An important corollary to #3 and #8 is that honesty to both self and others is necessary in order to truly recognize your own role in your life's dysfunctions, pain, and bad habits (including procrastination and overeating) which is an absolutely necessary first step before you effectively deal with them. We like to think we can just will ourselves to quit stuffing our face instead of actually facing our stuff and may be able to succeed for a time, but long term results require the insight, honesty, and courage to boldly face our demons and wrestle them into defeat. Report
great thanks Report
That's a great credo for happiness and success in life. I'd guess you are closer to Patrick Henry on a daily basis than most folks are. If not, you should be! Report
thank you, great article. You are so right we need honesty, integrity, character, and morals now more than ever and the reminder is always a blessing. Report
Yep I do and yep.
Jocelyn Report
Great article. Thanks for posting! Report
Very good! May I humbly suggest that one element is missing--the open mind, open heart, because, no matter how hard one tries to live with integrity, it is very possible that on occasion one will have a prejudice or preconceived notion that renders the desire useless, or even dangerous. A heart/mind open to hearing the possibility of error allows for growth: even (perhaps especially) integrity needs to be able to grow. After all, any integrity is only as big as its largest ideal. Report
Great article. I did not expect to see something like this on SP, But y'all obviously know that the health of the soul relates to the health of the body :) Report