'I Lost 60 Pounds (at 60 Years Young)!'*

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Meet Joyce (username GATORJOY), a SparkPeople member who has lost 60 pounds! Learn how she did it, and see how she continues to keep the weight off!

What is your age?: I am 60 years old.

How long have you been a SparkPeople member? How did you find SparkPeople?: I have been a SparkPeople member since July of 2010.

What is your favorite feature on SparkPeople?: The Nutrition Tracker.

How much weight have you lost?: Between 55 and 60 pounds.

How long did it take to lose the weight?: It took me 9 months.

What was your light bulb moment that made you decide to lose weight?: I saw a picture of myself that showed me how big I had become.

What was your biggest obstacle while trying to lose weight?: I thought I needed money to lose weight until I found SparkPeople!

What does your weekly exercise schedule look like?: Yoga class at least twice per week and at least one cardio class per week. I also have a daily schedule at home of 10 minutes of strength training, such as lifting small weights, or doing crunches, sit-ups and bicycle crunches.

What is your favorite way to exercise?: A group class, or sports activities such as golf, hiking or softball.

Do you have any personal fitness goals coming up?: Not really anything specific. I'm just trying to stay healthy as long as I can.

What does a typical day of food look like for you? How does this compare to the way you ate before your transformation?:
Breakfast is usually two slices of peanut butter toast  with a banana, clementine or apple, and a cup of coffee.

Lunch is a protein such as canned salmon or baked turkey, with a fruit and a vegetable. Snacks are usually low-sodium V8, or perhaps a dry cereal.

Dinner is usually a protein and a vegetable and a fruit. My portions are much smaller than in the past and I eat to live instead of living to eat. I think of food much more, and I don't put everything I want in my mouth. Instead, I plan my meals and have occasional planned treats. Every once in a while, I'll even incorporate days where I don't track at all.

What is your favorite healthy food?: Fresh fruits, which I always have on hand. I like pineapple, apples, bananas, clementines and grapes.

What is your favorite treat food?: Chocolate brownies or Krave Cereal.

Who is your biggest inspiration?: All the other Sparkers that I see who have lost weight and now maintain a new lifestyle.

Do you have a personal mantra/saying/quote that you live by that you’d like to share?: I want to always remember where I used to be so I won't ever return to that place! Looking at where I used to be compared to where I am now, life is so much better.  I used to avoid pictures, especially full-length ones. Now, I don't mind at all!

*Weight loss results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as a typical result of following the SparkPeople program.

Has Joyce inspired you? What tips of hers can you use in your own healthy-living journey?

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CONNIE110254 4/20/2018
I needed this today! I guess it is never too late. Thank you!
Congratulations, Joyce! I just turned 60 a few months ago and I hope to be able to speak of my success at sixty was well, lol! I really think you have a good point about not forgetting where you were so that you won't go back there again! Sort of like that old saying that people who don't remember the mistakes in history are bound to repeat them...thanks! Report
Wow Joyce, I just read your story. I too am 60 and need to lose weight in the worst way. You have given me inspiration to get back on track. Thank you and congratulations! Report
I realized this morning that I'm exactly 6 months away from being 61. Perfect timing to reread your story. Thanks! Report
Your story inspires to them who want to lose their weight at any age. Good work.
Thanks for sharing...

You just stunningly awesome. Thank you for sharing your story. I am 63 and right now I am struggling to get back down to my maintenance goal and my over all goal. You are an inspiration to me.

Congratulations on your weight loss :D Report
You look amazing! I'm 67 and believe there's always time to get fit! You have some really good and easy to follow ideas that I will use this summer. Report
At 62 ur story motivates me. It is never to late to be healthy! Report
A year further, nevertheless your story is so inspiring. You gave me some healthy ideas too, about the low-sodium V8 I will try it too. You look like a movie star in the picture. Great success real-life real-people story!!!!! Report
Hi Joyce,
Thanks for sharing your story. I was 60 when I started to seriously lose weight last April 1. So far, I've lost 20 and still going. I'm now 61 and after reading your article, I don't feel like this is all a lost cause because I'm too old!!!. I eat and exercise pretty much like you do and am glad that I'm at an age where I am not trying to lose weight for anyone else or for some upcoming event! Thanks for the inspiration. Report
Thanks for sharing Joyce! I'm 61, have lost 15 pounds since moving to Cameroon 1.5 years ago, but want to lose 20 more...at a plateau. Your story inspires me to work harder, keep plugging away. Blessings! Report
You look absolutely beautiful and 20 years younger, really!! If you can do it at an older age, I can too, but it will come off slowwwly for me because I eat so high on my caloric allotment!!! Thank you for sharing your success story, Joyce. Report
Thank you for sharing I'm 59 I just started I've lost 12 lbs. I have stopped and started so many times in my life but I'm going to make it this time and when I do I'm going to find the biggest water slide I can find . Thanks so much for your inspiration! Report
Wow.. truly inspiring! Well done! Report
Of all the success stories I've read so far, I can relate well to this one. Congratulations. What the heck am I waiting for? Report
Great Report
I turn 61 in March and in 2012 had major heart surgery. I want to be around a long time and I need to incorporate healthier eating and exercise and manage stress better. Thank you for this inspiration. I wish I could magically get this weight off but it took a long time to put it on and it is not going to come off overnight. I will reread this story often to keep myself motivated that this is a worthwhile journey! Report
Congrats. What an inspiration you are to keep at it. Report
That for the people that told me that i'm to old to lose my weight. And not that you are old, but you are older then I am. And you did it and you look great! And I want to do as good as you have. Thank you for sharing your story Report
Congratulations on your weight loss! I turned 60 last July and had been diagnosed as pre-diabetic and my blood pressure has been climbing this past year. I've felt that at my age it will be almost impossible to make the changes I need to get healthy. But your story has given me hope. You look so young in your "after' picture! I have 75 pounds to lose, and I'm more confident I will do it. Thank you for sharing your success. Report
Congrats Joyce. I am getting ready to turn the big 60 and I do not want to be fat, 83 lbs to loose, anymore.. You are an inspirtion. I can do this. You looik so wonderful. Just keep going and living that healthy lifestyle.
Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your story. You remind us that weight loss is not about age or money, it's about persistence. No doubt you struggled at times (because if losing weight was easy, none of us would be overweight!). I especially like how you pretty much deflate the notion that one becomes too old to work out or that it takes extra money to get healthy. You show that it takes patience, persistence, and setting reasonable goals. Again, thanks for sharing. You are a wonderful inspiration. Report
Your story has given me hope that I too can accomplish my goal. Report
Jocye, you're inspiring for women of all ages! I also used to let money (lack of) prevent me from achieving my dreams, but have learned that if I'm resourceful I can achieve my health and fitness goals! Report
I love your before and after pics. Do you feel like a completely different person? What finally motivated you to stick to your diet? Report
I'm 59 and didn't like my pictures from this last Christmas holiday. Now, "this is my last heavy holiday". Report
wow, thank you for the inspiration! I've been struggling to loose weight being hypothyroid and having kidney cancer but seeing your exercise routing (the 10 min. a night weights) made me realize that there is much more I could be doing. Time to stop using my age (50) and my "issues" as an excuse and charge on :-)
WOW!!! I need this inspiration right now. Thanks for sharing. Report
Thank you for sharing. Last May I was diagnosed diabetic and turned 60 in July. I struggle to keep up with changing my lifestyle to a healthier version. Your story inspires me to keep going, you look great. Report
wow! great job! you do look amazing, and you give me hope. Things are moving very slow right now but it is worth persuing. keep up the good work. Report
AMAZING!!! Report
congratulations! Your story gives me hope. I turn 60 this year and was glad to see someone my age could be successful! Thank You! Report
Good job you just gave me more motivation.....you look amazing. Report
That is great. I have been trying to loose weight for over thre years but still have 6kgs to loose. You have done amazingly. Report
You are really inspiring! Thank you for sharing your story. I will be 60 in a few years and want to be where you are at. I am in awe that you reached your goal in 9 months. Awesome and you do look fabulous!! Report
Thanks for sharing! Great to learn what works for others to stay focussed and motivated. My favourite part of Spark is the tracker too. Report
Congratulations and thank you for sharing your success. We're in the same age group and it is inspiring to know it is possible as "ladies of a certain age" to be healthy! Report
Thanks for sharing. I am 60 and find myself needing to lose the same 25 pounds that I have lost many, many times in my life. My goal this time is to lose it and KEEP it off.
Whoo! Hooo! You are inspiring.. I am 59 and had 60 lbs to loose. I had the same experience with the pictures... but it wasn't just how big I had gotten, but how old and unhealthy I looked. anyway so far I have lost 40 lbs with 20 to go...Thanks for the inspiration. Report
Thanks so much for sharing. I, too, have just turned 60 and I have finally reached the point where I can now work on losing weight! You have shown me that it possible! Report
Wow! Great job. You are my inspiration as I just turned 60 and need to loose 40 lbs. Keep up the great work! Report
Joy you really inspired me with your weight loss. I am 66 and 30 lbs over (1/2 of what you lost). You put your mind to it and got it done! Bravo for you! You look amazing. Report
Thank you for sharing your story and congratulations for your success and transformation. Report
Great going!!! There's hope for me in the words you wrote...THANKS for sharing! Report
Loved Joyce's story! Inspiring to see how eating right and exercise can work. It is never too late. Report
HOORay for YOU!!!!! this is a great story! VERY inspiring!
Thank you for sharing your story! Inspires me to stick with it! Report
Thank you for posting your story. It inspires me to continue on in my journey to get this weight off of me. Report
That was my original goal when I joined in July 2009 and I didn't obtain it. I'm so very proud of you. What an inspiration you are!!! Loved reading this. Report
Congratulations fantastic job !!! Report
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