Losing 178 Pounds 'Saved My Life'!*

By , SparkPeople Blogger
It's a great week for SparkPeople's Success Stories! Our members have been featured in two major magazines. First, we shared Megen's story, and today we have news about Pam Holmes (MAGGIEROSEBOWL), who started her weight loss journey at 328 pounds and 58 years old.  Just over a year later, she hit her goal of 160, then kept going. Now she's at 150 pounds! 

According to Pam, who has also been featured on the Today show, less is more.  She has much more energy and the freedom to do whatever she wants, including substitute teaching, which she previously shied away while obese from for fear of ridicule.  She did it all with the help of SparkPeople, which she calls "a lifesaver." 

You can read more about her journey in this week’s issue of Woman’s World, which will be on the newsstands through Wednesday, February 27!

Way to go, Pam!

*Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as a typical result of following the SparkPeople program.

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I was actually hoping to read about her story here on SparkPeople....congrats anyway Pam. Report
Congratulations, a job well done. Report
Pam, you are truly amazing! Report
Congratulations, you look fantastic.

I'm 51 years old and have just started today at 383 pounds (I need to lose 229 pounds). You have really inspired me, and I hope I can look as good as you this time next year. Report
AMAZING!! Congratulations!
Congratulations, Pam! I, too, am over 50 and need to lose 150+ pounds for health reasons. Your story is inspiring. Report
Great JOB !
Congratulations! Report
You are such an inspiration. Way to go on how far you've come. Report
Its great to read how others overcame their weight loss. Report
YEAH! Report
wow wow wow,, I too am starting at 338 and 62 yeard old. I was 369 so I have taken a little off over the last few years but your story is very inspiring and feel that if you can do t, so can I !! what type of program did you use? I would love to be aded to your friends list.. Congrats! You have accomplished what I hope I can do! Report
WOW PAM you look great ;) GOD BLESS YOU WITH YOUR JOURNEY IN LIFE AND FOR COMPLETING YOUR GOAL I myself is try to reach my goal but it been so hard i has open RYN GASTRIC BY PASS 9 YEAR AGO i lost more than 200lb and i having lost any more and DR. are telling me to look into revision i wish that i could reach my goal of 140 /145 i will be so happy ;)
Aeesome job!!! :) Report
Congratulations, what an inspiration you are! Enjoy each day :) Report
Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up thegreat job Report
Congrats! Report
Pam, you are so inspiring! I am 63, weigh 320 and have been trying to lose for as long as I can remember. After reading about your success, I know it's possible for me to reach my goal as well. I would love to be added to your friends list.
Pam your story is a wonderful encouragement,. I am going to think about it today to motivate myself to reach for my goal.
Pam your story is a wonderful encouragement,. I am going to think about it today to motivate myself to reach for my goal.
I am 50 and use my age and menopause as an excuse not to be where I want to be. I have been working out for 9 months, and have not lost anything. I was very inspired by your story. Hope to lose at least 20 lbs in the next few months by buckling down and getting serious! Report
You look so young! :) Good work. It IS hard work and effort to achieve what you have. I hope you reward yourself. Congrats Report
Congrats! You look great! :) Report
Congratulations!! You are a motivation that IT Can be done!! Thank You for sharing!! Report
Woo-Wee, confirms my belief that it is never too late for a "do - over" . You are the perfect example of possibilities and motivation for me. Thank you Report
Wow !! Incredible! Report
Congratulations. What an incredible achievement! Report
Spark Coach challenged me to leave a comment today. I've been on a roller coaster with my weight my whole life. I'm at my heaviest, just hit 40 & feel like it's just not possible for me. Then I read 58 & 170 lbs. lost in a year!!!!! Way to go! I want to lose 50lbs. That seemed impossible until a moment ago. Thanks for sharing your story. Report
So happy to have found this site. Was doing Wt. Watchers online loved it losing 20 + but with computer problems joined meetings in community. Not the same. Cost me to change $80 and then $43 a month. Am really working to get off lots & reading notes see that there is encouragement that is good to see shared. Stay strong! Report
Just love seeing this! It is definitely inspiring to see that regular people can do this - not like celebrities with their personal chefs and every day personal trainers to lose 10 lbs. I am so motivated and will use it tonight to work extra hard in the pool. Love it! Report
Wow! What a great job and a lot of discipline and making healthy choices for you! I hope you don't mind, I added you as a friend and I could sure use a friend like you, who understands the struggle and work it takes to lose! Report
I am inspired by your story, I hope it is ok to add you as a friend. Thank you.
You are amazing and have inspired me! Keep up the great work to maintain your weight loss and fitness! Report
I cant wait to read her story, I am struggling to get started seriously even tho I try everyday, but keep failing
Fantastic, you should be proud. I bet you feel half your age again. Report
Great Job!! I am sooo proud of you. 150 lbs from where you started is awesome. I've been trying to get to 160 from 180 for a while now and have not been successful. Report
You are inspiring. I know it took a lot of dedication to accomplish what you have done. I would love to hear the rest of your story. Report
Pam thank you for sharing your story. It's these kind of stories that keeps me going, keeps me moving and keeps me praying that I will one day reach my goal. Way to go...Bless You. Report
wow! you go girl. great inspiration. Report
great inspiration Report
I read your article in Womens World. Amazing and inspiring! Report
YEA Pam ! ! ! What a testiment to what is possible for all of us. Report
Wonderful! so inspiring!
I'm 58 & weigh 264 lbs.Bad knees make walking difficult. Very depressed.Have been obese forever.Need help. Report
Congratulations! This is so inspiring! Report
That's wonderful! That really puts into perspective my goals. Congratulations! Report
I can hardly wait to read the article in Woman's World. I too need to loose just as much as Pam did. Congrats Pam! Report
I am 68 years old and I need help to lose weight. I have atrial fibrillation and I am not able to walk at all. I think I cannot lift up my feet and have some kind of problem in my hip, foot and knees. I go to walk in the swimming pool. I am very inspired by Pam's story, and I need help and guidance. Can someone help me and guide me so I can lose around 70 pounds. I always read the blog but have never commented but Pam your success has given me hope. Keep up the good work. Report
Awesome! you are an inspiration. Thank you so much. I brag about you and your accomplishment and determination. Report