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Jillian Michaels to Leave ‘Biggest Loser’; Will You Still Watch?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Jillian Michaels has become a household name from her role as a tough-talking trainer on NBC's "The Biggest Loser". Fans have come to expect the duo of Jillian and fellow trainer Bob Harper with each new season of the show. (She has appeared on every season except one.) But last week, Jillian revealed that the next season, Season 11, will be her last. Will you still tune in?

Jillian announced, via Twitter, that she is leaving the show to focus on new projects in her life. She plans to do more charity work and adopt a child. Becoming a mother has become more of a priority to Jillian since doing "Losing It" last summer, a show that had her living with families to help them change their habits and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Jillian is a big part of the show, and a big reason why many people watch. They are interested to see what she's going to say next and what she's going to do to help motivate the contestants. She has said that a new trainer, who will be involved with Jillian's final season, will be taking her place.

Will you still watch "The Biggest Loser" without Jillian Michaels?

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Good riddance to the ATTITUDE! Now I will watch again..... Report
I would be more likely to return to watching it with her gone... She has an attitude I won't watch or support.. I do not appreciate her contribution to the show and just switch channels when she gets going. Report
I love the show and jillian i will be sorry to see her go.I dont like alot of yelling eather but from what i have read and heard from contestants that were on the show in the passed a lot of the yelling is made to look harder on the show than what it realy is.yes i will still watch the show as long they dont bring back that trainer kim they had on there a couple years ago did not like her at all. Report
I don't like Jillian at all. The only episodes I watch are the transformation episodes and if Jillian talks I mute the TV. I may watch the show again after she leaves. Bob is awesome. Report
We are going to see Jillian in a lot of other places I am sure, I guess it is her time, so I say give the new trainers a chance and see how it goes. Report
Both Bob and Jillian are brilliant mentors...Jillian understands having been there herself how it feels to be big.....they will be so missed on the biggest loser!
Lets give the newies a chance but for me it will not be the same.... Report
I'm pretty sure they are going to have different trainers every season now, because on the contestant application website it said "click here if you are a trainer applying to be on the show". Cool new edge! Report
Jillian dances on the jagged edge of my very last nerve. I am glad to see her go. Report
I am a huge fan of Jillian's. I will miss her on BL. Report
I stopped watching because of how abrasive Jillian is, I can't stand to see how she treats people. I may start watching again if she is gone. Report
Yes I will still watch the show. Jillian is a great trainer and knows how to get results but, the purpose of the show is to help these contestents lose weight by giving them the tools and teaching them healthy choices. To me watching the show has never been about who gets the money. Report
I think people are too hung up on the entire "certification" process. All a certificate means is you answered enough questions on a test to pass, but not everyone who has a certificate is necessarily qualified. We've all had teachers who couldn't teach - impart information in a truly comprehensive manner. I don't have a teacher's certificate but I guarantee I CAN teach. Some things are just innate. Therefore, Jillian not having a "certificate" doesn't mean she doesn't know what she's talking about. She's helped too many people and gotten to the root problems to not know what she's talking about. The proof is in the pudding - and she's proven she knows what she's doing. I think some people just find her threatening because she gets too close to the truth. Report
I'd still watch.....but I must admit this season I am not watching. Last season was awesome. For one I hate the hollering factor. Hollering does nothing for me. It would be counterproductive for me. But that is me. I like Bob approach. ...but He went off on a constant a few seasons ago. This will be interesting to see. I am wondering is that the real reason she is leaving....Is there some other reason...? Wondering? Been rumored she's start her own show in Oprahs time slot. I did not watch too much the show she did by her self for the same reasons I lested above. Her approach stinks!! Report
I find Jillian's approach abrassive and over emotional. While her mother may be a Psychologist she is not and is therefore not qualified to play the part! My son is a Harvard trained MD but that does not make me qualified to give anyone medical advice! I will still watch the show without Jillian as watching the contestants succeed is why I tune in. I hope the trainer who replaces Jillian does not try to emulate her style. Report
I've never liked Jillian's approach. The show will be better without her! Report
It's interesting that people are judging Jillian by her surface facade. Anyone who knows human nature understands that people are usually the opposite of how they appear. Those who act boisterous and aggressive are usually the ones with the biggest hearts. Like I've always said, "The softer the yolk, the harder the shell."
Jillian's mother is a psychologist so Jillian has far more understanding of the root causes of obesity than most. Her insight is amazing. While I don't like the yelling, I have found in Jillian's case, it's when she ISN'T yelling that you need to be afraid. LOL Report
i stopped watching the show quite a while ago - it is the same show over and over again. i did not like jillian's approach either and she is not an analysist or medically trained but she acts like she is. it has run its course and so has she - now disappear. Report
I don't get to watch the show as much as I'd like to. While I don't like yelling, I know that for some people to make dramatic changes, it takes confrontation and tough love. They don't have a lot of time with the contestants. And truth is, there's a reason the contestants haven't been successful before. If it had been just eating less and exercising more, there wouldn't be an obesity problem. There are other reasons why people get to be in the shape of the contestants and can't change. Julian and Bob had to do whatever it would take to get to their resistance and then get them over it. I think they have had a lot of success with the contestants. Would I like Julian to train me? I'd hate it, but she would definitely make some changes in me. She would probably be good for me. Will I stop watching? No. I like seeing the journey of the contestants. I am inspired with every show I get to watch. The new trainers will be great and bring their skills to the program, just like Julian brought hers. Report
Jillian's techniques frighten me - I expected to see a heart attack or even death on the Biggest Loser if she were allowed to continue her "torture methods." I would enjoy seeing more of nutrition featured (without the advertisements and product placement) on the show. Report
I have major issues with the show so I don't watch it. It's unrealistic and unhealthy, something I just can't condone. I don't find it motivating to watch something that the average Joe/Jane cannot do healthily on their own. I've heard enough about it to be concerned over the mental health part of it as well as the physical health. Report
I have major issues with the show so I don't watch it. It's unrealistic and unhealthy, something I just can't condone. I don't find it motivating to watch something that the average Joe/Jane cannot do healthily on their own. I've heard enough about it to be concerned over the mental health part of it as well as the physical health. Report
Good riddance. She is unqualified to give fitness and weight loss advice. Report
I watch the show sporadically but I feel that Jillian's leaving will definitely impact the viewers and the contestants. Underneath all that tough yelling and prodding, she has a heart of gold and she truly cares about the people she trains. Tough love is one of the hardest things to dish out and sometimes, just what's most needed... Report
I don't watch the biggest loser anymore. Report
i like Jillian, but will still watch the show it is he show that i watch to see people to lose it encourage you it show if you want you can do it, you just need some encouragement and will power. \But it is not only losing , it is to keept it after. Report
i like Jillian, but will still watch the show it is he show that i watch to see people to lose it encourage you it show if you want you can do it, you just need some encouragement and will power. \But it is not only losing , it is to keept it after. Report
I watch the show and have the 30 Day Shred but I also have Bob's TBL Bootcamp . I will continue to watch the show. I enjoy watching the journey of the people on the show, don't care who trains them as long as they are good at their job. Report
Don't watch the show. I will just watch Jillian while doing the Shred. Report
I will miss Jillian, but I'm looking forward to seeing what a new trainer will bring to the show. I watch the Biggest Loser primarily for the contestant tranformations. Report
I've watched parts of 3 episodes over the last 11 seasons. I might watch more now. Or slightly less. Maybe. Report
I had mixed feelings about Jillian, I think basically she has a good heart, but her training style..yikes...the screaming, in your face, trainer is really not for me. I hope the next trainer is likeable. I didn't really care for the fill in she had the last time she left. Hope this one is better. Report
I haven't watched the show, & probably won't. I'm not a big TV watcher, too many other interesting things to do! Report
I love the show. While I recognize that the weigh loss that is seen on the show is not realistic for those of us in our everyday lives, I enjoy seeing the changes the contestants (physically AS WELL as emotionally) throughout the season. I find the show quite inspirational. I like both Bob & Jillian, and while I am a fan of Jillian's, I will not stop watching the show because she's not there. There are many other reasons why I watch the show. Report
I'm not a fan of the show, with or without her. Report
Don't like the approach of the show for me it does not show how to live a healthy lifestyle. This is not realistic. I think that she bullies people in a mean way. I don't watch it. I wish the poll had this option to choose. Report
I don't watch "Biggest Loser" because I don't think it relates to my real life. Report
Why when I click on the "Get you Spark Points" it does not go anywhere? It does not work. Report
I do not miss an episode! I love the motivation and more than anything I love to see the contestants as their bodies and attitude changes. I would like to see more of the meal planning side! Report
I say good ridance to her. She treats those poor people horribly. Wonder how she would like it if she were in their shoes. Report
I think a lot of people are judging the show and what it does without knowing much about it. These people are continually watched by a doctor and are pushed beyond what the people exercising believe they can do.. that is good. We all have more potential than we think. We need a good hard push. Every single person on that show is VERY thankful of Bob an Jillian both for their pushing. They owe their lives to them for it. That kind of weight loss is not healthy the way a normal person would do it but they are in the gym, watched by a doctor daily and eat very healthy. That is a healthy way to lose. Last season, one guy went from major diabetes to normal in just 6 weeks. How is THAT not healthy? I dont like the language on the show at all but I will miss Jillian. She is very loving outside the gym. Ive read the books that the contestants have written and they all love her to death. Report
I quit watching it this year because I think they don't lose weight in a healthy or realistic way.
I think Jillian's psycho babble and selling of pills and potions is a turn off. Report
I only watched one season (when Tara won) and that was enough for me. Two hours of dragging out an hour show was just too much. I agree with a lot of the comments made here, and could care less who is on that show. Report
I never cared for the show; time spent watching it could easily be spent actually exercising. If you have time for this show, you have time for an additional hour of fitness.
I'm soooo glad to see that so many people have commented about not watching due to the unrealistic portrayals of weight loss. Yup, I agree that BL is the "anti spark." How about a show that goes into people's homes, follows them around in their REAL every day life, and tries to help them achieve healthier lifestyles in realistic ways? Don't get me wrong, I'm a sucker for a good makeover, but common sense wins out on this one. Report
I know Jillian's style works for some people. It bothers me tho that she sells/endorses unhealthy weight loss products WAAAYYYY more than her 'in your face' approach to being a motivational coaching force. Report
Who cares? I never watch the show and feel very sorry for the abuse those people allow themselves to go through in hopes of losing weight. To me, it shows how really unhealthy--mind, body & spirit--they are and she is. Report
I think the show will be better without Jillian, but I wish her well. Report
I will definitely miss Jillian. She has the compassion needed for obtaining results in a way that doesn't baby the person, but gets to the heart of any eating problem. Report
I haven't watched the show (it seems silly) so I didn't know who Jillian Michaels was. Report
I'm seriously surprised at the badmouthing that I'm seeing in the comments. There's several things I keep in mind as I watch this kind of show.
1. It's not reality, no matter how much they say it is.
2. What they show us is not the whole of what happens.

So, yes, for most of us losing as much weight as they do would be seriously unhealthy. And no, we can't spend as much time in the gym as they do. But for several weeks of their lives, these contestents are sequestered with a gym, a kitchen, healthy food, trainers, and doctors and all they do is work on their health. They are trying to teach them about diet: but that's not exciting, so it doesn't end up on the television screen. They do have medical staff. The trainers yell at the contestants so that they push themselves harder (something I've wished for a time or two: I don't know what I'm capable of, and someone outside pushing me harder than I thought I could push would be nice).

Every day on that show is an endurance race for the contestants. But it is unrealistic to expect that in real life and I would hope that they'd put more emphasis on that fact instead of the one disclaimer at the end; it leads people to expect that kind of results, which you WON'T GET unless you have a staff of about a dozen people taking care of you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Report