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Jillian Michaels to Leave ‘Biggest Loser’; Will You Still Watch?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Jillian Michaels has become a household name from her role as a tough-talking trainer on NBC's "The Biggest Loser". Fans have come to expect the duo of Jillian and fellow trainer Bob Harper with each new season of the show. (She has appeared on every season except one.) But last week, Jillian revealed that the next season, Season 11, will be her last. Will you still tune in?

Jillian announced, via Twitter, that she is leaving the show to focus on new projects in her life. She plans to do more charity work and adopt a child. Becoming a mother has become more of a priority to Jillian since doing "Losing It" last summer, a show that had her living with families to help them change their habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Jillian is a big part of the show, and a big reason why many people watch. They are interested to see what she's going to say next and what she's going to do to help motivate the contestants. She has said that a new trainer, who will be involved with Jillian's final season, will be taking her place.

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