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As you know, we're now on Instagram, the photo and video sharing app! We love how easy Instagram is to use and that it allows us to share fun, healthy tidbits from behind the scenes at SparkPeople every day. While we do love writing about healthy living, it's true that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Over the last few months, we've loved seeing your photos documenting your healthy living habits. From your daily lunch photos to selfies after the gym, we love witnessing the proof that healthy living is possible--and fun!

You know how much SparkPeople likes challenges. We had such fun with our #backontrack consistency challenge in August that we're doing another one--on Instagram this time!

Fall is a time when many people, well, fall off the healthy living wagon. Days are shorter, nights are longer, and the air is colder. Snuggling up on the couch or staying in bed becomes that much more appealing. We're hoping that by getting you excited about all things autumnal. From the first signs of the changing leaves to pumpkin-flavored everything, from fall sports to Halloween costumes, we want proof that you're making every day healthier and happier. Our staff will be sharing their own proof on the SparkPeople Instagram account.

The challenge is simple: Take a look at the graphic below, which shares the day-by-day themes for the challenge, starting with October 1. Share your photos every day (or most days), making sure to tag them #sparkpeople and #fallfavorites to join in the challenge and give us permission to repost them. (And don’t forget to start following us to get the inside scoop on healthy living.)

#fallfavorites Instagram Photo-a-Day
Challenge for October

October 1 Lunch
2 Play
3 Breakfast
4 Sleep
5 Signs of change
6 Your view today
7 Health
8 How you sweat
9 Pantry
10 Drink
11 Pumpkins
12 Feeds your soul
13 Fall sports
14 Harvest
15 Selfie
16 Apples
17 Smile
18 Workout shoes
19 Refrigerator
20 Spread the Spark
21 Snack
22 Sunrise/morning
23 Love
24 Home
25 Pleasure
26 Sunset
27 Dinner
28 Comfort
29 Inspiration
30 Costume
31 Halloween
If you don’t have an Instagram account, take a sneak peek at our feed here.
Are you on Instagram? Are you joining the #fallfavorites challenge?

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Catching this way too late - I hope this is something that would be done again! Report
Oh! I came in too late! Please do this again soon! Report
This must be for people who have too much time on their hands????? Report
This is a brand new blog but when I click for my points -- It says already awarded points ..
What is going on with blogs? Report
Just downloaded Instagram and added my first pic. Can anyone tell me how/where to put the tags? Please? Report
How exciting, this challenge combines two of my favourite things - fitness and photography! Can't wait to get started Report
Just downloaded instagram!! Report
Yay! Getting on Instagram will make me feel like I'm finally with it! Report
This could be a lot of fun! Report
Sounds interesting. I don't have a working properly camera phone and the one on the pc takes too many times for me to like them. I'll think about it anyway. Great idea! Thank you! :) Report
Looks great! Will have to participate :) Just one doubt..what does spread the spark mean? Report
Sounds like fun. I'm going to have to get a instagram account Report
Sounds like fun! Report
going to have to check out and see what insta gram is. :) Report
I'm really excited for this and will enthusiastically participate. I don't do Facebook, so I love Instagram. This is gonna be fun! Thanks SP! :) Report
Can I bypass Instagram and just post to facebook again like #backontrack? I don't want to join instagram since it all winds up on facebook anyway. Report
Instagram looks so cool but I am already so pressed for time and bogged down by media (on-line and otherwise), I just can't add this to the pot. I am trying to cut back, not add to, my already overwhelmed and frantic schedule. Looks neat though! Report