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Jackie Warner's Secrets to Amazing Abs

By , SparkPeople Blogger
By Kimberly Papa of That's Fit

Celebrity trainer Jackie Warner has the kind of abs most of us can only dream about, but the creator of the "Personal Training with Jackie: Crunch-Free Xtreme Abs" DVD and star of Bravo's "Thintervention" says anyone can get a seriously toned tummy with the right diet and her must-do moves -- which, by the way, do not include crunches.

Why do you say crunches alone are a waste of time?

Crunches are not going to change your body shape at all. Diet is the key. If you don't change your diet, then doing crunches will add only muscle to your shape and can actually make you appear larger. The best exercises for changing your body shape and strengthening the core is to do push-ups and weighted squats.

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What is your favorite abs exercise?

Photo from Anchor Bay Entertainment via That's Fit

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Just my opinion....

#1 is health
#2 is how I feel and look
#2 is fine by me so long as #1 works

I don't criticise those who are obese nor those who have fewer curves. For my personal preference on my own body, fewer curves works for #2 and I try to focus on #1. I think she looks great but it is more important what she thinks. Report
I prefer Denise Austin I find I can keep up with your exercises. Abs Flatteners:No Crunches Required is my choice. Report
pfft... i did ONE jackie warner work-out so far...ONE. and i was sore for 3days! she kicked my ass in those 45min! so tonight, i'm gong back for more :) Report
@Comfanfan - I'm over 200 lbs and have done the plank moves shown on the Abs-flattening Yoga buster. Surprisingly, I found that I had to work on strengthening my shoulder muscles more (and of course my core) in order to do the leg lift version. And that the pressure was actually on the thigh of my supporting leg, rather than my toes. Having said that, I've been practicing the easier version of plank since last summer and have only recently been adding the leg lift. So it can definitely take a while to build up the strength to go to the next version (or at least that's been my experience). All this to say, planks are on of my favorite core exercises. Report
I think her abs look terrific. At 60, I'm not expecting mine to look as good. I like different exercises that work the abs and other muscles. Report
The ab recipe that's been kicking my butt lately is bicycle crunches. I feel like my whole stomach, included obliques, is engaged. Report
to the people who are saying it's okay to snipe at Ms. Warner's body type because they don't want to look like her--who says that following her workouts _would_ make you look like her? I do her workouts (among others) and I don't look like her; I look like me. I just look like me in good shape. If you're curvy, you'll look fit and curvy. If you're straight up and down, you'll likely still look straight up and down, but you'll be fit. The point is, what's Goriana criticized is an underlying body type, not a particular weight. If that's not your body type, you're not going to suddenly get that body type. So....irrelevant issue. Report
I love the yoga for abs, exercises. Report
I think it's refreshing to see a "celebrity trainer" preach the importance of nutrition. Report how quick some are to judge- as if it is better to criticize someone who actually is in shape than to insult someone who is not...i see positive comments all over this site to folks who are obese and out of shape- what makes it right to make fun of or stand in judgment of Jackie, any other fitness "celeb"- or each other, for that matter? I doubt i could ever even get my abs to look as tight and toned as hers- but i certainly am not going to fault her for how her body looks- especially when she is doing and saying the kinds of healthy things we should. (I'm sure she wouldn't care who thinks she should eat more and "get some hips" any more than any of us would want to be judged by our too wide-waists, or too small boobs, or any number of things). Personally she inspires me because she lives what she believes- exercising, eating right...(oh well at least no one started in on her "alternative lifestyle choice," that's something...) Report
I am looking forward to trying this work out out! I just ordered one of her other videos from netflix and can't wait to try. Report
Positivity is key here. Jackie is positive throughout her Xtreme Abs video. She introduces both of the women who demonstrate the exercises, one does a modified version and the other does the full on way. For the DVD, you don't need to have weights but it would be more beneficial to have them. I do the modified version and it is still a killer workout. Yes I'm able to do both 15 mins and I'm over 200 lbs.

I think Jackie is an amazing trainer. She may not be for everyone, no one ever is. So instead of criticising, how about leaving mean and hateful comments to yourself. Report
I understand she is a public figure but just because someone is in the fitness industry doesn't mean they expect us to look like them...did she ever say you have to look like me to be healthy? They want us to be as healthy as WE can be NOT look exactly like them...that would be impossibe we are all shaped different etc and not everyone wants the muscle look and if you lift weights etc that does NOT mean you will look like I find her attractive personally? NO but does that mean I should call her gross, or ugly? I think NOT. No wonder there is so much hate and prejudice in the world when we try and justify our negative and nasty comments or opinions. Report
guess I need to get in the kitchen more often Report
I love Jackie Warner, I workout to her DVD's on Exercise TV. Yeah it's tough but the reward to me is great. I dont' know why so many negative comments about Jackie. First off she's not trying to have anyone look like her. If you watch her TV shows on Bravo channel, involving her gym SKY LAB and Thintervention you would see that she has helped lots of overweight people like many of us (I'm talking 200-300 lbs) and they were successful in losing. None of those people had body shaped like her's. She promotes healthy lifestyle changes including exercise, changes in diet and mental awareness (she had a psychiatrist to help people with food related issues).We all have our own physical make ups and physical capabilities, it's up to us to make the best of it. I don't think her purpose as a PT is to say "Hey America, You Should Like Me". She wants people to look and feel healthy. Yeah, she is a celebrity PT has worked with celebrites and has a product to sell, but so is Jillian Michael's and yet everyone love's her ( her message is the same as Jackie's and their physical makeup is about the same). If you read Jackie's entire article correctly you would have noticed she mainly talked about how changing your diet makes up 75% of your body change. If Jackie's look isn't for you that's cool but don't put her down cause she's done a lot of good for overweight people especially those who aren't celebrities. Report
I took a look at that Abs-Flattening Yoga Blaster listed in the blog. Kind of wondered how safe it was to do a plank if you weigh 200 pounds or more, especially if you did the more challenging version of raising one foot off the floor. That's an awful lot of weight to be putting on bent toes, isn't it? Report
I am 64 and I do Jackie's DVD!! Yes, it is hard but I'm seeing results. I also do Jillian Michael's. But Jackie's shape is unique to her and yours is unique to you. And I don't believe that she looks "bad". Report
I, personally, think Jackie looks TOO thin...and most of us would NEVER be able to look like she does...but I am a firm believer that you should look the way YOU want to...her look just isn't for me.... Report
Jackie cannot do much about her basic physique because that is how she is built. Maybe even she doesn't like her physique but she has done the best she can with what she has. It has taken lots of effort on her part to look as she does and I congratulate her on that. Personally, I prefer a body such as Marilyn Monroe and Beyonce and such because they ha(d)ve curves. Report
Sorry, me not like her, she doesn't look femenine, she does not has curves. Report
I don't agree with the people who say it's wrong to criticise Jackie's image.
Sorry, but she is NOT a private individual, she is a celebrity earning her living by enouraging others to look like her. And if you do want to look like her, fine, that's your choice. But if you don't, you have every right to say no thanks, that's not the look I'm striving to achieve, I'm hoping to end up a bit more curvy/feminine.

If you're writing fitness articles, selling DVDs, appearing on TV and actively enouraging people to follow your lead as the "right" way to look, people have every right to pass comment. Report
Opps, I meant to say Jackie. Report
To all those with the negative comments I say look in the mirror. If you are happy with what you see no one else's opinion matters. Due to my job I have a lot of mustle and when I lose the extra weight I will look somewhat like Kimberly except with more of a waist. The point is being healthy not what pleases someone else. Report
Jackie is certainly built like a man. I'll stay with Denise Austin who is now 54, the mother of two grown daughters and 5'4" and 112#. Report
Jackie Warner's dvds kill a good way. I love her. Report
Weighted squats are not fun, but it was the only thing that gave me results. Report
Rats! Weighted squats are not my idea of fun LOL Report
I love Jackie! Since I have been doing her workouts, I have really toned up! One day of doing her Ab workout I can see results! Jackie's book is a great read and nothing to out of line and out of the ordinary. I think Jackie is an inspiration! Report
Agreed! Health and fitness level are the key! Not everyone looks the same or desires to achieve the same look, the point is living a healthy lifestyle and feeling positive about YOUR OWN image! Putting others down doesn't make anyone more attractive, just a lose lose. Good for her for dedicating herself to a life of fitness and health, I aspire to do the same. Report
seriously I find it funny that people are so judgemental...we come in all shapes and sizes and because someone is more muscular doesn't mean they don't look many women do you think would choose to be the michelin man over Jackie? So saying she looks gross or whatever is no better than someone saying someone with some fat on them is gross...why is it different? We really need to learn to be less judgemental of what ALL people look like and stop comparing ourselves to others...we all have different tastes and I think Jackie being in the fitness business trying to help people have a heathier life and body is the POINT. Report
To GORIANA: good thing Jackie's not trying to impress any men, least of all your husband :)

There is so much negativity out there towards heavy people ; why would we extend that attitude to very fit people? This trainer works very hard for her body, and I find your tongue-in-cheek recommendation to eat bacon counterproductive to achieving body acceptance for all figure types. Report
Personally, I don't look at this picture of Jackie as healthy. I understand that body shapes come in all kinds of packages. However, I've seen female body builders that looked a heck of a lot more healthy that this. I think maybe it's just a bad photo they used. BUT, despite all of this, if you have to look at someone else's body to aid in your weight loss, you need to stop and come back to reality! Needless to say I don't watch reality weight loss programs. They are misleading and downright nasty to clients. What ever happened to not only telling them to be kind to themselves, but demonstrating it too? Report
She's hot, and ya I'm a girl. I would love that body, all of it, and my hubby would to. If this were print, this would be on my visual collage. Report
I'm afraid the Mr would divorce me if I lost my curves ... LOL!
Although I'm not interested in rock hard abs I do want and have been working towards changes in my core. I'll take all the information I can get and move forward with a game plan based on knowledge.
My favorite ab workout? Hmmm, I'm not sure it's a favorite but I do 60+ sit-ups a day. I don't like nor do I participate in crunches. My Zumba classes really works the abs too and that is more fun than anything. :)
I do love Jackie Warner's workouts and I look forward to reading the entire article. It's too bad that one person chose to focus on something so irrelevant as the accompanying picture. She's naturally a boyish body type is all. And it isn't a great picture, to be honest.

To go back to the subject at hand--my favorite ab exercise is hula hooping. It not only works my abs, it's great fun. Report
@Goriana Not everyone wants a body simply for the approval of a man. Why would some women want to look like Jackie? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Can you understand this concept? Seems simple enough. We all have prefrences. Don't be mistaken that yours are somehow THE prefrences to have. Variety is the spice of life. Report
I agree. Mostly diet. Report
I would love to look like this. I do cardio and yoga most everyday. Yoga seems to help me. Also agree that eating healthy is the key! Report
@Goriana There are strong fit bodies in lots of shapes and sizes, and the world's a better place when we accept that rather than "drinking the haterade". Report
Yep .... 80% diet/ 20% exercise! Report
A comment on the picture of the trainer: I don't want to look like this. My husband doesn't want me to look like this. Why would any woman want to look like this?

Maybe the information in the article is useful, but the picture of a woman's head on the body of an adolescent boy doesn't impress me to click on 'read more'.

Ms. Warner would do well to eat more bacon and get her hips back. Currently, she looks unhealthy. Report
Abs are made in the kitchen! Report
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