10 Ways to Put the Lean in Clean!

By , SparkPeople Blogger
By Brigette Polmar & Jenny Hein of SqueezeItIn.com

If a growing list of spring cleaning chores has you wondering how you’re going to make fitness fit, start seeing your to-do list as your own personal trainer with these 10 moves from SqueezeItIn.com and start putting the lean in clean.

  1. Va-Va-Va Vacuum

    Why just vacuum when you can Va-Va-Va Vacuum?

    While doing this exercise, keep your abs squeezed in tight and continue to breathe. From a standing position extend vacuum out in front. Start on your right side and lunge your leg out in front of you. Make sure your front knee does not go past your toes while lunging. The knee of the back leg should go straight down toward the floor, but not touch the floor. Return to a standing position, switch legs, and repeat. Continue for 2 sets of 12--or until carpets are clean!

  2. Stair Care

    Squat your way up as you clean the stairs to work your legs and derrière!

    Stand at the bottom of the stairs with your right side parallel to the first stair with feet forward and knees slightly bent, dust cloth in hand. Lift your right leg and place it two stairs up. Come down into a squat making sure your knees don’t go beyond your toes and keeping all of your weight in your heels. Clean the empty stair between your two feet. Come up out of your squat using your top or right leg to pull yourself up to standing. Continue this same movement to the top of your stairs. When you’ve completed cleaning one side of your stairs, return to the bottom, align your left side with the bottom stair and repeat, working the opposite leg as you clean the other side of your stairs.

  3. Potty Hottie

    Scrubbing the bathroom doesn’t have to be a pity party if you become a Potty Hottie.

    Holding on to your sink with one hand, bring one knee up in front of your body. Engage your abs. Leading with the heel of your raised leg, take the leg back (kneecap now pointing to the ground), now bring the leg around and up in front of the body again. Do not let your foot touch the ground between reps. Continue this exercise for a set of 12 before switching legs.

  4. Clutter Killers

    Kill your clutter while getting killer thighs with this multitasking move.

    Start on your right side. Step out bringing your right leg forward and across your left leg with both feet facing forward. Lunge down while picking up some clutter. Put your weight on your front leg as you push yourself back up to a standing position. Repeat, lunging as you put the piece of clutter away. Repeat until you have completed at least one set of 12 on each side or until your room is clutter-free!

  5. Dish Lifts

    Hate unloading the dishwasher, but love shapely calves? Try this move.

    While putting away each dish rise up onto toes. Hold for a 3-count of SQUEEZE-IT-IN. Come down slowly onto heels. Repeat until all dishes are back in cupboards or for at least 2 sets of 12.

  6. Squeeze Backs

    Do more than the dishes while standing at the sink.

    Face sink with legs shoulder width apart. Slowly bring one leg straight back. (To work more of the gluteal muscles, move leg back and out to the side at a slight angle.) Focus on the muscles you are working and keep your core engaged. Hold each repetition for a 3-count of SQUEEZE-IT-IN. Continue for 2 sets of 12 or until your dishes are done.

  7. Towel Time

    Wring more out of your everyday dishtowel with this terrific stretch.

    Grab a dishtowel with both hands pulling at each end so it creates some tension in your arms. Raise arms overhead. Keeping the towel taut and moving from your waist, bend to your right stretching your left side, abs, and ribs. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds and then come back to starting position with towel raised above your head. Alternate sides until you have completed 1 set of 12.

  8. Laundry Legs

    Load your washer one tush-toning squat at a time!

    Start with laundry basket in front of washing machine. With legs shoulder width apart squat down putting all of your weight into your heels, as if you were sitting in a chair. Pick up a single piece of laundry. As you come up squeeze your glutes tightly as you drop your item into the washing machine. Continue until you have run out of clothes or have done at least 2 sets of 12.

  9. Hold ‘n Fold

    Feel the burn with this fierce folding move.

    Grab a single piece of clean laundry and hold it in front of you with both hands at chest level and arms fully extended. Pull tightly on each end of the piece of the laundry creating tension throughout your arms. Keep your abs engaged and your knees slightly bent throughout this exercise. Hold for 10 seconds. Now, keep arms extended while you fold your piece of laundry. Relax the tension in your arms when you put the piece down and then get right back into it with your next piece. Continue until all of your laundry is folded.

  10. Cardio

    Round out your spring cleaning workout with some classic cardio.

    Jumping jacks and running the stairs will do the trick. Click here to see more examples of do-anywhere cardio from SqueezeItIn.com.

Look around. Start seeing the endless opportunities to squeeze some great moves into your daily routine and let life be your workout! For even more terrific ways to squeeze in exercise while spring cleaning check out the SqueezeItIn Workout DVD and save 20% with coupon code SPARK20. How do you squeeze in a workout on busy days?

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CUTE! I love this!! Talk about squeezing in exercising wherever you can...this is so great! Even if you don't take the time to do each individual exercise as indicated here, on the flip-side, do it as FAST as you can....make it a cardio workout! You have to do it anyway, so throw on the tunes and dance it out! Great tips - awesome ideas - thanks for the inspiration!! Report
What a kick! I'm afraid chores would take 2 or 3 times longer (one piece of laundry at a time?) if I tried many of these tips. I think I'd rather get a chore over with fast, then exercise. Maybe I'm not coordinated enough for this much multi-tasking. The towel stretch might be fun though. Report
Ever see a picture of an obese pioneer woman or even women from the Civil War Era?? No, except the wealthy women that had HOUSEKEEPERS, CHAMBERMAIDS, GARDENERS, LAUNDRESSES, NANNIES, COOKS, FOOTMEN!!
Now, we have synthetic fabrics, automatic washers, dryers, microwaves, dishwashers, furnaces, cars, indoor plumbing, dry cleaners, lawn mowers, grocery stores, freezers(no root cellars),, on and on and on, no calorie burning machines though.. Report
Wow! This could actually help get the housework done! Can't wait to share with my daughter (who is also my workout buddy and is involved in a weight-loss challenge with me). Report
I love the ideas you are very clever , I can't do most of them because my range of motion is very limited . I thank you for your support. Report
How clever! I love these ideas! THanks Report
What a clever blog!! Report
Too Funny, looks like the housecleaning will take all day, but I might try a couple, such as Potty Hotty LOL Report
love this article :) Report
Love the article Report
I do a ton of housework because I have a lot of kids. It's nice to know that I've already been doing many of these. ;) Report
Great ideas if you have the time, but like others, I despise cleaning so I rather get it over with and move onto more "fun" exercising. Report
Thanks for these awesome tips! I clean houses for a living, four days a week. So now instead of being bored while I clean, I add some UMPHFFF to it, and get my workout at the same time!! :) I like that!! :) Report
I think these tips are interesting...but I also feel like it will take me twice as long to do daily activities verses doing them quickly and then doing a 20 minute aerobic workout.
My biggest tip : Focus on time you would be sitting. Instead of sitting on the couch for the 2 minutes you heat up left-overs, do jumping jacks. While you are watching food on a burner (to boil or saute) do calf raises. I don't think adding time to the activities I'd rather get out of the way will help me personally. Report
Great tips...I think I may va va va vacuum tooday. Report
These are really helpful tips. I've never thought about doing some of these but now I think I will try them when I clean. Report
Great tips. I can't wait to try them.
It should be a fun way to clean my house. Report
This will motivate me to clean more! I can't wait to try some of these. My husband already laughs because I walk in place while folding laundry. Report
Wow I already loved cleaning but now I totally adore it I can lose weight and have a clean house. Multi-tasking is the best when there are not enough hours in the day to do everything!! Report
This is wonderful. I love to know of ways that I can kill two birds with one stone! Report
Must try these helpful housework tips!! FUN, FUN, FUN!! Report
Fun-nee! Hope nobody is watching! Who cares anyway?! Report
LOL! cute ideas, I'll have to try a few. Report
what a terrific article! thanks for sharing the simple ideas. We try to make our pennies go a little further - may as well get out pennies worth out of the normal routine things we do each day... Report
Clean up and get healthy, cool Report
Hmmm very very interesting might have to give these a try! Report
I love this! Report
I like this. Kool way to get lean while you clean!!! Report
I like the whole "let life be your workout" concept. One of the things I do is to simply do things like cleaning manually; use a carpet sweeper instead of a vacuum, wash the dishes instead of use the dishwasher, in good weather hang clothes out on the line instead of using the dryer. Not only do you have to use your own energy [hence burn calories] but you as a perk you also save a bit on your electric bill. Report
Being that clutter and housework is one more thing I'm working on, this article is good for me. Another suggestion... I iron just a few pieces of clothing at a time and carry them upstairs, then come down and do some more. Maybe that's not so great for me, since I have piles of laundry everywhere, but it helps me to feel like I'm getting some kind of exercise, especially when I'm stuck in the house in the winter. Report
This was a lot of fun to read, but I know I won't implement the suggestions. I hate cleaning as it is; I'd rather get it done as fast as possible and then use the rest of my day doing something active and fun, like an outdoor walk. Report
I've been doing a lot of these already. I start while in the bathroom brushing my teeth doing squats with side leg raises. If I in the closet/at the dresser I'm marching in place with elbows alternating to knees. When I going up the stairs I will do a few sets of push ups and tricep dips. If I'm sitting I'll do some leg extension and knee lifts for the lower abs. Love sneaking in mini workouts; before doing my schedule workout for the day. Report
great I really like this going to see if can copy it so can have as a reminder each day....I already have to use tiptoes to put dishes way did this years ago on purpose... Report
I love this article!! I think I will do most of the exercises on here :) thanks! Report
This is awesome...I will really benefit from it...Thanks Report
This is a great way of getting exercise. Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!! Report
Wow! Great ideas. I never would have thought of fitting in extra exercise while doing housework. Thanks for sharing. Report
LOVE THIS!! I can't wait to do the laundry now....hahahha Report
Great article. I have passed this along to some friends as they are lazy and thinks this is easy. Report
Great article Report
Happy Spring Cleaning Everyone, what a great article. Report
I loved this article, I am about half done with spring cleaning but will do the rest differently now. Since I began I have lost 7 pounds. Not too shabby. Report
Spring cleaning this weekend, I'll be sure to try some of these out! Report
Thanks for the laundry tip. I spend so much time there...might as well make it work for me. Report
Thanks for the great idea. I am always trying to find time to work out. There is always cleaning to be done. I cant wait to try this out. Great article!! Report
I am not really big on housework in general, however I did get to a point where now i do some exercises in the shower. you know you but on special conditions or creams, and now you need to wait. I make it a point to do a few wall push ups, while i am just waiting. it lets the hot water go up and down my back. and on my shoulder, then i am ready for a few short circle moves with my shoulders and and maybe even a few heel raises.

* I should mention i have a bar to hold onto in the shower or i would never attempt it. Report
the tips sound good, but I just want to get my cleaning done, so I am free for other exercises. Housework is just not my favourite thing to do, so I hate to add more time to it, than I have to. Report
I agree, I'd rather get the boring chores done quickly and then move on to something more fun! One article of clothing at a time from the washer to the dryer? I'd be there forever! I'd rather do it all in one fell swoop and then jump and dance down the hallway.

Neat ideas though. But we have a robot vacuum, so I know I won't be doing that one! Report
this is great! what a fun article. i love the idea of getting workouts while doing every day things! it makes so much sense! Report
Great tips! Not only will I try some of them myself, I'll be sure to share these tips with my friends. Report