Is the Jamba Juice New School Smoothie a Healthy Choice?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Last year the new school lunch guidelines were unveiled including new guidelines for the kind of milk to serve. Since that time, school districts across the country have been putting plans in place for implementation at the start of this school year. We have seen popular restaurants like Domino's get creative to provide cost effective quick serve options that meet the revised USDA guidelines as they seek to expand their business through school lunches.
Last month, at the School Nutrition Association Conference in Denver, a variety of other companies presented their products in hopes that school districts would include them in their new plans. Jamba Juice was one of those companies and unveiled a new smoothie they developed with the National Dairy Council. The naturally sweetened smoothie contains fruit, fruit juice, and fat-free milk with the goal of providing schools with a nutritious milk option at a reasonable cost-per-serving. Here is how this new smoothie stacks up.

Jamba Juice is trying to transition to a brand associated with healthy, active lifestyles. As part of that effort, they have introduced small JambaGo kiosks with readymade products in food courts, special event venues, and schools.

The new JambaGO smoothies are currently set to begin service in 100 schools according to the company press release and that number is expected to grow to 400-500 schools by the end of the year. The fat-free dairy and fruit smoothie offers the vitamins, minerals and some fiber from fruit and the calcium, potassium and protein of dairy. Schools currently have a choice between berry and peach flavors, which both provide one serving of fruit and one-half serving of fat-free dairy in an eight fluid ounce serving. This can be a real benefit for students that do not typically drink milk while also helping them meet the increased school lunch requirements for fruits and vegetables.
Many families may want to avoid school lunch lines altogether by packing healthy school lunches at home.  If you like the idea of a smoothie for lunch, here are five fantastic fruit smoothies you can make at home and freeze the night before for a perfect lunchtime smoothie as part of a nutrient rich packed lunch.
Simple Smoothie

Breakfast Smoothie

Cocoa Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie

Mixed Fruit Smoothie

Quick and Easy Mango Smoothie

What do you think about companies like Dominos and Jamba Juice creating products especially for school lunches?  Do you believe they will help school age children with weight concerns?