Learning from Things that Used to Lead to Failure

By , SparkPeople Blogger
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I now understand why I used to fail whenever I would lose weight and couldn't keep it off! I think understanding what didn't work for me, understanding the things that used to lead to failure are a huge key because that means that I won't be repeating them! 

Here are a lot of the things that used to lead to my failure: 

- I didn't make changes that I could keep up long-term. I only did things just to lose weight. 

- I didn't have any idea how many calories I was burning for workouts and how that could affect the amount I can eat. You can't out exercise a bad diet but you can give yourself more calories to work with than if you're sedentary. 

- I didn't know how to problem solve through all the issues that pop up and challenges to the status quo. 

- I thought things just happened to me and I had no control to help or change it. 

- I didn't understand that you can always make a new choice. 

- I didn't understand that failure is only failure if you quit. 

I would never want to go back to the old ways I used to do things. I was miserable then and much happier now! Looking at that as the old me, this feels like a miracle! 

When it comes down to it, I think it's the ability to problem-solve through anything, using creative thinking, shifting my mind to more positive ways, make new choices, and knowing that quitting is the only failure that really has made the difference. Those are the things that reassure me I won't end up back where I was. Those are the things that changed in me. The food and activity are only the side things, really.

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