Join Us for Just a Minute of Exercise on September 26

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It's good for you. It's easy to do. It makes you feel good. It's fun, too!
What is it?
A simple fitness routine, just 60 seconds long, that kids and adults the world over are following in hopes of breaking a world record! This minute-long workout will take place wherever YOU are at exactly 10 a.m. (your local time) on Sept. 26 as a way to raise awareness about the importance of daily physical activity.
Children everywhere will be participating in schools, but this event is for the young at heart, too—and we need adults like you who care about health and fitness to help spread the word at your workplaces, at home, and in your child's school. After all, we could all benefit from an extra minute of exercise in our days, right?
Just watch the workout video created by kids (embedded below) who are helping spearhead this program. That alone is worth your time (cuteness abounds!).

To participate, all you have to do is sign up online. (You can sign up in one sweep for all of the adults and kids in your household/workplace/school that will be joining you.) Then, learn or follow along with the video above, and then pause for just a minute at 10 a.m. on Sept. 26 to do the routine. SparkPeople headquarters will be joining in the fitness fun—and we hope you will, too!
In the spirit of friendly fun, there is even a state competition at, too; the state that recruits the most people to participate (as a % of the total population) will be awarded the National JAM Title.
JAM World Record 2013 with Let’s Move in School was created as a partnership to raise awareness about the importance of quality physical activity and physical education programs in our schools by the JAM School Program, ConnectTIVITY, Let’s Move in School and
All across the country, schools, corporations, athletes and high-profile organizations are joining the effort to draw the nation’s attention to healthy and active lifestyles. Sign up online to show your support!
I'll be working out with you—and the thousands (and hopefully, millions!) of others who are pledging to exercise—for just a minute tomorrow. Who's with me?

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Didn't see this at all til it was on my start page... the day after......??? Report
I missed it! Meant to do it too. I was moving around at 10 a.m. more than 60 seconds. Well next year I will be sure to do it with everyone else! Great idea! Enjoyed it last year and it was a vigorous 60 seconds! :) Report
Bummer! I start teaching a computer class right at 10:00. I think I'll make a plan to jam after class with the west coast, at 1:00 my time. I wonder if that would count. Report
Will do! Report
Will do! Report
At least delete the comments when you re-post something from last year! And let us have the points or block out the Get Spark Points button if we have already clicked on it years ago! Report
Did not get this e-mail until 10:30 PM on the 27th so knew nothing about it in time to join in. Report
Agreed need more notice! My students would have loved this. Report
Agreed...would have liked more notice. Not only would I have done this this morning, but I would have had my class do it, too! Report
I saw this yesterday, so was able to participate. What a fun minute I had at the office this morning! Next year, if the program is still running, maybe we'll all get the notice at least a week ahead of time. I may have been able to get other folks on board, had I had more of a heads-up. Regardless, it was fun to be part of the movement. Report
Wish I had more notice. As it was, we had an appointment clear across town at 10 am and no way to participat. Looked like fun! Report
I wish I had seen this sooner, too. Report
This info arrived in the wee small hours this morning (3.50am) and I've only found it now (7.40pm).
How I wish this had arrived in time for me to read last night. Please remember for next time to give at least 24 hours notice. I'm sure that there are plenty more folk like me who didn't find out till it was too late.
I hope that there were enough folk managed to register and join in to make the record? It looks such a fun wee work-out! Report
I did this! I can't believe I remembered! Report
Darn! Missed the 10AM slot here locally, but between 7:30 and 8AM I did 10 minutes of heavy cleaning today. Wish I had seen this yesterday. Report
Great idea, I signed up! Report
Wish I would have seen this's past 10:00 here but I would have liked to help them break the world record! Report
c00l ready to participate.... thanks SP for the headups!! Report
it was fun excising along with these cute kids. loved the school mascot !! Report
Fun idea. I did it! Report
Cute! Love it! Report
That Was A Great 1 Minute Of Exercise To Get You Blood Flowing! Report
Awesome quickie! Saved to my favorites! Report
Great idea, I'm ready to exercise. Report
Love this. Cute! Report
Count me in and my family! Report
I'm doing it!! Luckily, I read the blog before 10:00! Report
what a good idea! Report
Wonderful idea. I support this wholeheartedly, but am unhappy with the choice of days. Who instituted this? I would like to have the person/institution have some awareness and sensitivity by not choosing the most holy and religious holidays of the entire year. Report
How wonderful is that!?!?!?!
Love the idea - Count me in! Report
Great Idea! Just The Right Time Of The Morning Too! Yep I'm In! Thanks For Sharing This Information! Report
My birthday too! What a great way to celebrate! Report
That video is extra cute. I will be walking to work at 10:00 tomorrow morning, so maybe I'll do these exercises as I'm walking down the sidewalk! Report
Tomorrow is my birthday, this is a great way to celebrate being alive! Report
I'm signed up.

I loved the girl in the wheelchair. If she can do it any of us can do it. Report
So doing this with my family!! Report
My office just signed up! 25 strong! Report
What a Fabulous idea!
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